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Bath Screens - A User Friendly Alternative

For many people, installing a standalone shower enclosure is simply not possible. Bathroom space can limit your choice to either a shower or a bath, but not both together. In this situation, most families will opt for a bath over a shower enclosure as small children and babies make a shower a nonstarter. However, there has always been the option of having a shower unit installed over a bath. This was achieved by using a shower curtain and rail system to deflect water back into the bath. Whilst this option is still used, the shower curtain was a messy affair, stuck your body when wet and did nothing for the look or style of your bathroom.

Bath screens are made to prevent water from jumping on the floor when somebody in the tub is washing or showering. Water is frequently sprinkled from the tub when these exercises are occurring, and the water makes an accident and a risk. You are considerably more liable to slip and fall if the floor is wet than you would when the floor is dry. On the off chance that the floor gets wet over and again, at that point it can start to decay away considering the humidity. You can likewise get a shape and mould issue if the outside of the floor is persistently become wet and doesn't dry out for significant periods. Bath screens can prevent these things from occurring.

A luxurious outlook

Bath screens can likewise include a sumptuous look and feel to your bathroom. They can make the room look bigger moreover. A straightforward shower screen can cause the space to have all the earmarks of being bigger than it would look with a shaded shower window ornament hanging in a similar zone.

The bath screen was fitted to the wall and ran about 800mm along the top edge of the bathtub. This avoided the need for a curtain and the problems mentioned above. However, having a fixed glass screen permanently in place running half the length of your bath made getting in and out difficult. Bathing children was also made difficult, not to mention the hassle of cleaning! Today, there are a couple of great solutions for bathrooms that can only have a bath rather than a shower enclosure.

You have several choices in the style of bath screens you can install into your bathroom. You can get sliding screens or screens that pivot. With the ones that slide you can create an entrance to the tub that is larger or smaller to accommodate the person getting in or out of the bath. These pieces are excellent when you need to place children or pets in the tub. When you have children or pets in the bath you generally must be kneeling beside the tub so that you can assist them with their bath. You will enable to do this and able to keep them from splashing water out of the other portion of the tub. When you have petted the portion of the screen that remains closed will keep them from escaping while you are trying to bath them. The royal bathrooms offers you many other designs of customization as well for the curved bathtubs and likewise.

You can get collapsing renditions that offer an all-encompassing measure of inclusion when it is required. You can get adaptations of this thing that are balanced out and fixed in one spot. Due to their adaptability, the collapsing variants are valuable in helping in versatility when the old are getting in and out of the shower unit.

Additionally, the Folding Bath Screen does just that - it folds away against the bathroom wall concertina style when it is not in use. These screens are usually made up of 4 or 5 individual panels, connected with pivot hinges that 'click' into place magnetically when opened along the edge of the bath. A small plastic seal at the bottom diverts water back into the bath. When the showering is completed, you simply fold each panel back against itself and store it neatly against the supporting wall.

This is a variation of the traditional fixed glass screen but has a second glass screen that slides further along the bath and clicks into place magnetically. This sliding screen allows you to almost double the length of a normal screen of say 800mm to over a meter along with the bath. This sliding bath screen is ideal where power showers or body jets are being used as it extends the protective area further along with the bath and stops the spray from escaping the shower area.

Clarity and transparency

With bath screens, you can pick ones that are clear and straightforward to upgrade the vibe of the tile in your shower. You can likewise pick pieces that have been corrosively carved to make a hazy look so you can't see past the glass surface. The dark pictures on the glass surface can be made to make picture scenes or plans. You can include an individual flare by utilizing these things.

You can buy various kinds of pivots and equipment to look at your washroom that you will discover satisfying. You will discover equipment that is chrome, and cleaned metal, and nickel-plated. You have the chance to get variants of these things that have shrouded pivots, so they give off an impression of being free gliding superficially. The Royal Bathrooms UK is offering an extensive range of screens with a lifetime warranty and exchange policy besides to free home delivery (terms & conditions may apply).

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