Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Walk-In Shower Enclosure?

Modern bathrooms in the UK are intended for creating luxurious and aesthetically pleasing shower areas. One popular option is the walk-in shower enclosure that can amplify your bathroom’s functionality. It's easy accessibility, spaciousness, and doorless contemporary design make it a great addition to any bathroom. 

However, one thing that matters most is choosing the right walk-in shower size for your bathroom. 

This question haunts UK-based homeowners to select the right size while installing a new walk-in shower enclosure. From space constraints to design/style choices and accessibility concerns, you'll have to keep every aspect in account. 

And above all, choosing the walk-in shower enclosure size is vital from UK Building Regulations and Standards' guidelines if you own a flat. 

Don't worry, we've covered every aspect of your "what size shower enclosure do I need" query. 

Let’s discuss different walk-in shower enclosure sizes for different bathrooms so you can determine the perfect size option for your space.

What Size Walk-in Shower Enclosure Do I Need?

Usually, bathrooms in the UK come in 3 different sizes - small, standard, and large! 

To help you understand the exact walk-in shower enclosure size requirements according to your bathroom size, we’ve covered them all below. Read on and discover how to pick the perfect walk-in shower enclosure size for your bathroom space.

Small Bathroom Walk-in Shower Sizes

Selecting the right size of walk-in shower for a small bathroom (especially in the UK) can be a challenge. It is important to maximize the use of space without making it feel cramped. 

If your bathroom is smaller than the standard 30 square feet, then you may choose any of these sizes that are suitable for small bathrooms. 

Corner Shower

A corner walk-in shower is an excellent choice for small bathrooms!

It fits neatly into the corner of the room, saving valuable floor space. Dimensions for a corner walk-in shower may be 1100 x 700 mm (42” x 27”), 1200 x 750 mm (47” x 30”), or 1200 x 800mm (47” x 32”). Depending on the bathroom layout and availability of the space, you may also choose slightly bigger sizes of 1200 x 900mm (47" x36") or 1300x800mm (50" x 32"). 

Niche or Alcove Shower

If your bathroom layout allows, consider a niche or alcove shower!

These showers are usually around 30" to 36" wide and are recessed into a wall, providing a snug and space-saving shower solution. You may only need a front panel for these showers. The appropriate size of the walk-in shower front panel can be 700mm (27"), 760mm(30") or 800mm(32"). 

In case you are not tight on budget, there are many customisable options available in a half-wall walk in shower enclosure. It allows you to design the layout as per your requirements with sizes ranging from 1100 x 700mm (42" x 27") to 1300 x 800mm (50"  x 32")

Standard Walk-in Shower Size

The standard walk-in shower sizes are the perfect fit for most bathrooms in the UK. The average size of a bathroom in the UK is 30 square feet. So, any of the sizes below can be suitable depending on the layout and your preference.

  • 1400 x 800mm(55" x 31")
  • 1500 x 700mm(59" x 28")
  • 1600 x 800mm(63" x 31”)

These sizes can comfortably fit into a standard-size bathroom!

However, you should choose the size depending on the available space and bathroom layout. It is crucial to make sure that there is enough space available, leaving adequate room for other fixtures like the toilet, vanity unit and sink

Large Bathrooms Walk-in Shower Sizes

One of the best parts about adding a walk-in shower to large bathrooms in the UK is that you’d have more options. Not only that, you’d have more flexibility to choose to walk-in shower sizes for a large bathroom. The extra space allows you to create a luxurious shower space. 

And you’d have various options available in terms of style and sizes such as: 

Spa-like Shower

You can create a spa-like shower with generously sized walk-in shower enclosures. You can choose the 1700 x 900mm (67" x 35") shower enclosure size for your space. This size will allow you to create a spa-like ambiance with enough room for extra features like multiple shower heads.

Double Walk-in Shower

Another luxurious option can be a double walk-in shower in the bathroom where space is not an issue. It can be even larger with dimensions to choose from 1700 x 800mm (67" x 32"), 1700 x 900mm (67" x 35"), or 1800 x 900mm (70" x 35"). Such sizes will allow for extra features and plenty of room to move around while showering, creating a spacious and lavish showering experience.

Walk-in Shower with a Tub

If you love to bathe occasionally, then a walk-in shower with a tub can be a good idea. You can fit in a bath inside the doorless enclosure to enjoy the ultimate relaxation. The common dimensions for this type of walk-in shower can be 1700 x 800mm (67" x 32") and 1700 x 900mm (67" x 35").

Our Bestselling Walk-In Shower Enclosures

While you’re seeking to install a walk-in shower enclosure in your bathrooms, you’d definitely love some of our bestselling options. These shower enclosures are especially designed for complementing major UK-based bathroom styles.

1- Luxor 3-Sided Walk in Fluted Shower Enclosure with Tray & Brass Frame

This luxurious walk-in shower enclosure features fluted design shower screen panels that make it highly attractive to look at. This elegant addition comes complete with a sturdy Brass Frame and a sleek 8mm easy clean glass. With its spacious design and included tray, it provides a perfect shower experience. 

2- Marbella 8mm Walk in Shower Enclosure with Tray - Easy Clean Wet Room

This wet room-style walk in shower enclosure features 8mm glass for a modern, minimalist look. With its easy-clean design, maintaining your shower's brilliance is a breeze. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality in your daily routine.

