Ideal Baths for Small Bathrooms

Besides the overwhelming renovation budgets, the confined space of the room is the biggest concern for average UK homeowners, especially someone who wants to bring in everything. In a typical household, bathrooms are starved for space. With the limited space, you need some exceptional expertise to embrace every fixture at the right spots and still leave enough space to walk through. 

Set in the toilet, install the vanity, dedicate some shower area, and that’s it! Your bathroom is all jacked up with no space for a bathtub. If you are someone that can’t seem to function properly without soaking in a warm bath at the end of your day, why bring up the money to even renovate the room? 

No doubt, finding a suitable space to enter in a bathtub is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. But before you jump to any conclusions, take a look at small baths that are ideal for congested bathroom spaces. Want to know if a small bath would fit in your bathroom? Let’s find out what size a small bath is and how little it seems compared to a regular bathtub.

What is the Standard Bathtub Size?

The standard bath size for a typical UK bathroom stands at 5 foot 6 inches or, in terms of modern measurements, 1700mm in length by 700mm in width. Apart from the exact measurements, a typical bathtub requires a few inches of extra space on either side for easy access.

If you are trying to position the tub in a mid-size bathroom, you might need help finding the appropriate location to ensure convenient usage. While straight corner baths of the same size might seem more compact and streamlined, if you count the extra few inches they take up against the wall, they almost end up taking the same amount of space as a rounded tub. 

What Size is a Small Bath?

Even though standard bathtubs are designed to fit most household bathrooms, sometimes you have to resort to smaller fixtures to free up maximum floor space in the room. Small bathrooms generally feature a size measuring 1500mm or 1600mm in length, while the width stays the same as in regular baths. 

The straight small bath that can fit in most bathrooms has size 1400mm x 700mm or 1500mm x 700mm depending on the available space. If you are dealing with an odd bathroom layout, you can get a custom fit small bathtub possibly even shorter according to your style and preference. The personalised options go as small as 1400mm in length, whereas the width accounts for half the length. However, such baths would cost you significantly higher than the standard bath.

Even if you are fitting in a small bath in your bathroom, thinking it will solve the congestion issues, you might be wrong. Space planning is the real deal regardless of the tub size or any other fixture. If you are having trouble drafting the most suitable layout for your room, don’t be shy about consulting an interior designer. 

Perfect Small Bathtub Options for Your Bathroom

Style is not limited to large and luxury bathtubs. In fact, small baths exhibit an extensive range of design options in modern and traditional themes. Not to mention the choice of custom-built tubs opens a whole new door of design possibilities – with much pricier tags. Discover some of the most popular and elegant small baths you can get your hands on this year. 

Small Straight Baths

Due to their refined edges and minimalistic design, straight baths are a go-to tub option for most small and mid-sized bathrooms. They are usually fixed into corners featuring double-ended taps on one end of the tub while you lean back on the opposite side. With no overly protruding shape or edges, straight baths help save up on floor space. 

Small Shower Baths

Sometimes, the limiting floor space of a bathroom keeps you from installing a shower enclosure and bathtub as separate units. We know how tough a decision it is to make, even for the tub manufacturers. Shower baths are ingeniously combined units featuring a normal bathtub with a dedicated shower space on one end. They come in P-shaped and L-shaped designs, with the choice of installing a glass screen on one side to achieve the look and feel of a standard cubicle. 

Small Corner Baths

Corner baths offer a perfect way to your awkwardly-shaped bathroom into an eye-catching mini spa. While one side of the tub sits in the corner, the protruding end of the tub exhibits a rounded shape that gives a streamlined and fancy appearance to the entire room. With not edgy corners, you are not only left with more floor space, but the curved corner, this tub will make your bathroom appear less awkward. 

Small Whirlpool Baths

Small baths cannot keep you from experiencing the utmost luxury and comfort a bathtub can offer. Whirlpool baths, which are often perceived as a sign of opulence, also come in compact shapes short enough to fit in your bathroom. They are embedded with soothing water jets that blow warm water currents, which feel nothing less than a relaxing full-body massage. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an ideal bathtub for a small bathroom, be sure to consider the dimensions and shape of the tub. The size should depend on the available space in your bathroom. You may also want to look for a shape that has been designed specifically for smaller spaces. By taking these things into account, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your needs and make the most of your limited bathroom space

FAQs about Small Baths

Here are a few commonly asked questions about bath options for small bathrooms.

I Have a Small Bathroom. Can I Fit a Bathtub in It?

Generally, a full bathtub can be challenging to fit into a small bathroom, as it typically requires more space than a shower stall or other smaller bathing option. However, there are some strategies that can help you to incorporate a bathtub in your smaller bathroom. For example, you could opt for a corner tub that takes up less floor space or go for an acrylic tub that can be easily installed on top of tile floors with no additional adjustments required. Ultimately, whether or not you can fit a bathtub into your small bathroom will depend on your particular design choices and available space constraints. But with some creativity and careful planning, it is certainly possible to find the perfect solution for all your bathing needs.

What Size Bathtub Is Suitable for A Small Bathroom?

There is no one size fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the size of a bathtub for a small bathroom. Factors such as the dimensions of the room, as well as your personal needs and preferences, will all play a role in determining what kind of tub is right for you. That said, there are some guidelines that can help you to make an informed decision.

Generally, the small straight bathtub starts from 1500mm x 700mm or experts recommend trying a 1400mm x 700mm size. If you don’t think such size can fit, you may need to look for corner baths, to have even more space saving. However, these may be less comfortable as you will only have room to sit. 

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what kind of bathtub is best suited to your particular needs and space constraints. Overall, though, by considering these factors and doing your research ahead of time, you should be able to find the perfect fit for your small bathroom.

What Things Should I Look For When Planning to Have a Bath in a Small Bathroom?

When planning to install a bath in a small bathroom, there are several things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your chosen tub fits comfortably within the available space. This means taking measurements of the available floor space as well as any additional constraints such as cabinetry, sinks, or doorways. You should also consider functionality; for example, if you also want to use the bathtub as a shower bath, then a compact corner model might be more appropriate than a deeper bath. Finally, it is important to take into account aesthetics; after all, this is your bathroom, and you want it to look good! So think about whether you would prefer a modern design with clean lines and minimalist fixtures or something more decorative that adds visual interest and character. Ultimately, with careful consideration of these factors, you can make the most of your small bathroom by installing an eye-catching bathtub that is both stylish and functional.