Best Bathroom Brands

Planning for the redecoration of home can be daunting and exciting all at the same time. Experts believe that your bathroom and kitchen are the most important rooms within your home to start with. Simple bathroom upgrades will make your home more attractive to the buyers and often give you up to 80% ROI (return on investment). Whether you want to go for a complete home makeover or want to refresh your bathroom only, you want to make sure that you get the fittings and fixtures from the best bathroom brands.

You can have a bathroom that can impress others. Therefore, it is important to know about the brands that have invested decades in perfecting their bathroom products. So, what are the best bathroom brands in the UK? Many of you may already have the same question in your mind.

In this blog, we will provide you a list of the bathroom brands that are the best in the industry and have left a trail of happy customers in the last decade.

Best Bathroom Furniture Brands:

Bathroom storage is a need in every bathroom. But there are various types of bathroom furniture available from various brands. Therefore, it is important to know the best bathroom brands to get the most out of your bathroom storage in terms of practicality and aesthetics.

Turin Bathroom Furniture

Turin is one of the leading bathroom brands that manufactures an extensive range of bathroom furniture in various styles, colours, and finishes. With over a decade of experience, they are among the top manufacturers of classic and contemporary vanity units, cabinets, tallboys, etc. There are many attractive colour finishes available, including Gloss white, Grey Elm, Hale black and Grey Gloss

Elena Bathroom Furniture

If you are looking for premier brand bathroom furniture, then Elena should be your preferred brand. Most of their product range is a combination of vanity furniture units that are available in different designs. Such combination units are a stylish option that combines storage with a toilet. That makes them a preferred choice for someone looking to save the bathroom space. Among all the different bathroom brands available in the UK, Elena brand offers high quality bathroom furniture that can transform the looks of the bathroom.

Modena Bathroom Furniture

Want to achieve a high-end feel in the bathroom? Our newly launched, truly on-trend Modena bathroom furniture range is just right for you. It features a luxuriously textured finish in Satin white, Satin Grey, Satin Blue, and Satin Green (Avocado Green), a practical ceramic basin offering a generous wash area, and drawers shelves underneath with a variety of handles options like chrome, brass gold, and black allowing you to give it your own personal touch. Whether you are looking for a wall mounted or freestanding vanity unit, this range is sure to offer something that will help you to achieve your dream bathroom looks. This premium range comes with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Marbella Bathroom Furniture

With the latest additions of new grey, elm grey, and black vanity unit finishes” with “d-shaped basin, Marble bathroom furniture can be a perfect choice for all types of bathrooms. It offers a range of wall hung and freestanding vanity units in both single and double sink choices, with 2 and 4-door shelves underneath. The option to make a choice between chrome, black, or gold handles allows you to give it a personal accent. With the availability in 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm width, and height 470mm, 560mm, and 900mm, you can find the sizes that fit in your space easily. The collection is made with high quality materials ensuring both durability and long life.

Florina Bathroom Furniture

This premium collection is designed to bring luxury to your bathroom & is available in beautiful pastels and different sizes. The under-mount basin helps create a seamless look. While the Brass Gold and Chrome handle finishes add a touch of luxury to the fluted design, in addition to Tweak Drawer wall-hung with Carrara and Pandora top options.

Vienna Bathroom Furniture Range

This luxurious and functional collection of floor-standing vanity units and tall boy units offers both single and double-sink vanity unit options, allowing you to customise your bathroom according to your needs. Available in different sizes in white, blue, and grey finishes, our Vienna range is designed to complement any bathroom decor.

Best Shower Enclosure Brands

If you want to update your bathroom with a new shower enclosure, then there are so many different shower enclosure brands in the UK. Therefore, it can be tough to find out which are best amongst all. The brands we discuss here offer all types of shower enclosures, whether a quadrant, offset quadrant, rectangular, or square, or shower doors like bi-fold, pivot, or sliding.

Luxor Walk-in Fluted Shower Enclosure

This premium-quality shower enclosure with a brushed brass aluminium frame & a gold finish. It features reversible adjustment, allowing you to adapt it to your bathroom layout. The enclosure has 3-sided fluted glass panels, which add a contemporary touch and maintain privacy. The mm Easy Clean Glass used in the enclosure makes maintenance easier by resisting stains & watermarks.

Cube Shower Enclosures

It is a brand that offers a new contemporary range inspired by modernity to transform the looks of your bathroom. These high-quality cubicles are an ultimate choice for someone looking for a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Elegance Shower Enclosures

This range features a variety of shower enclosures with minimalist styling and exceptional quality. Most of these come with 6-inch-thick tempered glass with a fluid frameless design that makes it a perfect blend of strength and beauty.

Imperial Shower Enclosures

Another top-the-range shower enclosure brand in the UK. Imperial offers handpicked selection of ultra-modern cubicles and minimal walk-in showers. These great value for money enclosures are known for a perfect fitting and gives you a spa-like feel while showering.

Best Bathtub Brands in the UK

If you love taking long baths, you may obviously know how choosing the right bathtub matters. Only the bathtub manufacturers with decades of experience know how to create the perfect blend of style and aesthetics. You may sometimes end up paying for the brand name rather than actual quality. Therefore, we are listing the best bathtub brands that may not be too much known. We offer value for your money.

Breeze Bathtub

It is a brand known for elegant-looking yet perfectly functional baths. That can make any bathroom space stand out. Most of their baths belong to economy baths that are made with acrylics. You can find both straight-fitted as well as freestanding baths in this range..

Cesar Bathtub

A well-known brand that has been manufacturing world-class baths for the last three decades. It is also a range of high-quality budget baths that are mostly made with acrylics. Their shower baths and double ended baths have an extraordinary quality that is one the hot selling designs in the UK.

