Back to Wall Toilets

Exceptionally Comfortable
Experience unparalleled comfort without sacrificing space efficiency with our innovative back to wall toilets. Designed to maximise floor space, these toilets offer a seamless blend of comfort and functionality. Say goodbye to the bulk of traditional designs as our back to wall toilets provide ample legroom and a streamlined appearance to your bathroom.
Smart Easy-Clean Design
Our back to wall toilets feature rimless bowls, a revolutionary design that eliminates hidden areas where germs and bacteria can lurk. With every flush, our back to wall rimless toilets ensure thorough sanitation, promoting a cleaner and healthier bathroom environment. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to the streamlined structure, saving you time and effort in your busy schedule.
An Adaptable Choice
Our Back to Wall toilets offer a versatile aesthetic that can complement various bathroom styles, from contemporary to traditional. The clean lines and minimalist look of back to wall toilets can contribute to a modern and sophisticated bathroom design. With these unlimited benefits, our BTW WC toilets become a prime choice for your bathroom space.