Bathroom Vanity Units

A beautiful way to make most of the available space, our vanity units are a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Choose from a floor-standing or wall-mounted vanities that suit your bathroom layout or a space saving tall boy cabinet that takes up space vertically.

So, if you are looking for bathroom furniture that impressively combines form and function, then Royal Bathrooms should be your go-to option.

For those with limited space, our cloakroom vanity units offer a compact yet functional choice. If you prefer a traditional look, floor-standing vanity units add a classic touch.

Wall Hung Vanity Units contribute to a modern aesthetic while maximizing floor space, and freestanding worktop vanity units offer flexibility in placement.

If you want to save space and money while keeping up with current design trends, then our toilet and sink units are the right option for you.

One of the standout features of these vanity units is the incorporation of an advanced soft close mechanism that is a smooth and controlled storage cabinet closure, even when a bit of force is applied.

This not only creates a harmonious and serene ambiance but also contributes to the longevity of your bathroom furniture.