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Bathroom Furniture can dramatically improve the look of your bathroom. Our range of vanity units, WC units, cabinets & storage, and bathroom furniture packs offer a stunning look that is bang on-trend. Thanks to their timeless designs, you will be all set for contemporary style. From large to small, we have styles and sizes that fit well in all types of bathrooms.
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  1. 350mm Mayford Laundry Basket Floor Standing Furniture Unit - Gloss White

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  2. 600mm Hudson Reed Fusion Compact Floor Standing Vanity Unit - Driftwood

    Special Price £237.99 was £296.99 £495 MSRP £495.00
  3. 500mm Hudson Reed Fusion Compact Back To Wall WC Unit - Driftwood

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  4. 500mm Hudson Reed Fusion Compact Back To Wall WC Unit - Hacienda Black

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  5. 500mm Hudson Reed Fusion Compact Back To Wall WC Unit - Gloss White

    Special Price £145.99 was £182.99 £325 MSRP £325.00

1268 Products found

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Bathroom Furniture

When you are purchasing new furniture for the home, one room that frequently gets ignored is the bathroom. It is likely down to the way that once you have filled the stay with the principle fundamentals (the toilet, sink, and tub), you may feel that the room is finished and needn't bother with any additional items.

Anyhow, with a wide range of furniture structures accessible for the bathroom including vanity units and washroom storage cupboards, adding furniture to the room validates both elegant and practical. Now all these categories are available in the market in dynamic forms and structure.

The royal bathroom deals with the complete range of furniture, which is the in the best quality with considerable warranty and free home delivery are available throughout the nation. Let's dig into these categories individually.

1) Vanity Units

Inside structuring, your washroom is modest nowadays with an enormous scope of various kinds and styles of vanity units for the restrooms accessible in the market. Getting hands-on with picking the one that fits the modern trends by keeping the factors of less space and constructed budget into consideration. All in all, how would you locate the correct vanity unit for washrooms that would be both practical and stylishly fitting?

The category encompasses the following kinds of stuff into it.

a) Floor-standing vanity units

Before purchasing washroom furniture, it is essential to consider the type of bathroom you are managing, regardless of whether it has a vast space or is congested. For washrooms that don't consume a great deal of room, they are the most appropriate for each necessity, as they add storing and utility to your bathroom. Floor-standing vanity units are likewise suitable for washrooms with huge space because of their effective structure. These are available inhale black, gloss white, midnight gray, and other colors in the category.

b) Wall hung vanity units

The elegant bathroom vanity units add wonder and etiquette to the washroom. While improving your restroom, it is imperative to remember the area in which you will fix the fixtures. This category is ideal for small areas, as it gives you a great deal of course space. Such units enable you to ideally store your fundamental things like towels, shampoos, toothbrushes, and others. We offer this product with the option of with and without basin in different brand classes.

c) Worktop vanity units

Another advantage to be had from a washroom vanity unit is that it tends to be uniquely adjusted to suit your specific fundamentals, on the off chance that you have a particular look like the main priority. Not exclusively can custom units be made to quantify; however, they can likewise accompany a favored worktop surface, just as the style of sink that you especially need. This design encompasses different styles in a basin of round, square, and many other formats.

d) Traditional Vanity units

On the off chance that you are not into the modern look, the traditional look is provided food for generally, with ceramic sinks and additions styled around a conventional wood unit that fits into any more established style washroom set up to include a touch of added style.

The vanity unit isn't only for the bathroom, in any case, and many uses them in the washroom as a convenient wash unit, giving that room an additional flavor and style not frequently found in the essential office.

e) Cloakroom vanity unit

The cloakroom is to search for groups that have a multi-reason. Vanity units with a towel rail, for instance, can quickly chop down further space while carrying an important element to the room. We have designed this category in both methods: floor standing as well as in the wall hung format.

