Best Blue Bathroom Ideas

Blue is versatile, calming, and beautiful that’s why it goes perfectly well in bathrooms! 

If you are designing a dream bathroom and want to go with the latest trends, blue can be an ideal choice for you. It comes in a variety of shades making it easier to find the blue bathroom design that is according to your personal preferences. 

While there are numerous ways to incorporate blue into your bathroom, we have gathered 7 blue bathroom ideas to help you narrow down your choices. 

8 Reasons to Own a Blue Bathroom

Whether you’re remodelling your bathroom from scratch or just need to make a few adjustments to your existing space, blue can solve many challenges for you. 

Not sure if owning a blue bathroom is a good idea for you? 

Let’s discuss why owning a blue bathroom can contribute to your interior goals as well as increase your house value, below: 

Reason # 1: Provides a Calming Effect

One of the primary reasons to own a blue bathroom is it offers a calming effect! 

Blue is a colour of the sky and ocean that many people associate with tranquillity and relaxation. Its calming and serene effects have been well-recognized for centuries. Creating a blue bathroom can be a perfect space to unwind after a long day.

Reason # 2: Offers Versatility in Design

Blue is available in a more diverse range of tones and shades! 

You can choose from coastal blue, satin blue, pale, navy cobalt, or baby blue themes while renovating your bathroom in the UK. That means there are endless design possibilities enabling you to create a space according to your desires. 

Reason # 3: Enhances Cleanliness Perception

Blue is a colour of cleanliness and freshness! 

Lighter shades of blue will bring a sense of hygiene in the bathroom. Experts believe the perception of purity associated with blue is due to its visual and psychological effects. And this is another good reason to own a blue bathroom in the UK. 

Reason # 4: Increases Home Value

Aesthetically pleasing bathroom interiors can increase the resale value of your home. A recent survey by Zillow finds that light blue colour in the bathroom and dark blue in the main bedroom are highly attractive for buyers. In the UK, the homes with these colours sell more often and at a higher price than those without blue on walls. 

Reason # 5: Promote Sense of Space

If you’re aiming to create an illusion of a spacious bathroom, you go with blue! 

Light blue shades don’t absorb light hence making the small space look brighter and larger. Using light blue tiles, wall paint, or décor can be beneficial for small bathrooms, ensuites, and cloakrooms. 

Reason # 6: Blue is a Timeless Choice

Having blue in your bathroom can offer a timeless effect, too!

The use of certain blue shades like powder blue, navy blue, and satin blue will make your bathroom appealing for many years to come. These are known to be timeless shades that are not likely to go out of style due to changing trends. 

Reason # 7: Pairs Well with Other Colours

Blue is a versatile colour! 

It can be paired beautifully with a range of other colours including white, gold, grey, and natural wood tones helping you to apply various design schemes. You use it in contemporary as well as classic and traditional settings. 

Reason # 8: Excellent Mood Enhancer

Psychologists place blue in most mood-enhancing colours! 

A blue bathroom can promote a feeling of peace and safety. Using blue in the bathroom will enable you to start and end your day on a positive note while enhancing positive mood as soon as you step into the place. 

Best Blue Bathroom Ideas

Now that you know why owning a blue bathroom is essential or say how it can improve your life, let’s move to the next part. Let us share some trendy blue bathroom ideas for you to renovate your space and enjoy a calming, relaxing and appealing bathroom routine. 

Idea # 1: Ocean-Inspired Coastal Blue Bathroom Retreats

Bring the serene and tranquil beauty of an ocean into the bathroom with an ocean inspired coastal blue theme. Available in various shades like the ocean’s natural gradients, lighter sky blue, or rich deep sea blue, this contributes a beachy ambiance. 

  • Choose any shades of blue in glass tiles that reflect light to mimic a water like effect in the shower area.
  • Make use of natural materials such as wooden accents and pebble mats to further enhance the beach theme.
  • Consider using a white 1800mm double ended square bath with gentle curves to create a wavy effect similar to the sea.

Idea # 2: Add Modern Elegance with Navy Blue Accents

Another cool blue bathroom idea is to use blue accents to give it a contemporary touch!  

You can create a modern elegance by using any shade of blue against the backdrop of minimalist clean lines. If you choose a dark shade of blue then it can create a contrast with natural tones such as gloss white, grey, or beige. 

  • Choose satin blue bathroom furniture, geometrically patterned tiles, with sleek and metallic fixtures for a modern ambiance.
  • Indigo grey vanity units can also be a perfect choice to create a bath and luxury.
  • Keep the overall bathroom theme minimalist and make the blue bathroom fixture a focal point.
  • You can use an LED gold bathroom mirror over a vanity unit with a dark blue hue finish to add a modern glow to the space. 

Idea # 3: Soft Blue & White Sanctuaries

Using the combination of blue and white is another brilliant blue bathroom idea for brits! 

You can promote relaxation and peacefulness in the bathroom with a soft blue and white theme. The pastel blue on the walls and white bathroom furniture, toilets, or bathtubs can create a light and breezy space. 

  • Make the bathroom feel fresh and calm with blue paint and a hint of grey.
  • You will need to complement it with a large white bathtub, basins, and countertop to enhance the sense of cleanliness and space.
  • Give your bathroom a finishing touch with texture through items like white fluffy rugs, and wicker baskets.

Idea # 4: Dynamic Blue Tile Designs for Every Style

For both modern and traditional bathroom themes in the UK, dynamic blue tile designs can be a versatile option. These are available in mosaic patterns to subway tiles and everything in between to suit your interior design  taste. 

