1400mm Baths

Ideal Size
At Royal Bathrooms, our 1400mm baths offer a premium bathing experience in accordance with your bathing needs. Made with high-quality materials, our bathtubs are a perfect example of durability and style. Available in a glossy white finish, they perfectly complement any bathroom décor. Browse our 1400mm bath collection, below, and complete your bathing section.
Matching Accessories
Choose from multiple screen types that are available, including hinged, fixed, or simple screens, to suit your needs and space requirements. Available in both acrylic and MDF panels, our baths offer both durability and versatility. Go for a front panel or select a combination of front & end panel to complete your bath.
Bathtub Range
If you prefer a minimalist design or crave additional features, our 1400mm baths deliver on both fronts. With their versatile design application our bath collection proves to be a perfect choice for your bathroom space. Explore our range at Royal Bathrooms to find the perfect bathtub that transforms your bathing experience into a refreshing retreat.