Octagonal Bathroom Mirrors

Distinctive Shapes
Make a statement with our collection of octagon mirrors. Our Octagonal wall mirrors offer a unique and eye-catching shape that adds character and charm to your space. The eight-sided frame brings a sense of artistry and individuality to your space. Install them above our Florina bathroom furniture. Use them separately within your bathroom.
Quality & Durability
With a 5mm thickness, our bathroom mirrors guarantee durability and quality within your space. Additionally, they come equipped with a hard wire for straightforward power connection providing you a clear vision. These mirrors offer three different light colour variations. Furthermore, our bathroom mirror’s double-sided design incorporates built-in defogging technology.
Unique Design
Our octagonal mirrors create a visual impact within your bathroom space with their design’s uniqueness. And due to this unique design, our mirrors amplify your bathroom's attraction whenever you look into the mirror. Upgrade to our octagonal mirrors and showcase your distinctive taste in decor while remodelling your bathroom space.