Top 10 Plants Ideas for Your Bathroom

Are you a plant lover? Do you love the floral scent and aesthetically pleasing look of the plants? You might already have adorned your garden with a plethora of exotic plants. You probably would have stacked indoor plants on your living room's windowsill, but there is another place where a little greenery could look good, and that is the bathroom. Bathrooms might seem like an odd place for plants, but given the moisture and humid environment, few types of plants can thrive well in such spaces.

If you are planning a bathroom makeover, then consider adding a few indoor plants that will not only look pleasing to the eye but improve the air quality as well.

Before moving any further with choosing a plant for your bathroom. There are three main factors you need to consider.

  • Do you have the time to take care of the plant's needs?
  • Do you have pets? / Do they have access to the bathroom?
  • What health benefits are you after?

After answering these questions, it will help narrow down the type of plants that will improve your home and the lifestyle you live.

The Snake Plant

Snake Plant

We are starting our list with the snake plant which is a popular choice for most bathrooms. Notoriously known as the mother-in-law's tongue, the vertical leaved snake plant can survive in kinds of high humidity levels and low sunlight. The best aspect of this plant is that it filters out harmful chemicals from the air, such as formaldehyde found in cleaning products, and makes the air toxin-free. It requires low maintenance and care, making it a great choice for a bathroom.

The Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is named for its toughness and strength. It is the perfect choice for those who often forget to water their plants. Known as low maintenance plants, these can survive harsh conditions such as lack of sunlight, low humidity, irregular watering, and fluctuation in temperature. Your bathroom's windowsill can be a suitable place to keep this plant.

The Fern Plant

Fern Plant

Feathery from the outside and thorny from the inside, the fern thrives in filtered to moderate light and in high humidity areas such as the bathroom. It is similar to other houseplants and requires minimal watering and gets its water intake from the humidity. You can preferably hang them in a shower enclosure or bathroom walls. Boston ferns filter harmful chemicals from the air and improve humidity levels. That is helpful for people with dry skin and nose/throat irritations. These evergreen plants are nontoxic to pets (Also, cats love to play with this particular leafy plant).

The Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant is probably a multifaceted plant that has innumerable benefits for you. Whether you have got a cut, bruise, sunburn, or dryness, you can peel its leaf and apply it to your skin. If you want to grow one in your bathroom, make sure you get a lot of sunlight through your window as they need this to grow fully. Therefore, placing them near the window may be helpful in getting the sunlight they need.

The Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Named after the spider's legs, the spider plant efficiently removes impurities from the air, making it breathable. It only requires moderate sunlight and water twice a week. You can choose it for its amazing look and ability to clean the air from toxins.

The Peace Lily Houseplant

Peace Lilly House Plant

If you are looking to make your bathroom beautiful? Then consider getting the peace lily plant as its elegant white flowers would transform the look of your bathroom. It sprouts best in low light, humid environments, and wet soil. However, for healthy flower growth, regular watering will be required.

The Orchid Plant

Orchid Plant

If you like taking hot showers, then consider getting orchids as they love to thrive in hot and humid environments. Their beautiful flowers turn your bathroom into a decorous haven. These don't require regular watering as too much water content would rot their roots but need water after every few days.

The Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo is a kind of plant that doesn't need soil to grow. Use a container, some pebbles, and water, and it will work wonders for this magical plant. This plant gives a Zen-like appeal to your bathroom. It can also help in relaxation and improving calmness. However, the bamboo's leaves grow rapidly; therefore, they might require regular trimming. The leaves from a bamboo plant can contain up to 22% protein which can be ingested by animals. Although fertilisers provide nutrition for indoor plants, they contain harmful chemicals which can be toxic for pets.

The Ivy Plant

Ivy Plant

If you want to adorn your bathroom's walls, then get yourself an ivy plant that climbs the walls, metal pipes, etc. It thrives best in a humid area and should be hung high so that its branches could sprout easily and get most of the sunlight.

The Parlor Palm Plant

Parlor Palm Plant

Perfect for small bathrooms, the parlour palm plant is a wonderful indoor plant that has small leaves with vertical growth making it easier to stack them in cramped spaces. You will need to make sure the perfect balance between sunlight and water that is essential for their healthy growth.