What Is A Standard Bath Size?

Are you planning for bathroom renovations, or just needed to install a tub for a relaxing bath? Wondering what size do you need for your bathroom? 

There are many things to consider that will affect your choice of bath size. It may appear like a less important issue, but as much as you want a beautiful look, the right sized bath should also be your top priority. 

But the question is, what can be the suitable bath size for your bathroom. You would agree that the bath is a centrepiece in any bathroom, so finding the right size is vital to perfectly complement the space.

Did you know that the average person spends about eight minutes in a shower and twelve thousand hours of their life in the bathroom? 

Considering the time we spend in the bathroom, it's obvious that our bath should be in a perfect position. That's why a perfect bathtub size matters. 

You may probably never consider this subject to be important, but it is crucial for your comfort and convenience. So, why not dive into the specifics.

Standard Bathtub Sizes and Dimensions

The bathtub size depends on the layout, dimensions, and available space in your bathroom. 

It is important that it has an appropriate size that would not disturb the bathroom's visual harmony. In the UK, the typical bathtub size is around 1700mm in length, 700mm in width, and 545mm in height.

Dimensions of a Small Bathtub

The standard dimensions of a relatively small bath are 1400mm to 1500mm in length and 700mm in width.

Dimensions of a Large Bathtub

The large bathtubs usually have 1800mm in length and 800mm in width. These are suitable for bigger bathrooms that have plenty of space. 

However, since bathrooms vary greatly in size, you may find several types of bathtub sizes in the market. To make the right decision about the size, you must start with measuring the existing bath.

How to Measure the Dimensions of Your Bathtub?

Measuring your bath is simple and easy. It is the same as measuring the size of any other thing. You will need the length, width, and height for the perfect size information.

Step 1: Stand by the bath and measure the corner-to-corner distance, front to end and down to top.

Step 2: The right to left measurement will be the width, while the back to front measurement will be the length.

All these measurements will help you to find a suitable bathtub size for your bathroom. You can match your measurements with the baths available in the market.

Step 3: For the height, you can measure the size from the bottom to the top.

Once you have decided about the size, the next step would be to choose the bathtub style.

There are different shapes and types of bathrooms available in the market. You can choose the one depending on your personal preference, bathroom layout, size, and budget.

Standard Baths

Standard baths have a classic design that is very popular in the UK. Most of these come with the same exterior with variations in interior designs. You can choose from either  single ended baths or double ended baths

The single ended style has tap fitted at the one ended while leaning design on the other. In comparison, double-ended has the leaning design on both sides. 

This leaning design allows you to lie on your back comfortably on either side. Both bath types are also available in square or round shapes suitable for creating a contemporary or classic look in the bathroom.

Shower Baths

Shower baths offer combined functionality of both shower and bath at the same time. 

Suppose you have limited space in the bathroom or don't have a budget to install both shower enclosure and bathtub separately. 

The best option you can choose is a shower bathtub that will allow you to enjoy both facilities. These baths have one end slightly larger than the other that provides space for a shower. 

Like the standard bath, shower baths are also available in different shapes. The P and L shaped baths are among the most popular designs available in the market. 

If you are out of space for any such shape that has extra room at one end, then you can opt for a straight shower bath that is a classic style with a similar design on both ends.