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These days, no home is complete without a bathroom with a shower enclosure. Gone are the days when you had to make do with a bath alone. Now, a shower cubicle has become an expected part of a bathroom.

And, with Royal Bathrooms, you can buy the best quality and value shower enclosure that’ll make your bathroom perfect. We’re the home of shower enclosures in the UK after all.

Explore our range of shower enclosures and bathroom shower cubicles now and you’ll find everything from quadrant and offset quadrant shower enclosures to corner and rectangular enclosures (and everything in between).

You can also shop our range based on shower enclosure width, depth, glass thickness, door type, whether or not a shower tray is included and of course price.

Shop shower enclosures and shower cubicles at Royal Bathrooms now.

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Shower Enclosure Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best possible shower enclosure for your bathroom, then make sure you read our buying guide below to find out everything you need to know to make the perfect purchase.

What are the different types of shower enclosure?

This is one of the most common questions we receive here at Royal Bathrooms. Surely, a shower enclosure is just a shower enclosure right?! Wrong. There are many different types of complete shower cubicles to choose from.
We’ve listed each type of shower enclosure and shower cubicle below.

Rectangular shower enclosures

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, rectangular shower enclosures use two walls in the corner of your bathroom, a short side panel and a longer door panel to create a rectangular space in which you can shower.
Rectangular shower enclosures and cubicles not only help to save space in your bathroom, but are of sufficient dimensions to allow you to shower comfortably
Our range of rectangular showers at Royal Bathrooms includes models with different door types, different widths, different depths and an array of price points.

Recessed shower enclosures

Did you know that you can create a shower enclosure by using an alcove?

That’s right. If you have an alcove in your bathroom, then all you need to do is purchase a shower door, shower tray and appropriate tiles/wall coverings and you can quickly and easily create a dedicated shower in your bathroom.
Pick from sliding doors, pivot doors and bi-fold doors to create your recessed shower enclosure.

Quadrant shower enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures combine style with substance.
Thanks to their corner-based design they have only a small footprint and can be installed in small bathrooms. However, they also generally feature gracefully curved shower panels making them a beautiful addition to a bathroom as well as a practical one.

Offset quadrant shower enclosures

Nearly identical in design to quadrant shower enclosures, offset quadrant shower enclosures feature a longer footprint - with one side of the shower being longer than the other.
Because of this, offset quadrant enclosures truly do make the most of the available space in a bathroom. Thanks to the offset entrance, more space is available in the showering area, meaning you can have a comfortable, unrestricted showering experience.
So, if you’re tired of small, cramped bathroom shower cubicles, then an offset quadrant shower enclosure could be your perfect match.

Square shower enclosures

With sizes ranging from 700mm wide or 700mm deep up to 1200mm wide or 1200mm deep, there’s a square shower enclosure available for every bathroom - no matter how big or small.
As their name makes clear, corner shower cubicles occupy the corner of a bathroom and feature one side panel and one ‘door’ panel. You can select corner showers with a variety of different doors including double sliding, pivot and bi-fold doors.
Your choice isn’t merely restricted to the size of the corner shower and what type of door it has though. You can also select from different frame finishes such as chrome and different tray finishes including pearlstone.

Walk-in shower enclosures

If you really want to bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century, then go for a walk-in shower enclosure.
These types of shower enclosure have soared in popularity over recent years thanks to the contemporary design and airy, open feel they convey upon a bathroom.
Walk-in shower enclosures generally consist of two shower panels (which help to keep splashing and spray to a minimum), and a shower tray.
The best walk-in bathroom shower cubicles tend to have a larger footprint, which creates a comfortable showering environment. Nevertheless, it can still be possible to install a walk-in shower enclosure in a small, compact bathroom.

Wet room screens

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a ‘shower enclosure’ in the traditional sense, we stock a variety of wet room screens here at Royal Bathrooms.
Even if you have a wet room, you don’t necessarily want the water from your shower to splash and spray absolutely everywhere. A set of wet room screens can help you set some boundaries around your showering area and keep other parts of your wet room dry.

What are the different types of shower enclosure doors?

Okay, so we’ve taken you through each of the main types of complete shower cubicles above. However, you may have noticed that many shower enclosures are available with different types of door.
Below we’ve provided more information on each type of shower enclosure door to help you select the right type for your shower enclosure.

Sliding shower doors

Consisting of two panels, sliding doors use metal tracks and either rails or small wheels to slide back and forth, making it easy to get in and out of your shower without having to take up floor space with a traditional pivot-based shower door.
Sliding shower doors are usually available in either single sliding or double sliding configuration. In a single sliding configuration, one panel will slide (acting as the door), whilst the other panel remains fixed in place. In a double sliding configuration both panels are able to slide; thereby creating a much larger entry/exit point for your shower.

Pivot/hinged shower doors

Pivot shower doors (also known as hinged doors) operate in much the same way as a traditional household door i.e. they swing out open from a hinged point.
Whilst this creates an easy, elegant way of getting in and out of your shower, a pivot shower door will take up more room than other types of shower door. This is because it requires space to open outward. As such, pivot doors are not always suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Bi-fold shower doors

Bi-fold shower doors are a great way of saving space, yet creating an attractive and functional way of entering and exiting a shower.
Bi-fold shower doors generally consist of two panels which are connected so they form a concertina arrangement when open or closed. The panels will typically slide along a runner and will be easy to open or close.
Because of their design, bi-fold doors are ideal for very narrow shower enclosures.

Why should you buy a shower enclosure from Royal Bathrooms?

At Royal Bathrooms we continually strive to offer the best-value, highest-quality shower enclosures on the market. Our aim is to be the number one provider of shower enclosures UK.
Choose Royal Bathrooms and you’ll benefit from:

  • Free delivery on orders over £399.00
  • A minimum 5% discount
  • A 365-day exchange policy
  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items

If you have any additional questions, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will be able to help. Telephone 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm), or email [email protected]