1000mm Vanity Units

Looking for the perfect  ? Look no further - browse our incredible selection of combination vanity units below to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

Combination vanity units are the perfect choice for maintaining a spacious feel in your bathroom, without having to go without any of the fundamental pieces you need for optimum functionality. These models make for the perfect choice for a smaller bathroom, but can still be seen featured just as frequently in a larger bathroom setting.

Not only are our 1000mm vanity units highly practical pieces of bathroom furniture, but they also boast a stunning appearance. Here at Royal Bathrooms, we cater to a wide range of unique style preferences - which is why we offer an unparalleled variety of collections and colour finishes for you to choose from.

Don’t just take our word for it… see for yourself! Browse our 1000mm vanity units in either a sleek Gloss White, a gorgeous Hale Black, a stylish Indigo Grey Gloss, or for an ultra-modern look - browse our Grey Elm selection and thank us later!

If, for whatever reason, you discover that a 1000mm combination vanity unit isn’t the perfect size for your bathroom, don’t worry! Here at Royal Bathrooms, we also offer stunning combination vanity units in sizes 900mm, 1100mm and 1300mm.

Here at Royal Bathrooms, we place customer service above all else. That’s why when you choose Royal Bathrooms, you can expect a 365-day exchange policy, a minimum 5% discount and free delivery on orders over £399.00.

What’s more, when you shop at Royal Bathrooms - you can rest assured that should you have any questions or queries, our customer service team is always available to help.

Please feel free to contact us anytime on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm) or at [email protected].

Discover what a 1000mm combination bathroom vanity unit can do to transform your bathroom today with Royal Bathrooms.

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1000mm Combination Vanity Unit Buying Guide

Need a little more information? We’ve got you covered. See below for our short buying guide which includes the answers to commonly asked questions.

If our buying guide doesn’t include the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and a member of our friendly team will be happy to answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to reach us on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm).

What is 1000mm in inches?

Here at Royal Bathrooms, we showcase our 1000mm combination vanity unit selection using the metric system. If you prefer to use the imperial system, our 1000mm combination vanity units would be equal to 39.3 inches.

It’s worth mentioning that 1000mm is referring to the combined measurements for both units. For example, depending on the specific product, a 1000mm combination vanity unit could mean a 500mm WC unit and a 500mm vanity unit. We would recommend that you check the product description for specific dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for your bathroom.

How do I measure for a combination vanity unit?

We highly recommend knowing the specific measurements you need before committing to a purchase as this will help you to avoid any disappointment.

Before you start measuring, it’s important to consider the look you want to achieve and what the layout of your bathroom will permit. The positioning of bathroom units can have a significant impact on not only the look of a bathroom space but also how practical the space is. This is why it’s so important to get it right!

A superb way to determine the best layout option is to draw a map of your bathroom on a piece of paper and try different ways. Play around with the space and see what you like the most!

Using a measuring tool of your choice, you’ll want to work out the maximum height, depth and width that you have available.

Please note that this includes all of the available floor and wall space. Once you have an understanding of these precise measurements, you’ll be able to determine where a combination vanity unit will be best suited.

When measuring for a 1000mm combination vanity unit, it’s essential that you consider the plumbing of your bathroom. For example, for a basin unit, you’ll want to make sure that the unit has access to your hot and cold water pipes. For a toilet unit, you’ll need to have an understanding of where your water inlet comes from and how to connect the pan to the soil pipe.

Please note that our selection of 1000mm bathroom vanity units often feature useful storage facilities that have doors and/or drawers, so you must keep this in mind when measuring and allow space for them to open and close.

In addition to the above, don’t forget to take into account the windows and doors. Take note of where your bathroom window (if you have one) is positioned, as well as where the doors are, and if they swing inwards or outwards - as you won’t want to position your combination vanity unit in harm's way!

If you’re not a professional and bathroom installations aren’t your strong suit, don’t worry. There are always ways around ensuring that you can create the bathroom of your dreams. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or a tradesman for advice.

What should I use to measure for a combination vanity unit?

We always recommend that our customers use professional tools for accurate measuring. In addition to this, have a pencil spare so that you can leave removable markers on the walls when determining the layout. Measuring tools can include a tape measure, a spirit level, a laser measuring tool and so on.

How much space should I allow between each unit?

The rule of thumb tends to be that the toilet and vanity unit should have a little space between each other. We would recommend that you allow around 200mm to 400mm of space between each unit to achieve a more desirable look, depending on the space and layout of your bathroom.

If you would prefer your 1000mm combination vanity unit to not have any space apart, that’s also okay. After all, it’s your bathroom!

What comes with a 1000mm combination vanity unit?

This will entirely depend on the addition you go for. Within every product description, we have a section where we list the fixtures that are included in the purchase.

We advise that when browsing our selection of 1000mm combination vanity units, make sure that you check out the specific product information - as some fixtures (e.g taps and waste) are sometimes sold separately.

What colour variations are there?

At Royal Bathrooms, we understand how important it is to create a bathroom that reflects your unique style. That’s why our 1000mm combination vanity units are available in our signature colour variations, allowing everyone to find their perfect colour match.

This includes a stunning selection of 1000mm combination vanity units that feature in either Gloss White, Hale Black, Grey Elm or Indigo Grey Gloss.

What are 1000mm combination vanity units made of?

Here at Royal Bathrooms, our combination vanity units are made from moisture-resistant melamine faced chipboard (MFC), as well as featuring beautiful chrome handle finishes and premium quality gloss ceramic sinks.

So, not only are our 1000mm combination vanity units stunning in appearance - but they are also highly durable and built to last!

Why buy your new 1000mm combination vanity unit from Royal Bathrooms?

As one of the fastest-growing online bathroom retailers in the UK, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality bathroom additions and unparalleled customer service. Our range of 1000mm combination vanity units offer incredible variety and premium quality, all at great prices.

Buy your brand new 1000mm combination vanity unit from Royal Bathrooms and benefit from:

  • Guaranteed premium quality.
  • Free delivery on all orders over £399.00.
  • A minimum 5% discount.
  • A 365-day exchange
  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items.
What’s more, when you shop at Royal Bathrooms - you’ll also have access to our friendly customer service team, who are always happy to help answer any question or queries you may have. Although we’re an online store, feel free to contact us anytime on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm) or at [email protected].