Brushed Brass Bathroom Taps

Luxury of Gold
Brushed brass bathroom taps elevate the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. Our range of brushed brass taps give a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. Whether you're looking for basin taps, mixer taps, or wall-mounted options, gold finishes offer timeless elegance that complements various bathroom styles. Our range of basin pillar taps and mixer taps in brass create a focal point in vanity areas, enhancing the overall ambiance.
For cloakrooms or smaller spaces, our compact basin taps prove to be functional without sacrificing on style. Whereas, our wall-mounted taps look smart and modern while bath fillers and shower mixer taps in brushed brass turn bathing experiences into indulgent rituals. The allure of brushed brass taps lies in their aesthetic charm. They are also durable and resistant to corrosion thereby ensuring long-lasting beauty. Select from our diverse range of brushed brass taps!
Gentle Flow
We offer waterfall taps, in particular, to exude a captivating visual element while providing a gentle flow of water for a spa-like feeling. We offer brushed brass bathroom taps that prove themselves as statement pieces. Our smartly designed brass taps infuse opulence and refinement in bathrooms. Therefore, they become a popular choice for those who seek a luxurious retreat within their bathroom spaces. Navigate our stylish brushed brass tap range, below!