Wet Rooms & Shower Rooms

Ditch the shower enclosure and say goodbye to the shower curtains and add a wet room or walk-in shower to your bathroom.

Wetrooms and walk-in showers completely transform both the look and functionality of bathrooms.

Bathroom wet rooms and walk-in showers are suitable for all types of homes. Whether you have a small bathroom space or a large one, Royal Bathrooms will have a wet room screen or walk-in shower that’s perfect for your space.

Wetrooms and walk-in showers are also ideal for people who have mobility issues; due to them being very easy to get in and out of.

What’s more, wet rooms and walk-in showers are a highly desirable feature and can add to the overall value of your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore wet room panels and walk-in shower enclosures at Royal Bathrooms today!

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Wet Rooms & Walk-In Showers Buying Guide

We know that for many people, installing a wet room or walk-in shower in their home is a big investment. Deciding which type of setup is right for you, can be a tricky and time-consuming business. But we’re here to make that buying process a whole lot easier.

If you’re in the market for a wet room or walk-in shower, read the top buying tips from the Royal Bathrooms team below.

What is the difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower?

When people talk about wetrooms they are generally referring to one of two different setups:

You’ll often see the two terms used interchangeably, however there are some subtle differences between the two, so it’s important that you understand which is which so you buy the right type for your home.

Below we have explained the differences between a wet room and a walk-in shower.


A wet room (also sometimes called a shower room) is a bathroom which is completely lined with tiles on the walls and floor. The room is sealed underneath to create a completely watertight, waterproof space for your wet room shower enclosure.

In other words, with a wetroom, your entire bathroom effectively becomes a showering space. Because of this you may sometimes hear people refer to wet rooms as showering rooms, or bathroom wet rooms.

In some shower rooms, a screen, glass panel or wet room screen may be installed in order to seperate off the showering area from the rest of the wet room. This type of setup is handy if you are worried about water from your shower splashing other parts of your wet room (such as the basin, toilet or shelving/cabinets).

Walk-in shower

The other type of setup that you’ll commonly see referred to as a wet room is walk-in showers.

Walk-in showers are closer to standard shower enclosures. They are typically situated in the corner of a bathroom, with the two walls of the room tiled or panelled to ensure they are waterproof. A shower tray, which is normally slimline and only elevated slightly from floor level, is used to keep water contained within the showering area.

In this way, a walk-in shower more closely resembles a typical shower enclosure (but with no door), than it does the sort of wet room described above.

At Royal Bathrooms, we stock both walk-in shower enclosures and wet room screens, so no matter what type of showering setup you want to create, we’ve got you covered!

Should I install a wet room or a walk-in shower?

For many people, choosing between creating a wet room or installing a walk-in shower can be a difficult choice.

Wet rooms create beautiful, airy open showering areas and are great at creating the illusion of space in smaller bathrooms.

However, in smaller bathrooms, their open nature means that water can easily end up everywhere, covering things like the basin, toilet, and any towels etc that may be hanging up. This can be rectified however, via the installation of a wet room screen.

Walk-in showers on the other hand lack some of the visual appeal of wet rooms, but are closer to a traditional shower enclosure and therefore don’t require a huge amount of work to install.

Both wet rooms and walk-in showers are easy to clean and maintain.

So, ultimately, the choice between installing a wet room or walk-in shower enclosure comes down to your personal preference, and your appetite to undertake a bigger installation project (wet room), or a simpler installation project (walk-in shower).

Why should I buy a wet room screen or walk-in shower from Royal Bathrooms?

Regardless of whether you have your heart set on creating a wet room or installing a walk-in shower, Royal Bathrooms can help you in either situation.

Not only do we stock an enormous variety of different wet room screens and walk-in showers, but we offer a range of benefits that you won’t get with other online bathroom retailers:

  • Free delivery on orders over £399.00.
  • A minimum 5% discount.
  • A 365-day exchange
  • Lifetime guarantee on selected items.

Should you have any questions about a particular product, we’re happy to help. Our dedicated, friendly customer-service team will be happy to answer any of your queries. You can contact them by phone on 01384 671 200 (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm) or by email at: [email protected]