Shower Mixers

Temperature Control
Keep the perfect temperature control at your fingertips with our shower mixers. They allow you to finely tune the balance between hot and cold water with just a single lever or knob. This means no more fiddling with separate taps to avoid shocks of cold or bursts of scalding water and you can enjoy the comfort you always wanted.
Dual Functionality
Enjoy the seamless combination of the mixer and shower operations into a single unit with Royal Bathrooms’ shower mixers. They offer dedicated shower control and traditional tap allowing effortless control over both water temperature and flow in one streamlined setup. That means you don’t need separate faucets and shower valves with separate controls offering a simplified shower experience.
Variety of Options
We offer a variety of shower mixer types to ensure there is a perfect match for your needs. Choose from exposed shower mixers to give your shower space a classic touch, and concealed shower mixers for minimalist bathroom shower design. Additionally, single, twin, or triple functions for creating ultra modern shower space and enjoy a perfect shower experience.