How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Home Hairdressing Salon?

Are you tired of having to go to the hairdresser blocks away? Are you dreaming or some of your peaceful space where you can chop and style your hair in solitude? You can easily give your bathroom the ultimate hairdressing salon aura with a neat and proper workstation, luxurious accessories, and creativity to turn it into a personal retreat in your own home.

Here we have discussed everything that will help you the turn your bathroom into a home hairdressing salon.

Why Choose Bathrooms in the First Place?

Hair Straighter

You have bought the kit, have gone through the manuals, and are ready to take on your loved one's scalp. Now, what to do? Choosing a bathroom as a hairdressing salon might seem like a crazy idea. Still, given its accessibility, utility, and convenience, it is the perfect place to turn your hair care routine into an ultimate home salon experience.

Following are some of the benefits bathrooms have as compared to other portions of your home.

A Big Wide Mirror:

Probably the biggest benefit a bathroom has in terms of hairdressing is a wide-angled mirror. Hairdressing can't be done without a mirror; checking your progress and admiring your luscious locks after a great hair treatment requires a mirror to view it.

Bathroom Mirror and Lighting

A Cleanable Floor:

Haircutting can become quite messy and burdensome, especially when you have a carpeted floor. The tiled and polished floor of your bathroom makes it easier to sweep away fringes in a go.

An Accessible Shower:

In commercial hairdressing salons, post haircut requires a shower which is usually located in another room. Cut the fuss by grabbing a showerhead nearby as soon as you get done with your haircut.

Wash Your Hairs

A Distraction-Free Environment:

Sitting rooms might seem like a great idea for a hairdressing salon, but they tend to have a lot of distractions such as watching TV or rushing to the gate when someone rings the door. Bathrooms tend to retain silence and make you focus on your work.

An Adjustable Atmosphere:

You can easily adjust your bathroom's temperature with the radiator or heating towel rails according to your desire.

Ease of Cleaning Hair Fringes from the Floor:

Setting up a hairdressing salon in a sitting room or a dining room might seem like a fantastic idea, but the downside is the food preparation. If you are not careful about it, hair fringes might get mixed in food that does not look pleasant, and also, lots of fringes get stuck in clothes or even in carpets. Bathrooms tend to provide relaxation by easily dusting up hair and mopping away the floor.

Tips for Turning Your Bathroom into a Home Hairdressing Salon:

Hair Saloon Accessories

In the last section, we have discussed a few of the benefits of using the bathroom as a home hairdressing salon, now, the question arises about where to start?

Take a look at these five ways to rethink your bathroom decision and turn it into the ultimate home salon experience.

1. Get a Hairdressing Chair:

The first step is to make your client or your family member at ease by placing the hairdressing chair in the spot near the shower and in front of the mirror. In the case of children, you can place pillows beneath them to get them at the level of the mirror.

2. Place Dustbins Nearby:

Cleanliness is always commendable. Make your hairdressing efficient by placing dustbins near your chair so that half of the waste goes directly into the bin.

3. Create Extra Storage Space:

If you are having trouble finding a place to store all of your hairdressing accessories and necessities, get creative by adding storage such as a cupboard and placing your items in it in an organised manner.

4. Use Duvet As a Cover:

Save up the hassle of buying extra stuff by using your duvet or a pillow cover as a cover to protect your clothes from getting entangled with hair fringes during a haircut.

5. Use Bedsheet as A Floor Protection:

Place an old bed sheet underneath the chair to create ease by catching hair in it and disposing of it in the dustbin later on.

You're All Good to Go:

By following the tips mentioned above, you can easily turn your boring bathroom into a multipurpose retreat and have a great time chopping, dying or styling your hair.