Standard Acrylic Baths

The bath; not merely a place to get clean after a hard day, but somewhere to relax, unwind and think. A standard bath (also known as a standard bathtub or acrylic bath), makes the perfect addition to any bathroom.

At Royal Bathrooms we offer a huge range of standard acrylic baths across many different sizes, shapes and styles. Explore our collection of standard baths now and you’ll find straight baths, single-ended square baths, single-ended round baths, double-ended square baths, double-ended round baths, left-hand baths and right-hand baths.

Our collection of standard baths really is unmatched online, so if you’re looking for a new bath for your bathroom, you’re certainly in the right place!

Shop standard bathtubs at Royal Bathrooms now.

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Standard Acrylic Baths Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a bath it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice and variety on offer.

What type of standard bath should you buy? What size or style is best for you and your bathroom? Is acrylic the best material for a bath?

All of these questions might be on your mind.

Which is why the Royal Bathrooms team has answered all of these questions and more in our buying guide below.

What types of standard acrylic baths are there?

We’ll begin by defining the different types of acrylic baths that are available. As you’ll see, there are many different types, but some will be more suited to your bathroom than others.

To help you select the right type of standard bath for your home, we’ve provided more information on each type below.

Straight baths

Ask someone to describe a bath and the chances are, they’ll end up describing a straight bath.

Straight baths are the classic choice for bathrooms across the UK.

Straight baths are available in four different configurations:

Single-ended square bath

Single-ended square baths are baths which feature a set of taps at one end and a slope at the other end, allowing the user of the bath to lie back and relax.

This is one of the most popular configurations of a straight bath.

Double-ended square bath

A double-ended square bath is a bath where the taps are located on the middle edge of the bath, with both inside ends of the bath being sloped. This means that users of the bath can lie back and relax against either end of the bath.

Not only does this make the bath more versatile, but it also creates a more luxurious look for your bathroom.

Single-ended curved bath

Single-ended curved baths are baths where the taps are located at one end of the bath, whilst the other inside end of the bath is sloped. This means you can lie back against this end of the bath and relax.

Where single-ended curved baths differ from single-ended square baths is in the shape of the bath itself.

The outside of a bath generally has a standard rectangular, straight shape. However, the interior section of baths can vary in shape.

If you look down at a curved bath (from above) you’ll see that the inside edge of the bath is gently curved all the way round the bath. Look down at a single-ended square bath and you’ll see that the inside edge of the has square 90º corners.

Which variation you choose is very much down to personal choice and your visual preferences, as both single-ended curved baths and single-ended square baths otherwise function in the same way.

Double-ended curved bath

Double-ended curved baths are, as their name suggests, baths where both of the inside ends of the bath are sloped, whilst the internal ‘edge’ of the bathtub is gently curved, to create a smooth, luxurious appearance.

Note - we offer straight baths with fixed screens. These types of straight baths are ideal if you want to be able to shower in your bath and prevent the rest of your bathroom getting wet.

Left-hand baths

One of the other popular types of standard acrylic bath is left-hand baths. They are the perfect way of creating a ‘shower bath’ - a bath where one end is specially designed for showering.

Left-hand shower baths resemble standard straight baths, but with one key difference. They have an extended section at the end of the bath that has taps.

You’ll see that the extended section sits on the left-hand side of the bath as you look at it straight on.

This extended section is used to provide more space for a user when they are showering.

The extended section of the bath can take a number of shapes. Here at Royal Bathrooms our left-hand baths are available in either a P shape or an L shape.

They are called this because when you look down at them from above they resemble either a letter P or a letter L. Simply choose the style that you prefer as both P and L shaped left-hand baths function in the same way.

Right-hand baths

As you’d probably expect, right-hand baths are like left-hand baths, but the other way around!

Look at a right-hand bath straight on and you’ll spot that the extended section is on the right hand side of the bath.

They feature an extended section to provide more space for showering, which is located at the same end of the bath as the taps.

Like our range of left-hand baths, our right-hand baths are available in either P or L shapes. This refers to the shape of the extended section of the bath.

So, viewed from above, a right-hand bath either resembles a letter P or letter L, depending on what type you select.

What are standard baths made of?

No matter what style of standard bath you select, you’ll find that they are all made from a common material - acrylic.

Standard baths are made from acrylic as this is a high-quality, yet cost-effective material.

However, acrylic baths have a number of other benefits:

  • They are non-porous and therefore easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are warmer to the touch - particularly compared to steel or metal baths.
  • They are very durable and are suitable for bathrooms that will see a lot of use.
  • They are available in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes.

