Small Shower Room Ideas for New Homeowners

Personalising the space as per your interior standards is an even bigger challenge after you buy a new home. Be it your living area, kitchen or that relaxation corner - the shower room - everything should align with each other. 

Wait, are you in need of small shower room ideas to keep it in line with the rest of your house interiors? 

You’ve landed on the right page!

Creating a perfect shower in a small bathroom can be challenging. Limited space often means choosing between the fixtures that you need most. 

However, with strategic planning and smart design choices, it's possible to maximise the area. And you can have all necessary elements without compromising on style or functionality.

In this blog, we have set down some impressive small shower room ideas that will help you set up an ideal shower room. 

Top 5 Shower Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Compact living spaces call for creative design strategies! 

Small shower enclosures are pivotal in transforming limited spaces into soothing retreats. Whether you're dealing with a cosy urban flat or looking for small en-suite shower room ideas the right fixture infuses both practicality and style. 

Here, we’ve gathered some interesting and useful shower room ideas for small spaces! 

Add Space-Efficient Quadrant Shower Enclosures

For smartly utilising every corner of your space, quadrant shower enclosures are our first recommendation in the small shower room ideas list. 

The quadrant shower enclosures come in a range of widths, including 660mm, 700mm, 760mm, 800mm, 860mm, and 900mm. These curved units are not only space-efficient but also visually appealing, making them an excellent choice for small shower rooms. 

Stuffed into a corner, they can make a focal point of any bathroom. The curvature ensures a comfortable showering experience without capitalising much of the room.

The matte black quadrant shower enclosure with 6mm double sliding door by Milan could be an ideal choice for modern and compact spaces.

The black and gold frame provides a luxurious and contemporary look, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

The contrasting colour of black enhances the enclosure’s visual appeal while creating a focal point.

We’ve covered a detailed guide for you on measuring quadrant shower enclosures in case you’ve no idea how to do it already. 

Save Space with Corner Shower Enclosures

The next shower room idea, for new homeowners in the UK, is to add a corner shower enclosure! 

Corner entry shower enclosures, available in square and rectangular shapes, with sliding shower doors, are another smart solution for limited spaces. With suitable widths ranging from 700mm to 800mm, these enclosures efficiently utilise corner areas barring the rest of the room for other amenities. As for the styling part, the sliding doors bring modernity while saving space.

We suggest installing a 700 x 700mm brushed brass square shower enclosure with corner entry sliding door by Venice that is ideal for small bathrooms. The brushed brass finish enhances the enclosure's aesthetic, offering a luxury look that complements both light and dark interiors. 

Pair it with Venice Brushed Brass Square Thermostatic Valve Bar Shower Kit for a coordinated look and complete your small shower room. 

Install Walk-In Showers 

Third, in our small shower room ideas list is the walk-in shower that takes less space and offers more functionality. 

Often concerned with spacious en-suites, walk-in shower enclosures can be your space-saving element if instituted at the right spot. With front panel widths of 700mm, 760mm, 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm, they can offer you sufficient showering space.

The open design creates a spacious feel, and the variety of widths ensures compatibility with different room sizes. Walk-in enclosures are not only trendy but also practical for compact bathrooms.

You will find this brief guide on choosing the right walk-in shower enclosure useful while upgrading your shower room. 

A modern small shower idea can be choosing a wet room walk-in shower enclosure by Marbella. It is ideal for those seeking a minimalist and modern shower area while making it appear large and more inviting.  The easy to clean glass makes cleaning quick and easy.  

Opt for Minimalist Wet Room Screens

If you’re aiming for a contemporary outlook for your bathroom, the wet room screens can make the best impression. 

They are available in sizes such as 645mm, 700mm, 760mm, 800mm, 845mm, 900mm, and 1000mm, providing a minimalist yet stylish look. These screens are versatile and suitable for various small shower room layouts, offering both functionality and style.

