Florina Bathroom Furniture

Luxury Furniture
Indulge in the epitome of modern luxury with our Florina bathroom furniture collection. Designed to seamlessly blend sophistication with practicality, this collection introduces a contemporary solution to elevate your bathroom space. What makes Florina truly distinctive is its captivating fluted design.
Style & Design Options
The star of the show is our range of wall hung vanity units. They are expertly crafted to optimise space utilisation and stylish touch to your bathroom. The collection boasts Carrara and Pandora marble tops for a luxurious and lasting impression offering aesthetically pleasing touch to your space.
Variety of Colours
You can choose from a palette of sophisticated colours, including mint green, navy blue and rock grey furniture. They will allow you to personalise your space. At Royal Bathrooms, we invite you to experience the perfect marriage of form and function with Florina bathroom furniture.