A Buyer’s Guide to Buy a Bathroom Online

Buying your new bathroom online is easier and hassle-free. Whether it is a makeover or planning for a new cloakroom downstairs, our buyer’s guide explains where to find the best deals.

If you want a bathroom that offers the best experience, you need to do considerable planning and preparations. You can start with a basic idea about the fittings you need and explore different options available at the Royal Bathroom online store. In this guide, you will find out about planning to design a bathroom online and what you will need to look for at each stage.

Are You planning for a Makeover or a New Bathroom?

Standard Bath Suite with Cabinet and WC Toilet Unit

Our bathroom suites offer an excellent solution by providing you with matching fixtures in a single package. It will save time and money of finding each item separately.

Need to Replace or Update a Fixture?

Do you just need to replace or update single or multiple fixtures? You can simply access different categories from the Royal Bathrooms home page.

Want to Replace or Upgrade Your Small Bathroom?

Small Bathroom Suite - Floor Standing Cabinet and Close Coupled Toilet

If you intend to buy multiple fixtures, then you can explore our cloakroom suite in the suites section. We also have cloakroom toilets and vanity units in specific categories. For other items, you can opt for the smaller size available that is suitable for such spaces.

Bathroom Planning Guide

Once you have determined the fittings and fixtures you want, it’s time to start planning for the next stage. Our guide will take you through the complete process of a makeover. It will make the entire process simpler and quicker.

Stage 1: Decide on Shower Space

Corner Entry Shower Enclosure - Royal Bathrooms

It is the most important amenity that also plays a critical role in the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Deciding between a shower cubicle, bathtub, or shower baths often creates a lot of confusion. You may find our other guides helpful for making the right choice.

Product Checklist

You will have to make certain choices between different shapes of shower cubicles, doors, and bathtubs.

  • Shower Cubicles (Quadrant, Offset Quadrant, Square and Rectangular)
  • Shower Doors (Pivot, Sliding, and Bifold)
  • Shower Trays (Quadrant, Offset Quadrant, Square and Rectangular)
  • Bathtub (L or P Shaped Straight Baths)
  • Bath Accessories (Bath Panels, Screens, and Waste)

Stage 2: Decide onToilets and Sink

Small Bathroom Suite - Floor Standing Cabinet and Close Coupled Toilet

At the next stage, you are required to choose the toilet and basin types. For limited space, you may choose a combination bathroom suite that will also help create a coordinated look. If you are planning for a makeover, then the sink and toilet should be installed on the existing spot.

Product Checklist

With various shapes of toilets and basins available, you will have to make a choice based on your bathroom layout and requirements. The products checklist includes all the available choices.

  • Toilets (Close Coupled, Back to Wall, Wall Mounted)
  • Basin (Pedestal basin, Semi Pedestal, Wall Mounted, and Countertop)

Stage 3: Choose Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture Pack - Vanity Unit and WC Unit with pan

You should choose appropriate storage for your bathroom. Make sure that it has enough to cater to your current and future needs. Consider the space available and overall theme while deciding on it.

Product Checklist

Just like other bathroom fixtures, you have a number of choices available with a furniture range. You can choose the one from our checklist.

Stage 4: Decide on the Taps

Basin Mixer Tap - Royal Bathrooms

Although a small fixture, taps have a high impact on overall aesthetics. Once you are clear about the type of looks you want, you can choose the appropriate taps style at this stage.

Products Checklist:

Our range of faucets includes contemporary and vintage styles from leading brands like Kartell, Premier, Hudson reed, etc.

Stage 5: Bathroom Heating Solution

Large Bathroom Heating Towel Rail - Royal Bathrooms

It is important for turning your bathroom into a comfortable space. Many people don’t realise that replacing an old radiator may also bring a new feel. So, why not consider installing a designer’s radiator and towel rail?

Products Checklist

We have a variety of bathroom heating solutions available. Our checklist includes all of the choices that you may have to keep your bathroom warm and comfortable.

Stage 6: Wall, Floor Decor, and Other Accessories

To give a finishing touch to your bathroom makeover, you can use matching tiles on the floor and walls. With various alternatives to choose from, it is important that it is of high quality and creates the type of look you want. In addition to that, you may also choose other matching accessories like soap trays, handles, lighting, plants, etc.

Products Checklist:

  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Soap dishes
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting

Shop Online for Your New Bathroom

At Royal Bathroom online store, you can find everything online that you may want for a new washroom or makeover. Our website is designed to make your online shopping experience easier and hassle-free.