6 Trendy Bathroom Furniture Ideas for 2023

Are you looking to revamp your bathroom in the new year? With the new bathroom trends emerging for 2023, there are plenty of amazing ways to update your space and make it feel modern, luxurious and comfortable. 

Keep reading as we'll be exploring six trendy bathroom furniture ideas for 2023, giving you plenty of inspiration for creating visually appealing interiors.

Sleek and Modular Vanity Fixtures

Whether you want to create a new cloakroom or revamp the furniture for your small en-suite bathroom, modular vanity fixtures offer a way out when it comes to saving space. 

The extended variety of designs and sizes with varying combinations, you are free to choose the amount of storage space you want to incorporate, in whatever finish you desire.

In case you are looking to maximize the bathroom layout, installing semi-fitted units imparts a modern interior design with ample storage space for your toiletries. 

Besides, the availability of wall hanging vanity would work well in under the stair cloakrooms.

Compact Solutions for Congested Spaces

Most cloakrooms are deprived of storage space. Whereas, the ones that do offer a couple of shelves in the name of storage are cluttered to the edges. 

The best way to beat the shortage of space is to employ contemporary style furniture.

With straight edges and sleek layout, storage cabinets for cloakrooms are made to fit congested rooms without occupying much of the floor space. Most designs are built from engineered wood loaded with handle-less doors and drawers to incorporate contemporary styling in the room. 

What’s more, you get a whole range of design finishes and color combinations to choose from.

Modern, Seamless and Sophisticated

Whether you want to spruce up the bathroom walls with racks and cabinets or replace the washbasin with a new-fangled vanity unit, the sleek and minimal furniture has been incredibly popular. 

The cornered edges and seamless line cut exterior, gives the furniture a sharp look that’s perfectly in line with modern design trends.

While individual furniture sets are more suited to creative mindsets, the demand for fitted bathroom furniture is on the rise. 

With complete flexibility of designing your own bathroom, a fully fitted furniture solution cladded with recessed handles, line cut design, and range of options in grays and whites, makes a great choice for big and small bathrooms.

The Peace and Serenity of Blue

Blue is a time-honored classic that creates a soothing ambiance for bathrooms. Its versatility makes it ideal for personal expression, making it one of the most popular colors to choose from. 

While neutral colors have a real moment, selecting a shade that is equally muted and soft such as blue can create a real feeling of peace and serenity in a bathroom. 

You can choose electric blue bathroom furniture to emulate a spa like luxury into the space as it will perfectly match other subtle tones.

Wall Mounted Facilities - an Allusion of Open Space

Even though the common perception for design aesthetics and elegance still lies with standard bathroom furniture, wall-mounted bathroom fixtures have disrupted the market trends. 

Having no contact with the floor creates an allusion of open space in small bathrooms and cloakrooms. But it’s the floating style that’s captured the walls of larger bathrooms as well.

The best part is, the wall-hanging design isn’t just limited to the furniture. Rather, the aesthetic design is also prevalent in toilets and vanity units

So, if you want to create a coherent look in your bathroom, wall-mounted facilities are definitely worth the shot.

Shift Back to Black and White Themes

The concept of modern and sophisticated furniture has slightly shifted from glossy surfaces to rough and matt surfaces. 

Like the kemp furniture range that mainly deals in the riven gray finish, the black and white themes have also reemerged in contemporary-styled bathrooms.

The never-ending range of pre-assembled floor standing and wall hung vanity units and toilets, along with contrasting bath panels and coordinated tiling, ensure a cleaner and cohesive look for your bathroom. 

Perhaps, the walk-in showers with paneled glass screen would enhance the splendor of the bathroom.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about bathroom furniture ideas for 2023.

What Are Some of The Top Bathroom Furniture Trends For 2023?

According to bathroom interior design experts 2023 is considered to be a year full of bold bathroom furniture designs as homeowners look for comfort and luxury in their personal bathrooms. 

There are a few bathroom furniture trends that have taken hold, including minimalism, natural materials and futuristic accents. 

Clean lines and simple shapes define the current minimalistic trends. For example, vanities made with wood surfaces but with metal handles balance both natural and modern components while adding a contemporary look to the room. 

Additionally, homeowners are embracing materials such as bamboo, concrete, terrazzo, and stone which bring natural beauty into the space

How Can I Incorporate 2023 Bathroom Furniture Trends into My Own Bathroom Design?

Incorporating trends in 2023-bathroom design is exciting and doesn't have to be complicated. Super glossy marble-like surfaces look chic and luxurious, while floating vanities and stone sink bowls are modern and stylish. 

Decorative lighting, such as vanity mirrors with built-in LED lights, are an increasingly popular addition because they give your bathroom a unique and sophisticated look. The technology based newest generations of touchscreen mirrors offer a variety of options that provide convenience, entertainment, and easier access to information.

What are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture?

When choosing bathroom furniture, it is important to start by determining your needs and budget. Think carefully about how you want to use the bathroom. 

Do you need storage and counter space for everyday items or are you looking for a luxurious spa-like design? Whatever your choice, find furniture that reflects this vision. 

You will also need to consider the materials of the furniture. It is trendy to opt for breathable natural materials like bamboo or cork to prevent mold growth, as well as materials that repel moisture in damp environments such as steel and chrome. 

Additionally, be sure to choose pieces that meet UK local building requirements and fit into the overall look of the space