Here at Royal Bathrooms all of our standard baths are made from the highest-quality 6mm thick acrylic and come with a 5-year quality, meaning you can rest assured you’re buying the best possible bath for your home.

All of our standard baths are also CE & EN14516 certified, meaning they are approved for use in domestic properties.

What sizes are standard baths available in?

You’ll find standard baths available in a broad range of sizes here at Royal Bathrooms. In fact, we make it super easy to find the perfect sized standard bath for your bathroom.

Go to the left hand side of our product pages and you’ll find filters which allow you to shop our standard baths based on their length and width.

The different length standard baths available include:

  • 1500mm
  • 1600mm
  • 1700mm
  • 1800mm

The different width standard baths available include:

  • 700mm
  • 750mm
  • 800mm
  • 850mm

As you can see, no matter what size standard bath you’re looking for, you’ll almost certainly find what you need here at Royal Bathrooms.

Showering screens

If you have a smaller bathroom, but enjoy showering, the solution that many people choose is to include a shower within their bath.

They’ll often mount a shower head at the same end of the bath as the taps so that they can take a shower whilst being stood in the bath.

But, if you’re going to do that, you’ll need a showering screen.

Depending on what type of standard bath you buy, you’ll need to buy a certain type of showering screen.

Showering screens for straight baths

If you want a straight bath and want to use a shower with it, then you’ll want to select a straight bath which comes with a fixed screen.

A fixed screen is a screen which is fixed in place at the end of your bath where the shower head is located. The screen will usually extend about a third of the length of the bath, providing plenty of protection against water splashes.

To buy a straight bath with a fixed shower screen, use the filter on the left hand side of our product pages.

Showering screens for left-handed and right-handed baths

When it comes to showering screens for left and right-handed baths, you have a number of options.

Here at Royal Bathrooms, it’s possible to buy left and right-handed baths that come with the following showering screens:

  • Fixed
  • Fixed with rail.
  • Hinged
  • Hinged with rail.

As you probably realize, a fixed screen is just that - fixed. It remains fixed in place at one end of the bath, preventing water from splashing onto other parts of your bathroom.

Hinged shower screens are fixed to the wall where the shower head is located and can be opened and closed in much the same way as a door.

Hinged shower screens are highly convenient and make it easier to get in and out of the showering section of a left or right-handed bath.

Hinged shower doors with rails are simply hinged showering doors which also include a rail which is fixed horizontally across the middle of the shower panel. This rail can be used to help you open and close the panel, as well as for hanging towels on.

Do standard baths come with side panels?

The answer to this question depends on where you buy your bath. At Royal Bathrooms many of our standard baths come complete with side panels.

Because we know that people may want to buy a bath without a panel, or with only one panel, we offer our baths in the following bath panel configurations:

  • No panel included.
  • Front panel included only.
  • Front and end panel included.

In fact, you can also select baths which come with either an acrylic side panel or an MDF side panel. Simply use the filter on the left hand side of our product pages in order to find the panel type you want.

We also offer a wide range of bath panels which can be purchased separately from our baths. These include panels in stylish finishes such as natural oak, stone grey, grey elm and more.

How many litres does a standard bath hold?

We know that many people like to have deep baths, where they fill the bath with plenty of water.

If you’re one of those people, then you’ll probably want to know how many litres a standard bath holds.

The answer depends on the exact model of bath that you purchase.

But, as a general rule, you can expect a normal standard bath to hold around 100 litres of water.

Note - this is only general guidance. Individual baths will hold varying amounts of water depending on how big they are.

Do standard baths come with taps?

In general we offer our standard baths without taps.

This is because we know that many people want to be able to select their own taps.

We supply our standard baths undrilled for taps - which makes it super easy for you to select and fit the exact type of taps you want for your bath.

If you do require taps to go with your standard acrylic bath, then browse our huge selection of taps now.

Where to buy standard bath UK

We hope you’ve found our buying guide on standard baths helpful. If you’ve read it and you’ve decided that a standard bath is right for your home, then why not buy one from Royal Bathrooms?

Not only do we have an unmatched range of bathtubs, but we are also able to offer a great set of benefits too.

Buy your standard bathtub from Royal Bathrooms and you could benefit from:

  • Free delivery on orders over £399.00.
  • A minimum 5% discount.
  • A 365-day exchange
  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items.

What’s more, if you have any questions prior to your purchase, our friendly expert team is happy to help. You can contact them on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm), or by email at: [email protected]