Shower Side Panels

Are you looking for that final, finishing touch for your shower enclosure? Perhaps you want to create a light and airy two-sided shower cubicle?

In that case, you’ll need a glass shower side panel. And, that’s exactly what we have here at Royal Bathrooms.

When purchasing a shower side panel for your bathroom, it’s important that you select a shower screen side panel that matches the style of your shower door - failure to get that right and you’ll have a mismatched and unattractive shower cubicle.

Handily, at Royal Bathrooms, we stock a number of different shower side panels with different widths and thicknesses that’ll complement your bi-fold, pivot or sliding shower door.

With shower screen side panels available with hidden fixings, satin chrome frames and more, it’s easy to find your perfect shower side panel at Royal Bathrooms.

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Shower Side Panel Buying Guide

Which shower screen side panel is right for your shower? To help you pick the right shower side panel, the Royal Bathrooms team has set out their top shower side panel buying tips below.

What is a shower side panel?

A shower side panel is a glass panel which is used to complete a shower enclosure or cubicle. It adjoins the shower door and the wall of the bathroom to create a finished showering space.

Shower side panels help to form the main framework and structure of your shower enclosure, so it’s important that you buy one which is of the correct size, and has the appropriate fixings.

How much is a glass panel for a shower?

Shower screen side panels are available at a range of prices.

The exact amount you’ll pay for a glass shower side panel is mainly determined by the size of shower panel that you require.

The larger the shower side panel, the more you will have to pay for it.

Here at Royal Bathrooms you can find glass shower panels to suit all budgets. At the time of writing (January 2022), we have shower side panels available from £65 up to £134.99.

Does a walk-in shower need an end panel?

If you have decided to install a walk-in shower in your bathroom, you may be wondering if you also need to install a shower side panel.

The answer is generally, yes.

A walk-in shower enclosure is typically constructed from a shower tray, which can be fitted at floor level, or raised slightly from the floor (depending on how your shower’s plumbing is set up).

As you would expect, walk-in showers don’t have doors. Without a door, walk-in showers are easy to enter and exit, but they are more likely to lead to water splashing over the rest of your bathroom.

Glass shower side panels can help reduce the amount of splashing that occurs, protecting other parts of your bathroom from water damage.

If you buy a walk-in shower enclosure from Royal Bathrooms you’ll find that it comes complete with the necessary side panels in one package. Explore our complete range of walk-in shower enclosures here.

Shower side panel glass

When selecting your shower screen side panel, it’s important to look at both the type and thickness of glass that it’s manufactured from.

To ensure that the shower side panel that you buy is safe, make sure it is CE and BS EN 12150 certified. This means that it is manufactured from thermally toughened safety glass which can withstand stresses and strains - keeping you and your family safe in the event of an accident.

You should also consider the thickness of the shower side panel’s glass. Ideally, you’ll want the glass to match the thickness of your shower door, so that your entire shower enclosure has a consistent look and feel.

At Royal Bathrooms, we stock shower screen side panels in 5mm and 6mm thicknesses.

How to clean shower side panels

Shower side panels, like the rest of your shower enclosure, benefit from regular cleaning.

And, like the other parts of your shower cubicle, glass shower side panels are easy to clean.

You’ll just need a glass cleaning spray, a sponge and a dry towel or microfibre cloth.

Begin cleaning by spraying an even amount of glass cleaner across the shower side panel. Allow it to soak in for several minutes.

Follow this by scrubbing the panel from top to bottom using your sponge. Then rinse the spray off with fresh water. Finish by drying the panel using your towel or cloth.

Voila! You’ll have a sparkling clean shower side panel.

Buy your shower side panel from Royal Bathrooms today

If you’re looking for a high-quality, yet competitively priced shower screen side panel, then you’re in the right place.

At Royal Bathrooms we are always striving to offer the very best bathroom products at the best prices.

So, if you buy your shower side panel from Royal Bathrooms, you can also benefit from:

  • Free delivery on orders over £399.00.
  • A minimum 5% discount.
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  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items.

We also offer excellent customer support. If you have any questions about a product prior to purchase, we are more than happy to answer them. You can contact our support team on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm), or by email at: [email protected]