Everything You Need to Know About International Bath Day

International Bath Day is celebrated on June 14 every year. It is a day to rejoice and is a perfect opportunity to have some relaxing bath time from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

We all crave some leisure activities but don't usually get an opportunity for it. A long, hot soak can be the quickest and easiest way to enjoy your own company. So, this day reminds us of the simple joys of life.

History of International Bath Day:

International Bath Day is the day when famous Greek scientist Archimedes discovered that an object's volume could possibly be measured with perfection by being submerged in the water. He got this idea while in the bath. 

He was overjoyed by reaching this discovery and excited to share it with others. So, he jumped out of the bath and shouted, "Eureka" Eureka, as he ran through the streets of Syracuse. 

That reminds us of important learning and sharing knowledge with others for the benefit of mankind. And what can be a better time for thinking while in a bath?

How Does This Discovery Relate to Bath Time?

You may be wondering why there is so much fuss about a bath for a new discovery. 

The reason for that is Archimedes is not the only scientist who has discovered something new while in a bath. 

There are many others who had their best ideas emerge during a shower or a bath. And it is a fact that is proven via research.

A recent study by cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman reveals that 72% think that there is a strong relationship between the emergence of creative ideas and baths or showers.

That means there is something that we get from a bath that enhances our creativity. While scientists have various explanations for it, one of the leading neuroscientists, 

Alice Flaherty explains that being more creative while in a bath may be linked to an increased level of dopamine. 

The more dopamine released by our brain in the blood, the more creative we become, and that's what leads to new discoveries.

How Bathing Changed Over Time?

Modern bathtubs provide a highly comfortable and relaxing bath experience in addition to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

However, a few decades back bathroom was not a comfortable or fun experience. Although the history of the bathtub goes back to ancient times, it was merely a large metal container usually placed next to the fireplace till the 19th century. 

There was an absence of plumbing to fill or drain the water. In the places where it was not available, people had to take a dip in nearby ponds or rivers to clean themselves. 

It is obviously unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially during the cold weather. Today, we have baths fitted with temperature water supply which reminds us to be grateful for all the things we have available in our lives.

First Bathroom:

Archaeological evidence suggests that the people of the Indus River Valley had a bathroom in 5000 BC. It is the earliest form of plumbing found anywhere in the world.

First Bathtub:

The earliest bathtub was found in ancient Rome in 3000 BC.

Archimedes Discovery in a Bathtub

The famous incident of the discovery of the volume of a matter weight by sinking in the water happened from 200 BC to 300 BC while he was in a bathtub.

Modern Bathtubs:

For a long time, there was not a big change in the way baths were used. However, modern bathtubs were first invented in 1883 in the USA. So, by the 1930s, various types of bathroom fittings and fixtures became available in the market.

New Generation of Baths:

There have been significant changes in the way bathtubs are made in the last 100 years. Modern baths are available in various types and shapes, like single ended baths and double ended baths.

What is the Purpose of International Bath Day Celebrations?

The international bath day can be traced back to ancient Greece. But in modern times, 

It is celebrated everywhere around the world. So, parents, educational institutes, research centres, and the bathing industry use this day to talk about baths' history, raise awareness, and promote relaxation via bathing. 

Children particularly enjoy this day by having various learning activities while bathing.

How to Observe or Celebrate International Bath Day?

The international bath day should be a day of discovery through learning and acknowledging the efforts of the scientists in making our lives easier. 

It is also time to be grateful for everything we have and try to share happiness with others. 

We can involve children in different learning activities with the purpose of following the footsteps of Archimedes and making the bath time fun and discovery. 

It only needs a few small changes in their bath routine. For example, we can teach them about the solar system in a few minutes with some playful activities during the bath.

  • Use bath toys to help children learn about various things. Repeat some science experiments and explain a few scientific facts behind them. They will surely learn about it more quickly than in any other place.
  • You can simply put children in a bath and explain how Archimedes discovered the weight of an object while in a bathtub. It may also include making them learn about Archimedes' principle, the physical law of buoyancy.
  • Another idea may be to make an organic soap which can also be a fun learning activity. You can find a recipe online, buy the ingredients from a local store and follow the instructions.
  • A long hot bath can also be a great activity that will help you relax and rejuvenate on this day.
  • You may consider adding a few more things to your bath routine like essential oils, bath salts, bubble baths, etc. It will make your bath a more pleasurable experience.

Final Thoughts:

The international bath day is a time to relax, reflect and learn. It also highlights the need to make time and room for solitude with a soothing bath. It may help reconfigure our brain and think out of the box. That is what we all need to be to become the next Archimedes and have our very own "Eureka!" moment.

FAQs about the International Bath day:

What is International Bath Day?

International Bath Day is celebrated every year to remember Archimedes' discovery of the weight of a mass in the water. It was discovered while he was having a bath in 200-300 BC. This discovery is known as Archimedes' principle today.

When is International Bath Day?

International bath day is celebrated on June 14 every year. This day was decided on the basis that the Archimedes discovery incident took place one week before the beginning of the summer, which begins on June 21, so a week before this date is June 14.

What is the Best Way to Celebrate International Bath Day?

You may participate in different bath day activities organised by different associations around the world. It may be a day of great learning for the children. 

You can make them sit in the bath and make them learn about science during the bath. It may even be a day of relaxing with a long hot soak after a hard day at work.