Cesar Bathroom Furniture

Our new arrival Cesar Bathroom Furniture can be a perfect choice to spruce up the space according to the modern trend. As houses and apartments continue to get smaller, it can seem like there is less and less space for all of our stuff. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom, where we need to store everything from toiletries to towels. Therefore, we need bathroom furniture that comes with a space saving design, and that's what you need to create a contemporary bathroom look too. That's why Royal Bathrooms has launched a new Cesar Bathroom Furniture range. It is inspired by contemporary trends that feature straight lines and stylish curves.

Let's have a look at this amazing bathroom furniture range and see how it can help you transform your bathroom without a complete makeover.

What Does Cesar Bathroom Furniture Range Offer?

Cesar bathroom furniture range is initially launched with two types of bathroom vanity units.

Cesar Floor Standing Vanity Sink Units

 With a range of options to choose from, you can find the perfect free-standing vanity unit for your modern bathroom. Whether it's sleek and stylish or classic with luxury touches - all our pieces in this range will add class while being highly functional! All of these are made with high-quality water-resistant material, so they'll last longer than other brands on offer; plus, their elegant finishes make them truly stand out against competing products.

Cesar Wall Hung Vanity Sink Units

If you are looking for luxurious looking high quality floating style vanity sink units with a price tag that you cannot resist, then one of the wall hung vanity units from this range can be your choice. Available in beautiful contemporary design, these vanities feature a brass golden and black handle that takes their already beautiful designs to a whole new level. Besides being highly aesthetically pleasing, these units are highly functional as well. With a sink fitted on top and no links on the ground, these will be a true space saver for you without compromising the style element. 

Features of Cesar Bathroom Furniture

This bathroom furniture range comes with the following distinctive features. It is available with two types of bathroom vanity units.

  • Cesar Bathroom Furniture range is designed by experts to provide you with spacious storage for bathroom essentials.
  • Our vanity units are made with high quality materials, making them sturdy and durable in the long term.
  • Our bathroom furniture is designed to be water resistant, so you can relax in comfort knowing that the product won't easily sustain any damage from wet conditions.
  • The bathroom furniture range is designed keeping in mind the aesthetics and practical needs of modern trends. These can easily become part of your overall design for a stylish, functional space that you'll love to live in!
  • The best thing about these is you can get the look of expensive fixtures without spending too much.

Availability of Colours and Sizes

The range of Cesar bathroom furniture is available in a variety of colors to help you find the perfect match with other fixtures and fittings. The range is available in 500mm and 600mm in width and 400mm in depth.

Cesar Gloss White Bathroom Furniture

To create a tranquil oasis, many homeowners are opting for Cesar gloss white bathroom furniture. The sleek lines and reflective surface of gloss white furniture help to create an airy and spacious feel. And because white is always in style, you can be confident that your investment will continue to pay off for years to come.  

Cesar Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

Our Grey gloss furniture is easy to clean and maintain, and it also looks great with any style of decor. If you're planning a bathroom makeover, consider adding some grey gloss furniture to your space. You won't be disappointed with the results.

Cesar Hale Black Bathroom Furniture

If you're looking for bathroom furniture that is both stylish and functional, then Cesar Hale Black is a perfect choice. The clean lines and simple design of the furniture create a modern look that will complement any bathroom décor. At the same time, the furniture is built to last, with a durable construction that can withstand years of use.