What adds up value to your home? A bathroom for sure

An entirely new, or a slight remodelling in the bathroom will improve any house's worth. Let's get some time to think about how much the bathroom contributes to a home worth. It depends on where you live but according to the National Builders Association, a full bath adds up to 20% to the value of your home. Without adding a new bathroom or redesigning an older one, the home would not be of the same value as ever.

Better Hygiene and Feeling of Well Being and Contentment:

Quadrant Shower Enclosure Suite - Royal Bathrooms

Adding a new bathroom in the house will enhance the overall hygiene of your family. This is because your family members will have an extra bathroom which means with less usage it will be easier to clean and maintain. As a result, it will be a source of contentment for you.

The bathroom remodelling process can be highly challenging if you don’t have knowledge about it. It can be tricky to keep a suitable balance in the design, practicality, and safety. A poorly planned bathroom remodelling can result in many problems like increased costs, less functionality and poor design.

Improved Comfort and Safety for Elderly and Disabled:

Walk in Shower Enclosure - Royal Bathrooms

We often have a parent or friend who needs a better functional bathroom. In this case, adding a new bathroom with minimal accessibility features would be desirable. For example, installing handrails and a walk-in shower etc will enable safe usage for the elderly or disabled people. Children would also feel comfortable having a bathroom with easy accessibility.

Better Privacy:

P Shaped Shower Bath Suite - Royal Bathrooms

Another factor that enhances the house value with a new bathroom is better privacy. Privacy is a top consideration for everyone. A new bathroom will allow people to have better privacy by providing dedicated personal space. This is especially important when you feel sick or want to take time off alone with a bubble bath.

Enhanced Hospitality:

Black Bathroom Furniture Pack - Vanity Unit and WC Unit with pan

An extra bathroom for holiday meetings or overnight guests helps them have a separate place to use the toilet and shower. Resultantly, positive word of mouth will increase your worth in the market. Your home might not be a hotel having a one-to-one ratio for every single guest but make it real and suitable as much as you can. However, many estate agents agree that if the home has four or more bedrooms, it must have at least two bathrooms, or it might be hard to sell.


  • Determine what you plan to do with your home. Whether as a luxury or a convenience for your family or to invest in a pleasant and compelling home.
  • Set a reasonable approach to determine the process and various new designs that ensure luxury, comfort, minimalism or all in one as per your choice.