Our elders have different bathroom requirements as they grow older! 

Mobility restrictions, accessibility challenges and safety concerns, all increase with time demanding a personalised bathroom space for them. 

Are you finding some practical elderly bathroom ideas to deal with all these challenges?

You’re reached to the right page and the timing couldn’t be better with Mother’s Day just around the corner. 

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on the profound sacrifices our mothers have made for us. They always put our needs before their own, showering us with love and support throughout our lives. 

Their love is priceless and knows no boundaries!

Why not celebrate this Mother’s Day in a unique and meaningful way and recognize the importance for comfort and well-being for our elder family members? 

In this blog, we have explored several elderly bathroom ideas for senior family members. Let’s discuss how you can make the bathroom space more safe for elderly family members (especially for mothers) who live independently. 

10 Best Elderly Bathroom Ideas

1. Add a Walk-in Shower Enclosure

Let’s start our list by adding a walk-in shower enclosure in the bathroom! 

Upgrading your bathroom with a walk-in shower for the elderly is an excellent idea. These enclosures are at level with the bathroom floor, eliminating the need for steps or raised thresholds. Plus, this style brings a modern flair to the bathroom while making it more accessible. 

Additionally, you can further enhance its suitability for your elderly mother by adding features like grab bars, non-slip flooring or shower trays. You should preferably select walk-in shower enclosures having a special non-sticky polymer coating to create a water-repellent surface. 

2. Buy a Comfort Height Toilet

While you’re searching for elderly bathroom ideas, don’t forget to add a comfort height toilet! 

The comfort height toilets are particularly beneficial for those with arthritis, knee problems, or any other condition that makes the lowering and rising motions challenging. The higher seat reduces the strain in the knee and back, making it much easier and comfortable to use the toilet. 

Additionally, these toilets can also help your bathroom be a safer place by reducing the risk of falls. You can further enhance safety and independence by pairing this with a grab bar to provide additional support when sitting or standing up after using the toilet. 

3. Install Grab Bars

Speaking of grab bars, adding them to your senior bathroom ideas list could be a wise step! 

Reducing the risk of falls and slips in the bathroom is crucial for elderly individuals, especially those with mobility challenges. The balance issues due to weaker muscles are common in old age. And bathroom grab bars for seniors installed at various locations (such as near the toilet, outside the shower, and beside the bath) can be helpful for elderly individuals. 

This small integration can help them in  maintaining independence and allow them to use the bathroom without assistance. As a result, they can perform daily routines safely and without any fear of injury. 

Plus, it will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and quality of life!

4. Buy a Non-Slip Bath Mat

Fourthly, you can add a non-slip bath mat in your mother’s (or any elderly family members) bathroom! 

In the UK, the elderly individuals with mobility difficulties or balance problems are at higher risk of injuries due to falls. The use of non-slip mats significantly increases the safety of bathroom users. 

Plus, these mats are made with material that grips the floor security and has textured surfaces offering feet an easy grip even when the floor is wet. The stable and secure surface to stand on prevents accidents and enhances the overall safety of the bathroom.

5. Include a Shower Chair/Bench

Out of all the options in our elderly bathroom ideas list, a shower chair or bench always helps add safety and comfort in the bathroom. 

A simple addition like this provides a stable seating solution and creates a secure and confident showering experience. The idea particularly suits seniors' family members dealing with mobility challenges. 

Here are some of its prevalent benefits:

  • Perhaps, the biggest advantage of a shower chair or bench is higher safety since they can reduce slipping/falling risks.
  • Elderly can navigate the shower confidently when they know they have a secure place to sit.
  • Besides safety, a shower bench helps create a more comfortable bathing experience.
  • Plus, it has a supportive surface where individuals can relax and enjoy their shower without any balance issues.

6. Install a Handheld Shower Head

If you already have a working shower, consider adding a shower head into your bathroom. 

It is a practical solution that adds flexibility and convenience to your daily showering routine. The adjustable design caters to different heights and allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. 

  • The handheld feature allows users to direct the water precisely where needed.
  • It makes the bathing process efficient and accessible, especially for people with mobility issues.
  • A handheld shower head makes bathing easier for elderly individuals without requiring additional support.  
  • They can control the direction and flow of the water with ease.

