Bath Panels

We understand that bath panels are a necessary element in modern bathrooms be it large or small baths. So, we design ours to tailor to fit L-shaped, P-shaped, and straight baths. Our bath panel range excels in style to make your bathing experience memorable. Our panels, especially the L-shaped bath panels, are custom-built to enclose the sides of L-shaped baths.

We prioritise your comfort while designing our bath panels! Our attention to detail and careful material selection enables us to offer bath panels with insulation benefits. Our range, including the MDF bath panels, provide you heat resistance allowing you to enjoy a warmer bathing experience. Plus, its unique MDF material is known to have moisture resistant qualities, too.

Our straight bath panels are versatile solutions for standard baths. They cover the exposed sides of the bath. They also protect against moisture and ensure a tidy, cohesive look of the bathtub in your bathroom space. Bath panels serve practical purposes by preventing water damage to walls and flooring. They also make the maintenance and repairs easy.