Gold Bathroom Mirrors

Timeless Elegance
Our gold bathroom mirrors are designed to complement a variety of interior styles, from classic to contemporary. Whether you have a modern spa-inspired bathroom or a traditional powder room, these mirrors effortlessly blend in. The reflective surface of these mirrors maximise natural and artificial light, brightening up your bathroom space. So, you can experience a visually larger, well-lit environment. This contributes to a positive, refreshing atmosphere.
Focal Styling Point
Strategically place these gold mirrors above the vanity to create a focal point in the bathroom. Their classic elegance brings a sense of style. It complements various interior themes, from traditional to modern. Available in oval, rectangular, round, and hexagonal shapes, these mirrors offer your bathroom a refreshing touch. You can also combine these gold framed mirrors with other decorative pieces to add a personal touch.
Latest Technology
Additionally, these illuminated mirrors feature a double-sided design. They have built-in defogging technology, ensuring clear visibility even in humid conditions. You can choose from three light colour options to customise your bathroom ambiance. The options are: Warm White (300K), Day White (4500K), and Cool White (6500K). These stunning backlit bathroom mirrors have a modern design, touch sensor and LED illumination offering modern and convenient touch.