Standard Acrylic Baths

Perfect Bathing Experience
Relax in style with our luxurious standard acrylic baths. Meticulously designed with precision and attention to detail, each bathtub is crafted to deliver the ultimate bathing experience. Our standard baths boast ergonomic designs that prioritise both comfort and functionality. From gently sloped backrests to generously spacious interiors, every aspect is carefully engineered to support your body and enhance your sense of relaxation.
Versatile Shapes/Sizes
Explore our diverse collection of acrylic baths with shower screens available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available in both left-hand and right-hand orientations, our baths are designed to accommodate various bathroom layouts seamlessly. Choose from straight baths featuring clean lines, single-ended square baths and round baths for contemporary looks. Or you may also consider double-ended baths for those appreciating extra room to unwind.
Excellent Heat Retention
Manufactured with high quality acrylic material, standard small and large baths have exceptional heat retention properties. They effectively trap heat, keep water warm and inviting for an extended period of time. Additionally, superior insulation makes them warm to touch even if there is no hot water inside. That means your bathing experience will not only be luxurious but also practical. Feel free to navigate our standard acrylic bath collection below!