We’d suggest you check out our 8mm walk-in wet room fluted shower screen by Luxor. This option not only features easy-clean glass but it's  designed to amplify the aesthetic appeal of modern small shower rooms.  It is a fluted glass shower enclosure 8mm thick that adds unique texture and visual interest. 

It can be a perfect small shower room idea in 2024 for those looking to combine luxury with convenience in their wet room design. 

And if you’re seeking trendy wet room ideas, we’ve covered a detailed guide for bathrooms having limited spaces. 

Choose an Alcove Shower Enclosure

The alcove shower enclosure is another popular choice when it comes to small shower room ideas! 

Alcove shower enclosures, equipped with sliding, bifold, or pivot shower doors, are better suited for recessed areas where practicality is often the main dilemma. You can turn any alcove into a shower area by fitting a shower door of your choice.

With small shower door widths ranging from 700mm to 1000mm, these enclosures maximise the available space while also introducing different door options to suit your preferences.

To bring this small shower room idea into a reality, install a 5mm bi-fold shower door by Ella that is suitable for alcoves or shower enclosures. Its bi-fold mechanism conserves space, ideal for smaller bathrooms, by folding inward. Made from 5mm thick safety glass, it offers a reliable balance of safety and ease of installation. 

Now that you have some small shower room ideas, it's important to understand what accessories will go with them. As a UK-based homeowner, you must know that every shower enclosure requires the right accessories to complete the featured outlook and impart coherency. Pay attention to these four things when buying your ideal shower enclosure. 

Pick Elegant, Space-Saving Shower Trays

Finding a shower tray that gleams of elegance even in small places, means you’ll have to snuggle through limited options. 

Consider slimline acrylic or slate effect trays for your quadrant or walk-in showers to create an attractive look. Slimline acrylic shower trays create a sleek and contemporary look, while slate effect shower trays add texture and sophistication. 

Other shower room tips for choosing the right tray for your enclosure include evaluating the available space, considering the overall design, and ensuring a proper fit.

Read our detailed buying guide on selecting the right shower tray to complete your shower room upgrade. 

Select Complementary Frame Finishes for Style

As long as you keep the layout and aesthetics under check, even a small shower space will greet you pleasantly. The frame finish of your shower enclosure plays a crucial role in the overall appearance. 

Look through small shower room ideas like chrome, black, or gold shower enclosure  to complement your bathroom style. Make sure you consider the visual impact of the frame and its compatibility with the surrounding decor.

Choose Bright, Durable Glass

The right glass finish can make your compact showering space appear brighter and more spacious. From clear patterned glass that refracts maximum light for brightness to frosted or textured glass that offers privacy. 

The thickness of the glass plays an equally important role when it comes to shower enclosures. Opt for 4mm or 5mm for shower cubicles, while 6mm is suitable for shower side panels.

For walk-in showers and wet room screens, try thicker options such as 8mm or 10mm for enhanced durability and a luxurious feel.

Customise Shower Room with Wet Room Screens

Weigh your options when selecting walk-in shower screens. It's a single glass piece that captures attention at first look. Most homeowners in the UK go with plain and fluted options that add a unique impression to a small shower enclosure. Wet rooms offer additional style choices, including fluted, silver mesh, and brushed brass mesh. 

Moreover, you can also choose between framed and frameless, or the finishes they come in. Matt black, gold, and chrome are popular framing options in both small and large bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts

And with these amazing small shower room ideas, we’d leave you with the planning part in hopes that our recommendations would help. 

Designing the perfect small shower room demands thoughtful consideration of both the enclosure type and its components. By weighing your options and carefully selecting shower trays, frame finishes, glass thickness, and screen styles, you can create a stylish oasis in your small bathroom. 

With these small shower room ideas, you can achieve a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making the most of limited space. And if you need to buy trendy shower enclosures, wet rooms, or shower room accessories, our updated catalogue is the perfect choice to visit.