Quadrant Shower Trays

Looking for the perfect quadrant shower tray for your shower enclosure? Look no further.

Here, you will find our extensive selection of stylish and practical quadrant shower trays.

Our quadrant shower trays are specially designed to provide a stylish yet practical base to your shower enclosure, whilst also providing protection against water damage to the subfloor underneath, as well as to the sealer and grout around the shower enclosure.

Quadrant shower trays are an ideal choice for those who are searching for a shower tray to match a smaller-sized shower enclosure, allowing you to make the most out of the available space.

As well as offering a host of useful features, quadrant shower trays offer a stylish curved design, which will effortlessly bring a touch of luxury to a smaller shower enclosure - because who said that you have to compromise when building the perfect shower enclosure for your home?

And remember, our unparalleled range of quadrant shower trays are available in a variety of size and colour options, and are made using PearlStone patented technology for an ultra-sleek finish.

When you’re a Royal Bathrooms customer, the perks don’t stop there. We are proud to offer a minimum 5% discount, a 365-day exchange policy - and free delivery on purchases over £399.00.

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Quadrant Shower Tray Buying Guide

Not sure if a quadrant shower tray is for you? Not to worry, we’re happy to help. See below for our section on commonly asked questions.

If we don’t have the answer to the question you’re looking for, please email a member of our friendly team at [email protected]. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to reach us on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm).

What is a quadrant shower tray?

A quadrant shower tray (also known as curved shower trays) is a type of shower tray that’s made to ensure that the space available within a quadrant-style shower enclosure is used to the best of its capacity.

The perfect solution for creating a more spacious and luxuriously comfortable shower in a corner space.

Are Royal Bathrooms’ quadrant shower trays lightweight?

Yes, thanks to the use of PearlStone (also known as Pearlstone Matrix). This material is a patented technology that includes a mixture of stone, volcanic ash and polyurethane resin - which together creates a perfectly sleek, highly durable and lightweight material.

In fact, our quadrant shower trays are on average 50% lighter than conventional stone resin shower trays, making them a much safer option when it comes to handling and fitting your own shower tray.

In addition to the above, our quadrant shower trays are also acrylic capped for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Do Royal Bathrooms offer slimline quadrant shower trays?

Yes, all of our quadrant shower trays feature a slimline   - thanks to the use of PearlStone Matrix patented technology.

To browse the sleekest selection on the market, click here.

What sizes are available and how do you measure for a quadrant shower tray?

Although we offer popular sizes of quadrant shower trays, they cannot be deemed ‘standard sizes’ as curved show trays vary depending on the style of the tray. This is why you must measure correctly to ensure a precise fit.

At Royal Bathrooms, we offer an extensive variety of sizes, as well as size diagram imagery that can be found within each unique product description, to help with accurate measuring.

We would recommend that you double-check your measurements against our diagram imagery to ensure an accurate fit.

Do Royal Bathrooms offer single entry quadrant shower trays?

Yes, we do offer a selection of single-entry quadrant shower trays here at Royal Bathrooms. Browse our full range of quadrant shower trays here.

What colour quadrant shower trays are available at Royal Bathrooms?

At Royal Bathrooms, we offer a wide selection of quadrant shower trays in either a gorgeous gloss white finish or a stylish slate grey finish.

If you’re creating a stylish yet timeless bathroom, we would recommend browsing our selection of glossy white quadrant shower trays.

If you’d prefer a more contemporary touch, we would recommend browsing our selection of beautiful quadrant shower trays that offer a gorgeous slate grey finish

Can I purchase a quadrant shower tray with a riser tray included?

Yes, we do offer quadrant shower trays with riser trays included. To browse our selection of quadrant shower tray options that have riser trays included, click here.

Why buy your new quadrant shower tray from Royal Bathrooms?

Here at Royal Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest-growing online bathroom retailers in the UK - and for good reason. Our unparalleled range of shower trays offer incredible variety and premium quality, all at great prices.

Buy your brand new shower tray from Royal Bathrooms and you can benefit from:

  • Guaranteed premium quality.
  • Free delivery on all orders over £399.00.
  • A minimum 10% discount.
  • A 365-day exchange
  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items.

As well as the above, when you shop at Royal Bathrooms - you can rest assured that should you have any questions or queries, our friendly customer service team are always available to provide you with a helping hand.

Although we’re an online store, feel free to contact us anytime on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm) or at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.