3- Marbella 8mm Walk in Shower Enclosure Gold with Outer Framed & Tray 

Marbella 8mm Walk-In Shower Enclosure in gold features an elegant outer frame and a convenient tray. Its easy-clean wet room design combines style and practicality seamlessly. Available in various sizes, this stunning shower enclosure allows you to tailor your bathroom to perfection. 

4- Luxor 8mm Walk In Shower Enclosure with Tray & Brass Frame

Luxor 8mm Walk-In Shower Enclosure features a sturdy Brass Frame and a convenient tray; this wet room-style walk in enclosure adds both style and functionality to your space. The Easy Clean feature ensures effortless maintenance, making your daily routine a breeze.

How to Choose Shower Tray Sizes for Walk-in Shower Enclosure?

The walk-in shower enclosures can be installed without a shower tray. But, a walk-in shower tray installation is preferred due to various advantages like easier installation, efficient water management, and lower costs. These shower trays are a little different than the standard shower trays and have a lower profile. The overall size of your shower space will be almost equal to the size of the walk in shower tray you need. In case you want to install a walk-in shower with a shower tray, it is important to know about the various sizes available.

Small Walk-in Shower Tray Sizes

If you have a small bathroom or limited space for your walk-in shower, consider compact shower tray sizes, such as 1100 x 700mm (42" x 28") or 1100 x 760mm (42" x 30"). For a little extra space, you can also consider 1200x800mm (45" x 32") and 1300x700mm (48" x 32"). These trays are designed to save space while providing a functional showering area.

Standard Shower Tray Sizes

The most common standard shower tray sizes for walk-in shower enclosures are 1400 x 800mm (51" x 32"), 1500 x 700mm (57" x 28"), and 1600mm x 800mm (60" x 32"). These sizes are widely available and can fit well in many bathrooms.

Large Walk in Shower Tray Sizes:

In larger bathrooms or for those who prefer a more spacious shower experience, you can opt for larger shower trays. Sizes like 1400mm x 900mm (56" x 36") or 1600mm x 800mm (64" x 32") are available to create a roomy shower space. For more spacious bathroom you can choose from 1700x900mm (65" x 36"), or 1800x900mm (68" x 36"),  

NOTE: The size availability may be different depending on your choice of split, square and rectangular shower tray.

How to Choose the Right Walk-in Shower Size for Your Bathroom?

Selecting the right walk-in shower size will require careful planning and consideration of various factors to meet UK’s interior standards (especially for bathrooms). Here are the factors that will help you determine the right doorless shower enclosure size for your bathroom. 

Measure Your Bathroom Space

The availability of space or the size of your bathroom is the biggest factor that influences the size of the walk-in shower. So, start by measuring the available space. Decide about the area for a walk-in shower. Consider any obstructions or fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and storage, that might affect the placement and the size of the shower. If you are confused about the space that you should allocate to the walk-in shower, then you can choose the size based on this chart. 

Bathroom Size Walk in Shower Enclosure Sizes (mm)
Small 1100x700,1200 x 760
Standard 1200x700, 1200x760, 1200x800
Large 1400x800, 1500x700, 1300x800, 1600x800, 1700x800, 1200x900, 1400x900, 1600x900, 1700x900

*Please note that a small bathroom usually has less than 30 square feet overall.

Walk in Shower Entrance Size

Walk In shower enclosures are all about accessibility. That's why there are no shower doors installed. However, while designing a wet room for your bathroom, you might want to know how much the entrance should be to comfortably get in and out. Most walk-in enclosures feature an entrance around 500 mm to 900mm (22" to 35"), depending on personal preference and the overall size of shower space.

Consider Your Needs

Think about the primary users of the bathroom. Do you need a spacious shower to accommodate multiple people at once, or is it mainly for one person at a time? Consider any mobility issues or special requirements that may impact the shower's size.

Determine Your Style

Your aesthetic preferences play a crucial role in selecting the size of the walk-in shower. Do you prefer a compact, minimalist design, or do you envision a luxurious, spa-like experience with ample space and features? Walk-in shower panels come in various colours like chrome, gold, and black. So, you must choose depending on the overall style of your bathroom.

Assess Bathroom Layout

Your bathroom's layout can influence the ideal shower size. In a small or narrow bathroom, a corner or niche shower may be the most space-efficient choice. In a larger bathroom with more open space, you have greater flexibility.

Plan Shower Features

Consider the features you want to include in your walk-in shower. If you desire a bench, multiple shower heads, or intricate tile design, these will affect the space requirements. Ensure that there's room for these features without compromising comfort and functionality.

Budget Considerations

Your budget may impact your choice of shower size. Larger showers with more features can be more expensive due to increased materials and labour costs. So, before you select a shower, make sure it is in your budget to avoid facing increased shower enclosure installation costs.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult with a professional, such as a bathroom designer or a contractor, to get expert guidance. They can help you navigate the technical aspects and ensure your chosen size is feasible and functional.


In most UK-based houses, a walk-in shower enclosure can enhance your bathroom’s beauty and functionality. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, there's a walk-in shower size that can fit your needs and preferences. It is crucial that you plan carefully and consult with experts to create a shower that complements your space and lifestyle perfectly.

You’re welcome to explore our range of walk-in shower enclosures that are designed for meeting your style preferences.