Back-lit Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors
Step into the world of sophistication with our collection of backlit mirrors. These mirrors are more than reflective surfaces. And offer a soft glow providing practical illumination for your daily routine. Immerse yourself in the allure of impactful lighting with our illuminated mirrors collection. And enhance your bathroom's aesthetic appeal with the back-lit feature.
Black Framed Mirrors
Our backlit bathroom mirrors come in many shapes and sizes to suit every taste. The sleek black frame mirror further accentuates its chic and modern design. Plus, the material selection is what ensures a longer and sustainable life of your mirror. Upgrade your space with a back-lit mirror which goes beyond the ordinary.
Modern Mirrors
We understand the importance of adding a functional as well as modern mirror in your bathroom. So we designed these mirrors to redefine the way you perceive reflection within your bathroom space. Explore the ideal features contributing to their functionality in your bathroom. Feel free to pick the perfect mirror option meeting your bathroom décor/remodelling needs.