How to Buy a Contemporary Basin? (5 Steps to Follow)

Swapping out your fixtures is a fantastic option if you want to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank. But it becomes more challenging due to the UK's ever-increasing cost of living.

Adding a contemporary basin can save thousands of pounds instead of a full bathroom renovation. It takes time and attention to little details to buy the best contemporary basin that’s not only a functional addition to your space but also improves your interior standards. 

Before you begin your design basin search, here's something you should be aware of!

You’ll just not be choosing a contemporary basin but dealing with so many styles, designs, and shapes. And it may lead to an exhausting experience especially if interior design is not your cup of tea. 

That's why we've put together a detailed contemporary basin buying guide to assist you in finding the perfect basin in the UK to achieve a  modern bathroom touch. 

What Makes Contemporary Basins Different?

Not sure why every brit prefers to own a contemporary basin? 

Ask any DIYer in the UK and the answer would be similar to “contemporary basins make a stylish statement”.

And if you ask us, our loyal customers always turn to us for contemporary basins when they want to create a focal point in their bathroom space. The contemporary basins feature clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist aesthetic.

With more material options including glass, stainless steel, and ceramic or porcelain, they raise the bar in comparison to the traditional basins. Also, they are different from ornate and traditional basin styles that belong to the past. 

Let’s discuss some of the famous contemporary basin options that you’ll find in the market!

Countertop Basins

Let's first talk about one of the most famous contemporary basin types - the countertop basins! 

Also known as the vessel bathroom sinks, these basins are mounted above the countertop or a vanity unit. You'll find a variety of shapes when seeking a countertop contemporary basin in the UK for your bathroom space. 

One of the reasons for their popularity in UK-based homeowners is the ability for creating bold style statements within the bathroom. Plus, countertop basins offer ease of installation along with supporting a number of tap types.

Freestanding Basins

Since we're talking about the contemporary basins, leaving the freestanding basins out of discussion would be unfair!

These sinks are not attached to any surface (as the name implies) and are generally supported by a pedestal (or a leg). By placing a freestanding basin into your bathroom, you can smartly add a touch of luxury and appeal. Generally, the freestanding basins come with a bowl-like design but you may find slightly different shape options in the market, too, that goes with your bathroom's layout and interior preferences. 

Semi-recessed Basins

If you’re seeking a sink that defies the conventional rules, semi-recessed basins are the most ideal option!

This sink type is partially fixed into the vanity unit and hangs out of the surface from the other end. Giving a contemporary vibe, these basins prove to be a practical addition in your bathroom space. 

Semi-recessed basins are also quite popular amongst UK's homeowners since they offer a stylish and space-saving solution. You'll find a versatile design and shape range in semi-recessed basins along with suitability for any bathroom layout. 

Undermount Basins

Unlike the semi-recessed sinks, undermount basins are another popular option that are installed underneath the countertop!

With only rim out of the surface, the undermount basins offer a seamless look along with easy to clean design. One of the many reasons that homeowners in the UK go for an undermount basin is due to their minimalist vibe within the bathroom. 

Speaking of materials, you'll find undermount basins made of stainless steel, glass and even ceramic depending on your material preferences. 

Wall-mounted Basins

And lastly, let's talk about the wall-mounted basins that gracefully offer a contemporary basin concept for bathrooms seeking a modern touch!

These sinks don't require any pedestal or vanity unit support since they're directly installed into the wall saving you much space on the floor. Along with their space-saving feature, the wall-mounted basins also provide your bathroom space a minimalist touch, too. 

You'll find a wide range of shapes, design and material options when buying a wall-mounted basin for your modern bathroom remodelling project!

How to Buy a Contemporary Basin (5 Essential Steps)

Making a selection becomes overwhelming when you’ve a lot on your mind while buying a new contemporary basin.

A viable solution would be to stick with the key requirements and keep the add-ons in the bottom of your Must-Have list. In other words, when choosing a contemporary basin, it is important to consider your needs and bathroom space. 

