Type of Toilets for Your Bathroom - Buying Guide!

Toilets are planned by keeping the necessities of the customers’ requirements into care. People, nowadays, pay great attention to the details of these bathroom products for their homes. The structure of the toilet can have a huge effect on the helpfulness of the complete process for hygienic maintenance of home and can give your restroom a feeling of luxury. Hence, the requirement and the change in the day to day trend resulted in a lot of advancements in the category of toilets. Here we will throw some light on the importance of toilets in any restroom.

One & Two-piece Toilets - Structural Differences

All toilets are available in two main styles: the one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet. The first type is accessible in terms of one complete unit with no bends between the tank and bowl for direct cleaning.

Back to Wall Toilet Pan - Royal Bathrooms

With a 1-piece toilet, you generally get everything on the side in one pack, comprising the toilet body, top, seat, wax ring, jolts, and jolt tops. An advantage to the one-piece is that it may reduce the possibility of breaks between the tank and consequently the bowl.

Close Coupled Toilet - Royal Bathrooms

Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, include a separate bowl and tank that can be bought together or exclusively. Fun fact is that the first-ever toilet in the U.K was the two-piece.

The bowls are also accessible in two shapes, either round front which is the commonest or extended. Round front dishes are standard space savers for cloakrooms. Prolonged dishes, likewise, have an egg shape and are simpler than round dishes. This is frequently on account of them being around 2" longer, which gives a more drawn out seating and requires more space. Going a step forward, there comes a sanitary bar in every type of toilet. A few customers know these points due to its complex structure. This bar protects fluids from gathering under the deposit which makes it increasingly hygienic with the smooth cleaning process.

The Flushing Mechanism - Operational Differences

While picking a toilet for your bathroom, consider what flushing structure you might want, e.g., single flushing or double flushing. Single flushing is anything's ordinaries available in the market and what we, generally, for the most part, have in our homes in the UK. Double flush toilets, on the other hand, are massive in Europe and other neighbouring nations for their water sparing properties in a specified geographical setting. They need two catches, one for "Number 1" and another for "Number 2". The first button utilises less water than the second button, which is reasonable and enables a monitor to water in the flushing system. Additionally, these can also be divided into pressure-assisted categories with different connotations; for example, the “Number 1” would have a slower pressure of water as compared to the second number.

Evolution of Ranges - Style Difference

On account of innovation, there are currently many impressive restroom plans available that the royal bathrooms skilfully offer to the customers. While looking through the past, a toilet was an easy decision because there have been a predetermined number of toilets to choose and they all worked pretty much in a similar way. Welcome to the more drawn out term and trends my friends, where there are a lot of models and structures to choose from. They are accessible in different sizes and ranges, and colours close by the variability in different domains including toilet installation guide, budget, design, and water utilisation altogether.

In the Royal Bathrooms, toilets are available in different structures and designs that include:

Contemporary Toilet

Close Coupled Toilet - Royal Bathrooms Plan your bathroom to accommodate your charisma and taste in terms of different designs and structures, e.g., soft close seat and rimless close coupled lineage in the category of a toilet. Our contemporary range of toilets is available in different sizes, designs, and prices.

Back to Wall Toilet

Back to Wall Toilet Pan - Royal Bathrooms

These categories of the toilet have a projection with the wall, including a rimless short projection pan with a slim seat of the close seat. It reflects modern style presenting multiple options in terms of trend and fun to shop in the UK market.

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall Hung Toilet Pan - Royal Bathrooms

This is the latest European design and ensures much durability for your bathroom. The frame for the wall hung toilet provides a short projection setting ensuring effective installation and enables the bathroom to be sanitized and clean. There are zero clogs on the hygienic floor in the bathroom.

Cloakroom Toilet

BTW pan Toilet - Royal Bathrooms

Having a small space is another aspect of your home, and so is the case with the bathroom. We are presenting cloakroom toilets in amazing flair. These can be a combination of back to the wall and wall-hung categories simultaneously.

WC Toilet Unit

Beachwood Oak WC Unit with BTW Pan

These are boxes on the cistern and make your bathroom hygienic and clean. The royal bathrooms have gloss white, indigo, grey elm, black, and many other classy finishes in WC ranges. Hence, the unit can be combined with the other furniture products available in the bathroom. Equally, it presents a luxury look for your bathroom.

Further Disparities

The category of toilets can also be configured in other options as well, including design (close-coupled, rimless, short projection, comfort height, high and low level). All these features can be customised in terms of different lids and additional accessories.

The Royal Bathrooms have an online assistance team for guiding the customers as per their reservations. Just take all the measurements and call us to select the most suitable toilet for your bathroom.