Complete Bathroom Suites

When it comes to a bathroom makeover, people often ignore the toilet and basin without realizing that these can help a lot to create the desired look. While it is not always necessary to always match everything, if you desire to create a consistent theme throughout your bathroom, then you should look for the toilet and basin suites.

At Royal Bathrooms UK, we offer these matching fittings in one simple package. So, you can choose the one depending on your bathroom design, style, and size requirements. Our Toilet and Basin Suites are the combination sets of matching toilets and sinks from different categories.

Bathroom fittings and fixtures are available in a variety of choices. To match with a variety of different bathroom décor needs, we have various toilet sink combo sets available. All our sets are divided on the basis of style and size. Whether you are looking for a bathroom suite for your cloakroom or want a contemporary look, we have combination sets for all your needs. Our biggest concerns while developing these sets are your aesthetics and functional needs. Therefore, you will find a separate category of contemporary bathrooms suites. That includes modern fittings as per the latest trends. For example, we have toilets available that are new designs and loaded with all the modern features. We have combined with pedestal, or worktop sinks are also a popular choice from our contemporary bathroom range. Other than that, we also have a specific category for cloakroom suites that are designed for compact spaces.

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Bathroom Suites Buying Guide

Are you displeased with your newly designed Bathroom as it mismatches with your original vision? It happens when you try to tackle each bathroom component separately. Architectural designers may find it challenging to create a coordinated look with bathroom items from different vendors.  A bathroom suite can be a solution that can give your bathroom a luxurious and coordinated look.

What are Bathroom Suites?

A bathroom suite is a collection of bathroom items with similar styles and designs.  This combination usually includes a sink, bath or shower, and toilet unit. So, if you want to revamp your Bathroom, it can offer you a quick and easy solution. 

Things to Consider while Choosing a Bathroom Suites.

Since there is a huge selection of bathroom suites available in the market, it is crucial to understand the things you should consider while choosing a bathroom suite.

What will be the Bathroom Suite Style?

The first thing you will need to decide is the bathroom suite style. From contemporary style to traditional or modern, it's all about your needs and the type of look you want. Your choice of style depends on whether you want a different kind to the rest of your home or want it coordinated with your current color scheme.

  • What is your Budget?

The cost of installing a bathroom suite depends on the bathroom suite's size and type. It may cost a considerable amount of money to install a bath suite.  Therefore, it is essential to consider the budget before choosing a bathroom suite. If you plan it correctly, a luxury look is possible with even a low budget.

  • How Much Space You have available in your Bathroom?

Your choice of bathroom suite will also depend on the space available in your Bathroom. It is vital to measure the available space in the Bathroom before choosing the bathroom suite. You can match the size of bathroom suite items and plan to install them in the Bathroom. This will save you from a lot of hassle and time.

  • Where do you want to position your bathroom suite?

It is important to decide where you will place each bathroom item. If you are short of budget, then it is good to switch your old bathroom suite for a new one. This will help you save a lot of money you may have to spend on plumbing. However, a complete makeover will ensure that you have a perfectly tailored bathroom to your needs.

We have combined our products to create a different bathroom suite that will help you to create a coordinated look in your bathroom.

Toilet and Basin Suites.

Our toilet and basin suites make it easy for you to create an overall matching style in your Bathroom. Whether you have a cloakroom or a family bathroom, we have a toilet and basin suites according to your needs. You can choose from suites that are great for a modern look or minimalistic styles for a Contemporary Bathroom.

Bathroom Suites.

We have also created a combination of two or more other bathroom items, so you do not have to handpick each item to match various styles.

Shower Enclosure Suites.

Our shower enclosure suites category features different combinations of similar-looking shower enclosures with toilets, sinks, and vanity units.

Straight Bath & Shower Bath Suites.

We combined different straight baths with other similar looking items like toilets, panels, sink, and vanity units. These suites are perfect if you plan a complete makeover of your Bathroom. It is also possible to buy similar combinations with shower bath suites.

Small Bathroom Suites

If you have a small bathroom, you might be interested in our small bathroom suites. We have combined matching toilets, vanity units, and sinks perfect for the small bathrooms.

Bathroom Furniture Packs

We have combined different bathroom furniture items in our bathroom furniture suites. You will find matching vanity units, storage cabinets.

If you want to create a coordinated look in the Bathroom, then suites can help you save a lot of hassle and time you may have to spend on selecting individual items. However, you will need to consider a few important points like style, available space in the Bathroom, and budget to ensure everything goes as planned.