Here we have a step-by-step guide to help you choose the perfect contemporary basin in the UK: 

Step 1: Measuring Your Space

To begin your search to locate an ideal contemporary basin, start with measuring your bathroom space! 

It is one crucial step of the process since the size of your prospective basin depends on the availability of space. Therefore, unless you know how much space you have available, it will not be possible to choose the right basin for your bathroom. 

A basin that is too small or too large for the space can create an unbalanced look and hinder functionality. So, grab a measuring tape and measure the available space for the basin. 

You should consider width, depth, and height limitations! 

If you are planning for a vanity sink unit then do account for vanity door opening without any obstruction. Additionally, you should also account for any pipes or fixtures that might affect the placement. You must also sketch a simple floor plan of the bathroom to visualise the layout ensuring enough space is available to move around and do chores after installation.

Step 2: Pick a Size, Shape & Material

Once you have an idea about the available space, now you can pick the size and shape accordingly! 

The designer basins are available in a variety of shapes including round, square, rectangular, oval, and vessel. Overall aesthetics and bathroom theme are the most important considerations when choosing the shape and size of the basin. The basin you choose must be compatible with the design. 

Another important consideration is the size! 

The size requirements may vary depending on the type of fitting whether recessed, worktop, or wall-mounted basin. So, you must choose a basin that comfortably fits in the designated space. 

Basins come in a variety of materials, each with its pros and cons! 

Therefore, it is crucial to decide which material to choose when buying a contemporary basin. Let’s revisit the most popular contemporary basin material options: 

  • Ceramic is the most popular material that is a classic choice offering both durability and ease of cleaning. 
  • Stone resin is another material that is available in a variety of colours perfect for creating a luxurious feel and high-end look. 
  • Other than ceramic and stone resin, you’ll also find material options that include stainless steel and porcelain that are relatively less popular. 

Step 3: Consider Tap Compatibility

Tap selection is another important factor in buying the perfect contemporary basin in the UK. 

Not all taps will work with your designer basin! 

Generally, all basins come with a single tap hole. But the choice of taps may differ depending on the type of contemporary basin you choose. 

For a wall-hung basin, you may typically need wall-mounted taps, while countertop basins offer flexibility in choice. And if your choice is a countertop basin, you may want to install a waterfall or a mixer tap. 

Similarly, the mixer taps also look good with a semi-recessed basin!

Seek a freestanding tap if your plan is to buy a freestanding basin since they add an element of elegance along with offering a luxurious vibe. 

You must ensure the tap you choose is compatible with the basin for a seamless installation.  In addition to compatibility, you may also want a tap to be compatible in terms of aesthetics. Also, ensure the colour of the tap creates a cohesive look in the bathroom. 

Step 4: Assess Your Storage Solutions

Before we move further, let’s discuss an important selection aspect - the storage!

Generally, basins do not always offer built-in storage. So, you should think about additional storage if you are going to buy a vessel-style basin. 

Consider your storage requirements for toiletries, bathroom essentials, and personal items. You may need to incorporate drawers and shelves into the vanity unit to compensate for the storage requirements. 

Also, seek enough surface area to place bathroom essentials if your prospective designer basin doesn’t offer the facility of a drawer or cabinet. 

Step 5: Consider Durability & Maintenance

And lastly, do seek how durable or maintenance-friendly your prospective designer basin is! 

You don't want a basin that is not durable and difficult to clean and maintain. 

Durability and maintenance depend on basin material! 

You must look for a material that is smooth and has a non-porous surface. 

Ceramic vitreous china and porcelain are among such materials that are extensively used in sanitary wear due to their ability to resist stains and scratches. On the other hand, the stone resin basins may require specialised cleaning products in comparison to ceramic. 

You must choose a designer basin made with a material that is durable and fits your cleaning routine. 