  • To implement this blue bathroom idea, you will first need to select a blue tile that complements your bathroom. It should be based on the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.
  • After choosing a blue tile, you will need to consider its placement. The most common place can be shower walls, backsplashes, or flooring. You can also consider creating an accent wall with blue tiles.
  • Blue is a colour that can easily be used in different shades at the same place. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of blue shades.
  • Complement blue tiles with fixtures and accessories. Neutral hues like white and grey are a perfect option for a cohesive and balanced look. 

Idea # 5: Add Vintage Charm with Classic Blue Bathroom Fixture

Another amazing blue bathroom idea is to go vintage while renovating your bathroom space!

Classic blue bathroom fixtures like freestanding bathtubs, pedestal sinks, and brass taps can bring a sense of nostalgia. You can infuse vintage charm and timeless elegance with these fixtures. It can be a perfect way to add a character and personality to the space with the charm of a bygone era. 

  • Implement this idea by choosing a focal point in your bathroom. It can be any of the larger fixtures in blue inspired by the vintage design.
  • You should also use other timeless elements like beadboard, wainscoting, or decorating modelling to enhance the nostalgic touch to the space. 

Idea # 6: Consider Adding Cobalt Blue Statements

One of the reasons that blue bathroom ideas are getting famous amongst UK-based homeowners is you can try various experiments with the colour blue. Among all blue shades, cobalt, and satin can create stunning and dynamic bathroom designs. You can choose an accent wall or a vanity unit to inject energy and personality into the space. 

  • To implement this idea, you will first need to choose the element that will be your focal point in the bathroom.
  • While both cobalt and satin blue shades are bold choices, they should be balanced by incorporating some neutral colours.
  • It can be a good idea to experiment with texture tiles or walls in matte or glossy finishes. Adding these finishes will further enhance the bold cobalt and satin blue main element for creating a luxurious ambiance.

Idea # 7: Mixing & Matching with Blue Bathroom Accessories

Finally, let’s try something unconventional as we conclude our blue bathroom ideas list! 

Incorporating blue bathroom accessories is the easiest and cost-effective way to give your space a personality. You can choose different shades of blue for matching and contrasting to each other. 

  • Start by selecting a shade of blue you prefer. The colour pallet you choose should complement the existing bathroom décor and style.
  • If you have an open vanity unit or a shelf to store bathroom essentials then a towel in any shade of blue can be a practical choice.
  • Another accessory can be rugs and bath mats to incorporate blue into the overall design. They can be in a subtle blue accent to a dark shade for creating a statement piece. 

How to Design a Blue Bathroom?

Before we wish you good luck for trying all these amazing blue bathroom ideas, let’s revisit an important part of this blog - how’d you design a blue bathroom. 

There are various ways to design a blue bathroom! 

From merely adding a blue accessory to painting the wall, and choosing a blue vanity unit, there are endless possibilities to incorporate a blue theme in the bathroom.  

Let’s make this whole process as simple (you’ll still have to work, though) as we could! 

Step 1: Start with Painting Blue on the Walls

Choosing the right shade of blue for walls is the first step in designing a blue bathroom! 

The perfect colour should be based on the size and artificial/natural lighting it receives. Lighter shades like sky, coastal, and powder blue are perfect for making an artificially lit small bathroom feel spacious. If plenty of natural light is available, you can experiment with darker shades. 

Alternatively, the use of an accent wall in bold or dark hue as a focal point can be a good idea. 

Step 2: Consider Adding Blue Tiles

Blue tiles can be another way of adding a blue to your bathroom! 

These are available in a variety of shades, designs, and patterns, each offering its unique aesthetic. For example, Moroccan tiles with intricate patterns add the classic simplicity. For flooring choose the large size tiles with a solid colour. 

You will need to think about how the design and size of tiles will work for your required aesthetic. 

Step 3: Update to Blue Bathroom Furniture

Installing any type of furniture is the easiest way to incorporate blue in the bathroom. Consider adding a blue bathroom vanity unit or a cabinet and match it with a back to wall toilet WC unit in the same colour for a cohesive look throughout. 

Opt for the larger blue bathroom furniture pieces (depending on the availability of the space) to anchor the room's design. Try to balance it with natural tones of white or grey on the floor, countertops or baths ensuring the blue does not overwhelm the space. 

Step 4: Add Blue Accessories

And lastly, you’d need to add finishing touches to your bathroom space with accessories in blue! 

For creating a refreshing ambiance, you may opt for installing towel radiators, shower curtains, or bath mats. Not only are these accessories economical but also offer you a modern bathroom vibe. 

Lastly, don’t hold back from experimenting with different accessories in blue shades to complete your bathroom renovation. The idea is to create a cohesive blue bathroom look which is only possible when you add accessories that are aesthetically pleasing upon first look. 


Reminiscent of clear skies and oceans, the colour blue is a popular choice for bathrooms in the UK due to its calming, soothing, and refreshing effect on the mind and body. 

That’s what everyone needs to feel at the start and end of the day! 

Its versatility and availability in a variety of shades make it a lot easier to incorporate in the bathroom. The ideas discussed in this blog to use various blue finishes like satin blue, indigo grey, electric blue, powder blue, light blue, etc can help you transform your bathroom into the ultimate retreat. 

And if you’re seeking appealing bathroom furniture options in blue, do check out our extensive range exclusively curated for interior enthusiasts and DIY homeowners like you.