How Much Does a Shower Enclosure Cost in the UK?

Thinking of upgrading your shower enclosure and have no idea where to start? 

Well, the first step is to understand the shower enclosure installation cost (especially if you’re a UK-based homeowner! 

Once you know how much a shower enclosure costs across the UK, you can plan your whole remodelling project like a pro. Plus, it's crucial to break down different costs (associated with shower enclosure installation) when it comes to upgrading your existing shower or installing a new one. 

Many of you may be figuring out what budget to allocate for a shower enclosure installation. Don’t worry as we’ve narrated a detailed breakdown of costs and tips for a budget-friendly shower enclosure installation.

Different Shower Enclosure Types

Before we share the shower enclosure costs for UK homeowners, it's important to understand the different types to pick the right one. Shower enclosures are enclosed spaces typically constructed with glass panels and a shower door. Although each shower enclosure type offers variable shape and size and the overall design. 

Since not every type is a perfect fit for your bathroom size and layout, it is important to understand their features and ideal placement.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

These shower enclosures have a semi-circle, space-saving design with curved front. Plus, you'll get a sliding door with quadrant shower enclosures and they're most suited for corner spaces. 

Offset Shower Enclosure

Unlike quadrants, the offset shower enclosures come with 2 different door types (hinged/sliding shower doors) having a rectangular shape at one side. These shower enclosures are also suitable for corner spaces. 

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

As its name implies, the rectangular shower enclosures offer you a rectangular shape with both hinged or sliding shower door options. These shower enclosures are more suited for alcove or single wall placements.

Square Shower Enclosure

Having square shape, hinged/sliding shower door options, the square shower enclosures are a more suitable choice if you're planning to install them either in the bathroom corner or center of the space.

Walk-in Shower Enclosure

Contrary to other shower types, the walk-in shower enclosures offer open entry (no doors included) and they're ideal for large bathrooms.

New Shower Enclosure Costs

The cost that you should consider for a new shower enclosure in the UK can vary significantly depending on several factors. This may include shower enclosure type, materials used, labour costs and additional features. 

Here, we’ve outlined a cost breakdown for shower enclosures, trays and other relevant material:

Shower Enclosure

The overall costs depend highly on the type of new shower enclosure you choose. These are available in various shapes, each with its own design, features, and price range. For instance, a quadrant shower enclosure, known for its space-saving design that fits into corners, may have a different cost compared to a more luxurious walk-in shower enclosure with a frameless design. 

Other common types include offset, rectangular, and square shower enclosures, each catering to different preferences and spatial requirements. Your choice of enclosure will influence both the unit cost and installation cost, so it's essential to carefully consider your preferences and budget constraints.

Here, we have compared the costs associated with different types of shower enclosures.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

  • Features: Space-saving with curved design, sliding or hinged shower doors and various sizes
  • Considerations: Stylish look, well-suited for smaller bathrooms
  • Unit Cost Range: £200 - £600 or more

Offset Shower Enclosure

  • Features: Off-centre shape, various door configurations
  • Considerations: Ideal for bathrooms with more space
  • Unit Cost Range: £250 - £600 or more

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

  • Features: Large size, sleek & modern design, sliding/hinged shower doors
  • Considerations: Contemporary appearance, suitable for larger bathrooms
  • Unit Cost Range: £200 - £700 or more

Square Shower Enclosure

  • Features: Balanced design with equal sides, sliding/hinged shower doors
  • Considerations: Space-efficient, versatile sizes for different bathroom
  • Unit Cost Range: £200 - £650 or more

Walk-in Shower Enclosure

  • Features: Open and spacious, frameless design with fixed glass panel
  • Considerations: Easy accessibility, ideal larger bathroom space
  • Unit Cost Range: £400 - £1200 or more

*Price includes the shower door!

Shower Trays

The choice of shower trays can have a significant effect on the overall cost of a new shower enclosure installation. Shower trays are available in various materials, sizes, and designs and your selection will impact both unit and installation costs. 

Here is how much the shower tray costs in the UK! 

Shower Tray Material Description Cost Range (Unit Cost)
Pearl stone Engineered stone resin known for durability and lightness. £100 - £500 or more
Acrylic Lightweight and budget-friendly but may be less durable. £50 - £300 or more
Slate Effect Mimics the appearance of slate, often made from stone resin or acrylic. £80 - £400 or more
Ceramic Traditional and sturdy, heavier than other materials. £100 - £500 or more
Stone Resin Solid and durable, provides a luxurious feel. £150 - £700 or more
Steel Strong and durable, heavy, less common for shower trays. £100 - £500 or more

Accessories (Handles, Shelves, Towel Rails)

You will need to choose certain accessories depending on the type of functionality you want to create in the shower enclosure. While these accessories add convenience and style, it's essential to consider their costs and the impact they can have on the overall budget for a new shower enclosure installation. 