What Makes Contemporary Basin a Better Choice?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The aesthetic appeal of contemporary basins is unmatched. They can be the focal point of the space, creating a visually appealing bathroom. Additionally, they are the ultimate choice for a modern bathroom look. 
  • Space Efficiency: Most contemporary basins are minimalist which can help maximise the available space. Wall mounted and semi recessed basins in particular are a perfect option for small bathrooms. 
  • Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, the contemporary basins have a highly functional design. Their ergonomic design offers a comfortable washing experience. 
  • Value Addition: Contemporary basins can uplift the aesthetic of the bathroom which can make your property attractive to your buyers. This upgrade should be on your list if you are planning for a bathroom renovation before selling the property. 

Contemporary Basin Installation Guide

The complexity of contemporary basin installation varies depending on the type and style. Generally, some designer basins, particularly countertop styles, are easier to handle by a competent DIYer. If you are a DIY enthusiast, consider your plumbing knowledge, comfort level, and complexity of your chosen basin to decide whether to tackle it yourself or take a professional’s help. 

Step By Step Basin Installation Process

  • Step # 1: Make sure that your basin will fit into the available space. Its exact dimensions are available for the basin and taps. 
  • Step # 2: You will need various plumbing tools and ensure you have a wrench set, screwdrivers, drill (with appropriate drill bits), level, tape measure, basin wrench (if needed), sealant, and shutoff valves (for existing plumbing).
  • Step #3: It is important to turn off the main water supply before you start the installation. It is usually located under the sink. You may also opt for shutting off the water supply from the shut-off valve located outside the bathroom. 
  • Step #4: If you are replacing an old basin then first detach its water supply with a wrench. 
  • Step # 5: Remove the old sink after detaching the water supply and prepare the new basin by fitting the taps in the available hole. Simply put the tap into available space and tighten it with a wrench. 
  • Step # 6: The next step will be to attach water supply lines that connect the sink to the main pipeline. These are the same pipes available under the sink corresponding to shut-off valves and tap inlet. Use your hands and wrench to tighten the connection. 
  • Step # 7: Now it's time to attach the drain pipes under the sink. You should simply use your hand to tighten the connection of the drainpipe to the sink. The other side of the drainpipe should be in the drain.
  • Step # 8: You can now turn on the water supply. Check all the connections including the taps for any leaks and proper drainage.

Should You Hire a Professional?

  • You should call a professional if you lack plumbing knowledge and don't have the necessary tools and expertise. 
  • If there are hidden pipes and intricate configuration involved in the installation process.
  • If you are dealing with wall-mounted basins that require drilling into the walls or modifying existing plumbing. 

Contemporary Basin Care & Maintenance Tips

We’ve discussed everything that you’ll need to buy a new contemporary basin, now let’s discuss how to maintain them. With little effort, you can keep the contemporary basin in pristine condition for years to come. 

  • Follow a regular cleaning regime. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the surface else it will get damaged over time. 
  • For deep cleaning, choose the non-abrasive cleaning products specially designed for your sink material. 
  • You may use homemade natural cleaning liquids for cleaning the sink. 
  • If you have a hard water problem, consider using a vinegar solution to remove mineral deposits from the basin’s surface.
  • Call the plumber if you notice any leaks around the basin. You can manually try tightening the connection. It may sometimes require the replacement of the pipe. 
  • In case of clogs, simply use a plunger or drain snake. For stubborn clogs, you may need to pour sulfuric acid into the drain. 

Final Thoughts

And with this, you’re all set to buy your new contemporary basin in the UK!

Just remember to: 

  • Measuring the bathroom space to pick the perfect basin
  • Choosing the ideal basin size, shape and material options
  • Assess tap compatibility with your chosen designer basin
  • Consider storage options that come with your basin selection
  • Revisit the durability aspect along with easy-maintenance features.

Are you in search of a new contemporary basin for your bathroom remodelling project? 

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