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  1. Various Sizes with Acrylic Panels
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  3. Various Sizes with Acrylic Panels
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  5. Various Sizes with MDF Panels
  6. Breeze Acrylic Round Single Ended Bath 1500 x 700mm

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  11. Cesar Acrylic Square Single Ended Bath 1600 x 700mm

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    Breeze Acrylic Round Single Ended Bath 1600 x 700mm Inc MDF Front Panel

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    Breeze Acrylic Round Single Ended Bath 1600 x 700mm Inc Acrylic Front & End Panel

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94 Products found

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Straight Baths - Warmth and Comfort

Taking a bath instantly refreshes and brings a sense of cleanliness in the body. We know that doing this daily is generally for hygienic purposes. And because keeping good hygiene means keeping your body clean, there are other health benefits that you can get from daily bathing. Resultantly, we offer an extensive range of bath categories where the straight bath has its importance. It is a healthy activity to take a shower when you get up from your bed and before you retire in the evening. A warm bath is something that cannot be compared with anything else. It's always advised that you should start or end your day by taking a shower so that if you are starting your day then you start well or if you are ending your day then you end well. A morning shower should be taken according to the climate of a country.

Straight baths are quite convenient for children and elderly persons. They are also cost-effective, and you can easily purchase them on our website by selecting from a diverse range of models. Straight baths provide you with enough room for movements while cleaning them. It is a fusion of a bathtub and a shower cabin which is also a stylish piece of sanitary ware with a dual feature.

Several people prefer using a hand shower for taking baths in their booths, as they find it to be more comfortable. If you are used to bathing with hand showers, then you will surely need a curtain or a screen. It is ensuring that the water doesn't spill outside the cubicle and wets the entire bathroom. On the other hand, shower bath suites come with semi-transparent partitions that prevent any kind of spilling. You can enjoy a peaceful bath on a holiday or take a quick shower on a busy day. Well, all these accessories are additional, and a bathtub is a primary element.

What makes a straight bath?

Most shower baths are available in both single and double ended. What this means is that consumers can choose the style of the bath they prefer, then opt for which end of the bath they want the shower to be. Increasing flexibility in sanitaryware and bathroom furniture designs can only be a good thing for us all, as bathrooms can vary so widely in shape and layout. So is the case with the straight baths where the customer is being offered with single as well as double-ended fixation as per the availability of the space in the bathroom. Additionally, we got some of the feedback from our worthy customers who want to get a separate floor base for the straight baths while making the floor safe and secure, especially the wooden floor. Hence, by considering this issue, the royal bathroom has added an MDF panel(optional) in the range.

Likewise, a straight bath in the shower suites, you won't need to burn through cash on 2 separate adornments, to be specific the shower workspace and a bath. Presently, that itself will enable you to set aside a great deal of cash on your washroom remodel plans, also the measure of room that you can spare. There are assortments of shower suites accessible in the market, today. It is increasingly agreeable to shop on the web, as opposed to going around from on clean product store to another.

If you want to opt for a bathroom suite, such extravagant ones are can be costly, and along these lines, you will require legitimate arranging, planning, and establishment. These are practically like attachment and-play arrangements, yet you should take help from a specialist for introducing them. This is to guarantee that the fittings and pipes are exact. The royal bathroom will give you online assistance free of cost.

Shower versus bath

Taking a bath with a shower is a luxury thing. Installing a shower enclosure is a tough job to do. It is a little pricy too. But besides all these factors, a shower has become a necessary part of the bathrooms. Many sizes and styles have been introduced by designers to give the taste of bath and shower to the user. Both have their benefits. Those who use a shower will always claim that the shower uses a small amount of water. This thing is true to some extent but not in an overall scenario as it all depends on the person using the shower.

Shower utilizes a limited quantity of water. It is more compelling than a bath. It washes up. These are some basic focuses utilized in support of them by the individuals who are utilizing the shower for washing purposes. While then again, the individuals utilizing the bath for washing purposes guarantees that it is unwinding, and it discharges the torment and different things. Both purposes of perspectives are on the right track somewhat however not totally.

Hence, the royal bathroom lets you customize your bathtub as per your specification and interest. Shower baths have been introduced to get a middle way between the conflict that those who want to enjoy the shower can enjoy it and those who want to enjoy the bath they can also enjoy it: a filler or a shower, the choice is yours. Now one can have the benefits of both like the smooth and steady flow of water in a relaxing position which relieves the pain and open the body. The company assures you to deliver the products at your home with an exchange policy and warranty in case of any damage.

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