Left-Handed Baths

Spacious Baths
Explore our Left-Hand Baths - a perfect solution for bathrooms with more open space on the left side. Left-handed baths from Royal Bathrooms have a broader showering section on the left offering fluidity and space optimization. With hinged, fixed or grid design screen options, such designs are particularly helpful for smaller bathrooms where every inch matters.
Strategic Design
The strategic drain placement in our left-hand bathtubs, typically positioned on the right side ensures water flows away efficiently. No more water damage or slip hazard, its design doesn't let water pool around the faucet zone. As a result, you can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free bathing experience. Select from a wide range of left-hand bathtubs, below!
Style & Functionality
Available in L-shaped and P-shaped bathtub designs, our Left-hand baths with gold or black shower screen are suitable for a variety of designs and bathroom layouts. These shower baths can easily fit along the wall and corner while combining both bath and shower functionalities. Their versatility makes our range equally suited for fitting in modern and traditional bathrooms.