2) Water closet (WC) units

A cabinet is intended to be utilized as an extra room, so it doesn't generally make a difference what it is made of if it works. In any case, wood has consistently had an imaginative incentive to it. Distinctive hardness, surface, grains, and covering open plenty of conceivable outcomes with regards to structuring and building wooden storage rooms in a bathroom in case of less space and less budget. It encompasses the following traits;

  • Slim soft close seat
  • Cistern
  • Bliss pan

3) Cabinet & Storage

Regardless of whether you are hoping to expand your extra room for all your disorder settings or on the off chance that you have a little bathroom, you will uncertainty need washroom cupboards. The cupboards come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. For the littler washrooms, you can purchase cabinets with inherent toilets and sinks and even reflects as well. Regardless of the purpose behind your acquisition of a washroom unit, you make sure to locate the correct one for you out there to make a disciplined and arranged look to your bathroom. These are;

  • Wall hung tallboy unit
  • Floor standing cupboard

4) Bathroom mirrors

Washroom mirrors are additions that supplement the stylistic theme as well as functional spaces in any home. It is where ladies put on their cosmetics while men chip away at a clean shave. It makes it essential to pick them with the most extreme consideration concerning the style, type, shape, and extra highlights like lighting and capacity. Our category has;

  • Stainless steel touch sensor backlit mirror
  • Gloss white wall hung the mirror
  • Double mirrored cabinet with hinged doors
  • Sensor LED mirror with demister pad

5) Bathroom furniture packs

With present-day and originator washroom furniture becoming the dominant focal point in bathroom points, your current washroom furniture can rapidly look dated, which needs to be replaced occasionally to make the home more hygienic and trendier to live.

The complete pack includes basin vanity unit, WC unit, back to wall pan, concealed cistern and a soft close seat for the customers which makes the entire set in the more disciplined way while putting all the content in an array.

6) Add Some Ideal Furniture to Your Bathroom

Welcome to Royal Bathrooms, the home of luxurious bathroom furniture at affordable prices. Here you can find a vast range of bathroom furniture, including vanity units, wall hung vanity units, and cloakroom vanity units. We also supply a vast variety of bathroom mirrors and furniture packs. We have a lot of significant elements to consider first so we can be confident that what we will purchase is perfect for our needs and our spending limit also. Bathroom furniture encompasses a wide range of accessories of vanity units, enclosures, WC units, toilets, and shower mixers. Likewise, some significant factors should be analysed before making any investment in this category.

6.1) Quality & Necessity

The functionality and design of the furniture are two major perspectives that ought to go together consistently. Purchasing those who have extraordinary usefulness just as the incredible structure is flawless. Not only you need your bathroom to look great; you additionally need it to have essential parts. Doing some examination and looking for suggestions should enable you to accomplish this objective.

Not all individuals need a similar kind of washroom furniture, so ensure that you just pick those which you truly need. A washroom cabinet and storage element, for instance, may never again be required if that you, as of now, have a bathroom vanity. Start with what is the most significant before you consider getting different sorts. Be very smart to invest money.

6.2) Budget v/s Style

The budget is one of the most significant contemplations. You need to set spending first to ensure that you won't overspend. It is fundamental to contrast different costs from various stores by getting the best one you can manage. It is a smart approach to be useful nowadays and purchasing bathroom furniture ought not to be a special case. You may likewise exploit huge limits or promotions certain stores offer. Shopping on the web can likewise set aside you some cash, so think about that alternative too for a reasonable amount of spending, for they offer exchange policy and free home delivery as well.

When introducing bathroom furniture, it must mirror the style as well as be common sense, enabling you to do your day by day tasks productively. Henceforth, the position of washroom furniture and extras is significant. Storage units and cupboards must be set close to the mirror just as washroom sinks as the usefulness of every one of them is exceptionally subject to one another. Take a stab at exploring on the web to find the course of action of expertly fitted toilets to give you a thought of how to mastermind your washroom furniture. Likewise, you may also get guidance from online research and experts available on the website.

Additional Services or Get in Touch with Us!

If you have any questions about our bathroom furniture feel free to contact our customer service team. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer are;

  • FREE delivery on orders over £399.00
  • Minimum of 5% discount
  • 365 days exchange policy
  • Lifetime Guarantee on selected items

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