Brushed Brass Shower Enclosures

Luxurious Appeal
Make your bathroom feel more inviting and comfortable with our Brass Gold Shower Enclosures from Royal Bathrooms. Designed to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, they are your simple upgrade for a truly luxurious shower experience. Our gold brass shower enclosure’s distinct appeal creates an ambiance that elevates your everyday routine.
Timeless Beauty
Perfect for pairing with a wide range of materials and designs, they are a testament to enduring appeal. Create a unique look with the lasting charm of these gold frames in quadrant and rectangular shapes with a single sliding or pivot shower door that will continue to look stunning for years to come.
Focal Point
Perfect for making a focal point of your bathroom, our Brass gold shower enclosures and slimline shower trays naturally draw the eye and capture attention. Its bold design creates a stunning and deeply satisfying experience. The metallic surface beautifully reflects light, turning your bathroom into a bright and spacious space.