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Bath Panels - An Optional Accessory

The bath panel may not be a fundamental piece of the bath or the washing region however it plays various significant jobs. The bath panels as a matter of first importance make space for the washing region even in restrooms with extremely constrained space. There are likewise panels with extra rooms for washroom supplies. It's a modern approach to keep out the messiness.

Bath panels can be constructed utilizing various materials. There are boards made utilizing earthenware production, others are produced using hard plastic mirroring surfaces and highlights of wooden or fired boards and obviously, there are boards made with bona fide wood. These assortments likewise arrive in a variety of structures that individuals can look over. The bath panels which royal bathrooms offer is made of three basic material including MDF and acrylic respectively.

Bath panels matter

The acrylic version of bath panels is shaped sheets fabricated by the shower organizations to go with their shower ranges. The sizes are constrained and will enable practically zero acclimation to tallness; it is thusly basic that they are provided for fitting simultaneously as the shower. The fitter must watch that the height limitation won't influence the pipes prerequisites and that the floor is moderately level. Payment for the thickness of the floor covering ought to likewise be considered.

Some acrylic boards are provided with hooks that fit the floor or under the shower edge, yet it is prudent that a sub edge is built to keep the board set up and help support. Front and end panel blends are generally simple as most acrylic boards have formed finishes hence. Use 'Velcro' to hold the board set up which enables simple access to the pipes.

On the off chance that your shower is anything but a standard size, you can settle on acrylic panels which you would then be able to slice to abbreviate. Acrylic panels, which are generally simple to cut, are additionally helpful in a washroom with jutting channels or eluding sheets, as you can likewise cut your boards to fit around these hindrances.

Once people install these bath panels to surround their bathtubs, they will instantly enjoy the advantages that this fixture brings. Having the panels also require taking care of and maintained. Once the panel has been installed it then becomes essential if not a basic part of the bathtub.

Bath panels need to be cared

Taking care of the bath panel begins in the proper installation. People must make sure to measure their tub properly to get an accurate panel that will fit accordingly. Having to do last-minute adjustments may lead to irreversible damages that could mean a waste of precious time and money.

The most basic way to take care of the shower panels is to keep them clean. Since these panels will be exposed to moisture regularly, it is most likely that that mould and mildew will grow on the surface. The mould and mildew will easily damage the panels made from authentic wood, for the other types, it will make the surface look filthy.

Another way to take care of the bath panels is to use the subparts properly. These parts may be the small doors whether sliding or swinging, and they must be opened and closed properly. Breaking these parts may lead to damaging the overall look of the panel itself.

Other than moisture the strong chemicals in bathroom supplies can also cause the material of the panel to weaken and become easily damaged. If these bathroom supplies are kept in the storage compartment of the panel, they must be tightly closed. Any leaks or drips of these chemicals getting soaked on the parts of the panel may again, cause the weakening of the material and discoloration. In short, the care is here;

  • Aftercare - Clean with soap and water.
  • Small scratches can be polished out with a rubbing compound.

Points to be noted

The typical thickness of these panels is somewhere in the range of 15 and 20mm, which implies that with some shower developments the help legs and supports can block the panel. An underlying check is prudent, making sure to contemplate the free plinth which is fixed to the back of the primary board (adequately multiplying the thickness now). A flush finish is encouraged. Although it isn't wrong to have the board jutting over the shower advantage, this will bring about water gathering on the edge and, in time, infiltrating the board.

Even though these boards are generally strong, a sub edge of at any rate floor and wall secure ought to be utilized. The right order of installation is as below;

  • The bath
  • The plumbing.
  • The floor covering
  • The bath panels

For measuring the panel’s height with the plinth, just measure the panel and plinth height, and allow for the plinth to fit and fix behind the main panel with a suitable overlap (normally a minimum of 40mm); this gives the maximum height. Now measure the height of the bath from the floor to under the rim at both ends; if these vary and the bath is level then the floor is probably out. If the floor is not yet fitted, it is best not to fit the shower panel, but an allowance could be made if the schedule won't permit the delay. Any place conceivable cutting ought to have stayed away from. It bargains the water opposition of the completion and can permit water behind the get done with, causing lifting, and will likewise permit water into the substructure of the board. Take exceptional consideration when fitting a separated or point by point board into a break, to concentrate the board, by cutting the two sides similarly.

Where cuts are fundamental imprint and score the line to be sliced to abstain from chipping. Utilize a fine tooth saw. Seal all cuts with a waterproof varnish; disappointment will negate the guarantee. Silicone along with these cuts when the board is fitted as it is inescapable will be sprinkled.

On the off chance that the shower or its casing averts the board sitting totally under the edge, the board can be scored or machine refunded (if the impediment runs the full length of the shower similarly as with softwood reinforcing secures fitted under the edge of numerous showers). A refund should never be the greater part of the thickness of the board outline or infringe into any framed detail which is slimmer than the edge.

Always remove water splashes after use. Use only a soft cloth. On polyurethane or other manmade finishes use soap and a soft cloth. On wood and wood veneers check any cleaners used are suitable. Never use bleach, neat disinfectant or household bathroom cleaners. The royal bathrooms offers a considerable warranty, exchange policy and free home delivery to the customers (terms & conditions may apply).

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