Amaze Bathtub

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant bathtub, then the Amaze bathtub can be the best choice for you. It is available in standard square and oval shapes that are perfect for a contemporary bathroom. These are made with acrylic that ensures warm water for a long period of time as well as and can withstand wear and tear as well. It is available in various shapes and suitable for the most standard-sized bathrooms.

Best Toilets Brands in the UK

It is easier to ignore a toilet when planning for a bathroom makeover. Although it is a smaller part of your bathroom, ignoring to choose the best toilet may affect your comfort. That’s why you will need the right style, size, and, most importantly, the brand so it can help in both aesthetics and practicality. Here are a few best toilet brands in the UK.

Cesar Short Projection Close Coupled Toilets

You may find other bathroom products from the Cesar brand, but their close coupled toilets are considered to be a highly reliable choice for most bathrooms in the UK. The great thing about these toilets is that they are designed keeping in mind the need for a modern bathroom. Therefore, you will notice a highly attractive design in almost all close coupled toilet ranges from Cesar. Moreover, these are economical and highly durable, that makes them a preferred and one of the most popular choices in the market.

Crosby Back to Wall Toilet

If you want to go for something different from a standard close coupled toilet, then Crosby back-to-wall toilet may be the best choice. These are single-piece compact style bowls that have a short projection design. That means it can be a great fit for a small bathroom or cloakroom. It has a dual flush cistern that can fit inside the wall, or you can choose a WC unit concealing the cistern. The highly durable material with a highly glazed surface makes them easier to clean and prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Breeze Wall Hung Rimless Toilet

Another perfect option for your small space bathroom is Breeze wall hung toilets. These are designed to fit on the wall while the cistern remains concealed inside the wall. There are many different bowl designs and sizes available to help you choose as per the requirements of your bathroom. It is a particularly popular choice for the cloakroom, attics, basements, or any other space where you want to have a compact design toilet. Almost all of the toilet bowls from this range have a rimless design which means you can enjoy easier cleaning with it too.

Best Shower Tray Brands in the UK

A shower tray is a vital component of a shower enclosure. It serves as the foundation for the entire structure, containing the water and preventing leaks onto the bathroom floor. The tray offers a safe and comfortable surface to stand on, reducing the risk of accidents. Its installation simplifies the process of creating a shower enclosure, ensuring proper alignment and stability. If you are looking for high-quality shower trays at affordable prices, here are the top brands you should be looking for.

LuxeFlo Slate Effect Shower Tray

LuxeFlo resin shower trays are designed and made in Spain, ensuring top-notch quality that combines functionality and elegance. They are constructed with stone resin, which makes them incredibly durable, resistant to scratches, and completely waterproof. Choosing these trays also means a safer and more hygienic option, as they prevent water seepage and are easy to clean. Installing them is a breeze due to their low-profile design and silver waste option. These shower trays are available in different sizes, shapes and colours

Hudson Reed Shower Trays

Our Hudson Reed shower tray, proudly made in Britain, offers a superior choice for discerning customers. Crafted with patented Pearlstone matrix technology, this tray guarantees exceptional quality. Its construction incorporates a blend of polyurethane resin and filler, including volcanic ash, resulting in a sturdy and lightweight product. Available in quadrant, square, and rectangular shapes, the tray's installation is effortless thanks to its screw retention system, allowing for direct attachment of the leg set to the base.

Final Thoughts:

Our list of best bathroom brands in the UK is based on the feedback that we get from our customers from time to time. Our criteria for evaluating each product's range is based on the design, quality, and value for money. Therefore, you can completely trust the brands listed here while making your next purchase for bathroom makeover.


How Do I Choose a Bathroom Product?

There are many things that you should consider when choosing a bathroom product. The first is that you should know the available space so you can decide the size you need. The second is the style and type of that bathroom product. You should also consider the best bathroom brand in accordance with your budget. It is also important that you know the amount of money you want to spend so you don’t end up getting the bathroom product that is too expensive.

Which Colour Is Best for Bathrooms?

White is generally the most popular choice for most bathrooms as it never goes out of style. You may also consider gloss white; that will look perfect for such a space. You can create a perfect contemporary look by using any dark accent colour on one wall.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Expensive?

There are many ways to make your bathroom look expensive without spending too much money. You can simply install a high-quality shower enclosure if you don’t already have one. Consider installing a shower bath with a shower screen that can also transform the entire look of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, then an addition of a luxury freestanding bath should be your choice. And more importantly, the colour scheme you choose can have a high impact on the way your space looks. So, spend time deciding which colour goes best according to your requirements.

Vienna Matt White Vanity Unit With Brass Frame & Carrara Marble Top

And more importantly, the colour scheme you choose can have a high impact on the way your space looks. So, spend time deciding which colour goes best according to your requirements.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Bigger?

If you want your bathroom to look bigger, then you should make the right use of reflective lighting. In addition, you should use a wall-hung toilet and wall hung vanity sink units instead of a standard freestanding toilet or vanities. If you have a shower enclosure, make sure you use transparent clear glass so it does not obstruct the sight and let the light pass through it.

How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Luxurious?

If you want your small bathroom to look luxurious, you should carefully choose the bathroom fittings and fixtures. You should prefer good quality wall hung style toilet and bathroom furniture. In addition, a shower bath in an L or P shape can also make it look luxurious.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Brighter?

You can make your bathroom brighter by using bright paint on the wall. The layered approach for lighting will be a better option in the absence of natural light. Moreover, you should use a reflective surface, clear glass shower enclosure, and add mirrors that can reflect the light in the bathroom. To further explore the topic and gain more information about it you can read our blog post titled "5…