Accessory Type Cost Range Factors Influencing Cost
Handles £10 - £50 or more per handle Quality, material, design, brand, installation complexity
Shelves £20 - £100 or more per shelf Quality, material, design, brand, installation complexity
Towel Rails £50 - £100 or more per rail Quality, material, design, brand, installation complexity

Installation Costs

Installation charges are the major cost element in shower cubicle installation. It may depend on several factors, like the type of shower enclosure you are going to install and its complexity. 

Here, we have a table explaining the estimated cost of different types of shower enclosures in the UK.

Shower Enclosure Types Installation Cost Range
Quadrant Shower Enclosure £200 - £500 or more
Offset Shower Enclosure £200 - £600 or more
Rectangular Shower Enclosure £180 - £700 or more
Square Shower Enclosure £150 - £500 or more
Walk-In Shower Enclosure £300 - £1,000 or more


If the installation includes a removal cost, then you should aim for the following budget. It also includes disposal costs that vary based on local regulations and recycling options prevalent in the UK.

Service Type Labor Costs Disposal Costs Total Estimate
Installation Without Removal £150 - £500 or more Not applicable £150 - £600 or more
Installation with Removal £200 - £1000 or more £50 - £200 or more £250 - £1,200 or more


In some cases, additional work may be required if there are issues with existing plumbing or structure. 

Based on our estimation, the basic level shower enclosure unit and installation cost may range from £500 to £700. If you want to tile the area, expect to pay around £60 per square meter additional cost depending on tile’s type. If it is a replacement, then add an additional £100 to £300. It is obvious that the cost will change depending on the shower enclosure type and other factors, as discussed below. 

6 Important Cost Elements You Should Know

There are certain factors, other than types of shower enclosures and shower trays, that will increase or decrease the overall cost. Here, we have discussed how to help you understand it in a better way. 


Regardless of the shape you choose, shower enclosures can be framed or frameless! 

Framed shower enclosures are generally more economical. The frame provides additional support and stability to the structure. While the frame may add a traditional or classic look to the bathroom, it also serves a practical purpose in reinforcing the glass panels and ensuring long-term durability. 

On the contrary, frameless shower enclosures offer a sleek and modern appearance, emphasizing clean lines and a sense of openness. 

The thickness of the glass, used in both framed and frameless shower enclosures, is a critical factor influencing the overall cost and safety. Thicker glass typically comes at a higher cost, so finding the right balance between aesthetics and budget is essential. 

You should generally aim for 6mm glass panel thickness as it is economical and reasonably sturdy. 

On the other hand, shower trays come in various materials, ranging from acrylic to ceramic and stone offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic, including slate effect acrylic shower trays, is popular for its lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness. This makes it a practical choice for those looking to balance budget considerations without compromising on style.

However, when making your selection, it's important to align your choice with factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and overall aesthetic appeal. 

Size & Configuration

Another cost factor, that UK-based homeowners should consider, is the size of the shower enclosure and shower tray. Larger or customized enclosures typically require more materials and labour, leading to higher expenses. Therefore, you must carefully consider the overall layout of your bathroom and available space to determine the most suitable size and configuration. Customizations may add to the overall cost, so balancing your requirements with budget considerations is crucial.

Add on Features

You may want to look for accessories to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your shower space that may increase the cost. For instance, anti-slip coating on shower trays, easy-clean glass, and shower jets may have an impact on the price. While these features add convenience and style, it's essential to carefully consider your priorities and budget constraints. Each accessory may come with an additional cost, so prioritize those that align with your preferences and contribute to the functionality of the enclosure.

Location & Installation Complexity

Professional installation is crucial for ensuring a secure and proper fit of the shower enclosure. Labor costs can vary based on the complexity of the installation, the type of enclosure, and your location within the UK. While it might be tempting to cut costs with a DIY approach, professional installation minimizes the risk of issues such as leaks and ensures the long-term integrity of the enclosure. A bathroom fitter may charge higher if you live in London than in any other area of the UK 

Old Enclosure Removal

If you're replacing an existing enclosure, you'll need to consider the costs associated with removing and disposing of the old unit. The complexity of removal can impact the overall cost, with removal costs ranging from £50 to £300 or more. Proper disposal is essential, and professional removal ensures that the process is handled safely and efficiently.

Waterproofing & Tiling

Additional costs may arise if waterproofing or tiling is required during the installation process. Ensuring the surrounding areas are properly prepared is crucial to prevent water damage. The extent of waterproofing and tiling work needed can vary, affecting the overall cost of the project. It's advisable to discuss these requirements with professionals to obtain accurate quotes based on your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

The cost of a shower enclosure in the UK is influenced by various factors, including the type of enclosure, materials used, size, brand, and installation. We have provided a general estimation of various costs involved in a new shower cubicle installation. It will help you understand how much you may need to pay for your shower area upgrade.

We hope this detailed guide answers your query regarding the shower enclosure installation costs in the UK! 

Feel free to navigate our versatile shower enclosure range that’s exclusively designed to meet your bathroom renovation requirements.