7. Add a Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

Next, in our list of elderly bathroom ideas, is the wall-mounted vanity unit! 

Utilise your bathroom space with a wall-mounted vanity unit as a separate storage facility. While it offers adequate space to store your bathroom utilities and toiletries, the unit looks visually appealing than standalone cabinets. 

Vanity units can be a perfect addition to your bathroom because:

  • A wall-mounted vanity unit is a perfect space savers for any bathroom.
  • They do not take up any floor space which adds to an open and more manoeuvrable environment in the bathroom.
  • Thanks to the floated design, a wall-mounted vanity has sufficient space to the floor underneath.
  • It reduces the overall effort needed for regular upkeep and cleaning.

8. Buy Taps with Anti-Scald Feature

For most homeowners in the UK, the anti-scald feature has become a staple amenity for any bathroom. 

It regulates water temperature to reduce the risk of burns. An anti-scald faucet set can ensure a safer bathing experience. 

Here’s why you should invest in anti-scald taps while you’re seeking elderly bathroom ideas:

  • Taps with anti-scald features are a reliable safety measure for any room.
  • It is especially crucial for children and elderly who are more susceptible to burns due to heightened sensitivity.
  • Caregivers and family members can have peace of mind, knowing that the water temperature is controlled to prevent any unforeseen accidents.

9. Include Slip-Resistant Flooring

Next, while you search for more senior bathroom ideas, consider including a slip-resistant flooring! 

Wet and slippery bathroom surfaces are a major cause of severe accidents and injuries. Using slip-resistant flooring largely minimises the risk of slips and falls and provides a secure surface even when the floor is wet. 

When you install an anti-slip flooring in your bathroom, it can help in:

  • Anti-slip flooring reduces the chances of accidents and makes the bathroom safer for children who are prone to slips.
  • Elders can move confidently, knowing that the floor provides stability and reduce slipping

10. Install a Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Lastly, consider adding a raised toilet seat with arms in your elderly bathroom ideas list! 

A raised toilet seat with arms is an attachment that fits securely onto the existing toilet bowl. It elevates the seating position which allows users to sit and stand more easily. This modification aids seniors with mobility challenges by providing a more comfortable and secure seating.

By adding a raised toilet seat with arms in the bathroom, you can avail certain benefits associated with them such as: 

  • The raised height reduces the effort required to sit and stand.
  • It caters to individuals with stiff joint issues, fractures, or other mobility issues.
  • The built-in arms provide extra support, promote independence and reduce the risk of falls.

How to Upgrade a Bathroom for the Elderly? 

In addition to the above-discussed elderly bathroom ideas, certain things should be in your mind while planning for a bathroom upgrade for elderly individuals. 

Let’s discuss each of them in detail, below! 

  • Sometimes climbing a normal flight of stairs can be almost like scaling Mount Everest for senior family members with painful knees and hips. Therefore, ensure that the bathroom used by the elderly is on the ground floor.
  • Some seniors with mobility challenges rely on walkers and wheelchairs to move around. Make sure your bathroom is big enough to allow someone in a wheelchair enough room to completely turn around.
  • Sometimes poor arm or shoulder mobility and back problems make it difficult to maintain good hygiene after toilet use. A bidet attachment on the toilet can be a game-changer for them. You should prefer a toilet with a bidet or install a bidet top on your existing toilet.
  • A standard bathtub can be difficult to use for elderly individuals with mobility challenges. If you prefer a bath instead of a shower enclosure, then choose the right design.
  • Anything in the bathroom that is on a high shelf or in the cabinet under the sink is usually unapproachable for elderly individuals. You will need to keep everything that they may need at mid-level height.

Final Thoughts

And with these elderly bathroom ideas, you’re all set to surprise your mom with a personalised space. 
Elder-friendly bathroom renovations can be the best gift on Mother's Day!

Personalising bathroom space for elderly family members can offer incredible benefits. This upgrade can help seniors in maintaining their independence and comfort. 

You customise the bathroom according to the specific needs of your mother to increase inconvenience. Feel free to navigate our vanity unit, toilets, bathroom mirrors, or shower enclosure section to find the best option for your renovation needs.