Unveiling the Elena Bathroom Furniture Range: Your Essential Buying Guide Is Here

Choosing the right bathroom furniture is the secret to creating a bathroom space that oozes style and efficiency.

The Elena bathroom furniture buying guide is a showcase of the complete collection and the different features and benefits of each piece.

We hope it will bring you some fabulous inspiration and help you make an informed decision for your next bathroom purchase.

Types of Elena Bathroom Furniture

Floor-standing Vanity Units

Available Finishes and Colours  Gloss white,  Grey gloss, Grey elm, and Hale black. 

Basin Options Compact, Semi-recessed

Size Variations  600mm, 1100mm, and 1200mm. 

Description Floor-standing vanity units in the Elena Range are crafted with high-quality materials, designed to withstand the rigours of daily bathroom use. They typically include spacious storage door cabinets, allowing you to keep your bathroom essentials organised and easily accessible. 

Combination Vanity Units 

Available Finishes and Colours  Gloss white, grey gloss, grey elm, and hale black. 

Basin Options Recessed 

Size Variations 600mm, 1100mm, and 1200mm

Description Combination vanity units in the Elena Range offer a cohesive perk by combining a vanity unit with a concealed cistern and toilet unit. Their clever design optimises space and eliminates the need for separate pieces of furniture. This results in a clean and organised layout for your bathroom. The handleless design of these units enhances their modern and minimalist appeal.

Design and Style in Elena Bathroom Furniture Range

Handleless Design 

The Elena Bathroom range boasts a handleless design, contributing to its sleek and modern aesthetic. The absence of handles creates a clean and minimalist look while ensuring ease of use. Having no handles also reduces the risk of catching clothing or towels, providing added convenience and safety.

Available Finishes and Colours 

The Elena Range offers a variety of finishes and colours to suit different bathroom styles and preferences. The grey, white finish provides a clean and fresh appearance, while the grey gloss finish adds a touch of sophistication. 

For those seeking a natural and warm ambience, the grey elm finish is an excellent choice. The hale black finish offers a bold and dramatic look, bringing a striking focal point to your bathroom.

Size Options in Elena Furniture Range

600mm Vanity Units

They are suitable for compact and smaller bathrooms. These units are designed to maximise storage space while occupying minimal floor area.

Description and Features: The 600mm vanity units in the Elena Range are compact yet functional. They typically include door cabinets for storage and may feature a recessed or compact basin. Despite their smaller size, these units provide ample storage space for your essential bathroom items.

Suitable Spaces: The 600mm vanity units are ideal for cloakrooms, en-suite bathrooms, or bathrooms with limited space. They offer a practical solution for smaller bathrooms without compromising on style or functionality.

1100mm Vanity Units 

Elena's 1100mm vanity units provide a balance between storage capacity and floor space utilisation. These units are suitable for medium-sized bathrooms.

Description and Features: The 1100mm vanity units in the Elena Range offer generous storage options without overpowering the bathroom space. They often feature multiple-door cabinets, allowing you to keep lots of bathroom essentials stowed away and organised. 

Suitable Spaces: The 1100mm vanity units are suitable for medium-sized bathrooms where storage requirements are higher, but there is still enough space to accommodate a larger vanity unit. 

1200mm Vanity Units 

For spacious bathrooms with a desire for extensive storage and a luxurious aesthetic, the Elena 1200mm vanity units are a perfect choice. 

Description and Features: The 1200mm vanity units in the Elena Range are designed to make a statement while offering abundant storage space. These units often feature a double sink configuration, making them suitable for shared bathrooms or households with higher storage needs.

Suitable Spaces: The 1200mm vanity units are best suited for larger bathrooms with ample floor space. They provide a luxurious and grandiose touch to the bathroom while ensuring efficient storage solutions for a busy household.

Comparing Different Size Options and Their Suitability

Here we have compared the different size options to help you make the right choice for your bathroom

Size Description and Features Suitable Spaces
600mm Compact yet functional vanity units
Ample storage space 
Recessed or compact basin options
Cloakrooms, en-suite bathrooms
Smaller bathrooms with limited space
1100mm The balance between storage capacity and floor space
Multiple door cabinets
Recessed basin
Medium-sized bathrooms
1200mm Spacious vanity units with double sink configuration
Abundant storage space
Drawers, cabinets, or combination of both
Larger bathrooms

Accessories and Additional Items

Bathroom Storage Furniture 

In addition to vanity units, Royal Bathrooms offer a variety of bathroom storage furniture options to further enhance the style and efficiency of your bathroom. These include wall-mounted and freestanding tallboy cabinets

Accessories for the Elena Range 

To complete your bathroom furniture ensemble, the Elena Range can be complemented with accessories such as mirrors, lighting fixtures, towel rails, and toilet roll holders. These accessories add the perfect finishing touches to your new, stylish bathroom space.  

Elena 600mm Compact Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit 2 Door Grey Elm With Polymarble Basin

Factors to Consider When Buying Elena Bathroom Furniture


Before purchasing bathroom furniture from the Elena Range, it is essential to determine a budget. Setting a budget can help to narrow down the options and ensure that you choose the best furniture for you. 

Available Space 

Carefully assess the available space in your bathroom before selecting furniture from the Elena Range. Consider the dimensions and layout of your bathroom to determine the appropriate size and configuration of the furniture. Taking accurate measurements ensures that the chosen furniture fits seamlessly into the bathroom without overcrowding or compromising functionality.

Quality and Durability 

Investing in high-quality bathroom furniture is the best way to ensure long-term satisfaction and durability. The Elena Range is known for its quality craftsmanship and durable materials. 

Consider factors such as the quality of the materials used, the construction of the furniture, and the reputation of the manufacturer. Look for furniture pieces that are built to withstand moisture, humidity, and daily wear and tear.

Style and Aesthetic Appeal 

The varied styles of the Elena Range are designed to harmonise with lots of bathroom designs and personal preferences. Consider the overall theme and ambience of your bathroom to select furniture finishes and colours that complement the existing decor or the decor you would like to achieve. 

The range of finishes and colours offered by Elena provides options for both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles.

Functionality and Storage Needs 

Evaluate your storage requirements and assess the functionality of the furniture pieces in the Elena Range. Consider the number of drawers, cabinets, or shelves needed to accommodate your bathroom essentials. 

Additionally, think about the placement of the sink, the accessibility of bathroom storage furniture compartments, and any specific features that enhance daily use and convenience.

Installation and Maintenance Requirements 

Take into account the installation and maintenance requirements of the Elena bathroom suite range furniture. Some furniture pieces may require professional installation, while others can be assembled easily with basic tools. 

Consider the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the furniture can be cleaned and maintained effectively without compromising its appearance or functionality.

Elena 600mm Floor Standing Vanity Unit With 2 Door Gold Handle & Semi Recessed Basin - Multi Colours


Choosing the right bathroom furniture is a major ingredient for creating a functional, organised, and seriously stylish bathroom

The Elena Bathroom range offers a diverse selection of high-quality, stylish, and versatile pieces designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any bathroom. 

By following this bathroom furniture range buying guide and considering the outlined factors, you can choose from the Elena Range with confidence and transform your bathroom into a stunning and practical space.