Evora Bathroom Furniture

Satin Finish
Browse our Evora bathroom furniture, upgrade your bathroom space! Offering a beautiful balance between the subtle texture of matte and the brilliance of gloss, this bathroom furniture range features a stunning satin finish. Available in a range of captivating colour like satin white, satin grey, satin blue, and satin green, these finishes lend them a luxurious feel without overwhelming the space with too much shine.
Fluted Design
Add a touch of modern art deco flair to your bathroom with Evora bathroom furniture range. Its vertical channels introduce texture and depth to your bathroom. These design elements create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that adds character and sophistication to the space. Our fluted vanity units can be a perfect fit for a range of styles and preferences whether modern, classic, or traditional.
Multiple Colour Handles
Fine-tune the look of your bathroom to match your design vision by personalising the vanity unit's handle. Choose from chrome handles that are a versatile choice, gold handles to add a touch of luxuriousness, and black handles to create a bold statement in the bathroom. With Evora floor standing and wall mounted vanity units, you can create a bathroom that meets your functional and aesthetic preferences.