Small baths

Ideal for Compact Spaces
Our small baths are specifically designed for compact bathroom spaces. We design our small baths to offer both practicality and comfort without compromising on your style standards. Whether you’re seeking L-shaped, P-shaped, or straight baths, we offer a versatile range to suit your small bathroom space. They make sure that every corner of your small bathroom is optimised for functionality.
Space Utilisation
Our small baths offer maximise utilisation of space in limited bathroom spaces. We design our small baths to help you free up floor space in your bathroom. Our small baths, especially L-shaped baths, offer a comfortable bathing experience along with the bath panels. This combination complements the overall aesthetics of your bathroom while offering you full control over space utilisation.
Different Designs & Sizes
The curved design of our small baths, particularly P-shaped baths, look visually interesting while also maximising the bathing area in compact settings. The straight small baths, characterised by their simplicity and functionality, are ideal for small bathrooms. Their streamlined design makes them easy to install and maintain. Give your bathroom a clean and understated look with our small bath range.