Pivot Shower Doors

Enhanced Accessibility
Discover a new level of accessibility and convenience with pivot shower doors and say goodbye to cramped shower spaces and awkward manoeuvres. Pivot doors boast a wide opening, providing ample space for effortless entry and exit. Whether you're stepping into the shower enclosure to start your day or exiting after a refreshing cleanse, the expansive opening of pivot doors ensures accessibility for users of all ages and abilities.
Reversible Design
Versatility meets practicality with pivot shower doors featuring a reversible design. No need to worry about left or right-hand installation constraints as you do with bi-fold shower door. The pivot doors offer the flexibility to adapt to your bathroom layout seamlessly. Simply choose the orientation of the shower door that suits your space best with a shower tray and enjoy the freedom of installation options that pivot doors provide.
Smooth Operation
Experience the epitome of smooth operation with pivot shower doors - a perfect sliding shower door alternative. Crafted with high-quality hinges and mechanisms, these doors glide effortlessly as you open and close them. The pivot system ensures a fluid motion that requires minimal effort, enhancing the overall user experience. Enjoy the ease and convenience of a shower door that operates with precision and grace every time.