10 Best Wet Room Ideas for Small Bathroom Spaces

Are you planning to upgrade your small bathroom space but have no clue what to choose between a shower enclosure and a wet room? 

Or are you upset about the water splashes during the shower and seeking a more viable solution? 

Why don’t you install a wet room that offers style and waterproof features simultaneously? 

Installing a wet room offers you a smart solution and can be called a trendy addition to your bathroom space. This upgrade can increase your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers as well. Beyond the standard quadrant, offset quadrant, square, and rectangular options, modern shower enclosures come in walk-in shower and wet room styles, too. 

And if you’re not much familiar with different wet room ideas, this blog is just the perfect resource for you. 

Let’s discuss everything relating to wet rooms and some of the trendy ideas, below!

What is a Wet Room?

First, let’s discuss what a wet room is before stating cool wet room ideas! 

Levelled with the rest of the bathroom area, a wet room is a designated showering space with water-proofing features. In the UK, a wet room usually has a sloped drainage system attached to the drain hole on the floor. With its open design, you can utilise a contemporary shower area along with a quicker way to refresh before leaving for work or after coming back home. 

No glass, no frames marking a designated showering space, just stand beneath the shower and complete your daily rituals on the go in your wet room area.

Why Are Wet Rooms Popular in the UK?

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of a wet room in the UK, let’s discuss their popularity amongst the brits. Wet rooms offer a multitude of benefits making them a popular choice for UK homeowners:

  • Space Optimization: Bathrooms in most UK homes are noticeably small. Wet rooms can be a better substitute for bulky shower enclosures and trays helping you to free up precious floor space.
  • Accessibility: Unlike standard shower enclosures with shower doors, wet rooms boast open-e. nded access. This can be a game changer for individuals with mobility limitations, elderly, or young children
  • Modern Aesthetic: Wet rooms feature clean lines, minimalist design, and a seamless look of a wet room that is perfect for a contemporary bathroom look. UK homeowners love the sense of luxury and sophistication created by wet rooms.
  • Increased Property Value: Wet rooms are a highly desirable feature that most buyers are looking for when buying a new home. Property experts recommend having it in one of the family bathrooms to attract potential buyers.
  • Spa-Like Ambiance: Every homeowner wants to copy the cosiness and feel of the spa. Wet rooms can create a sense of tranquillity and spaciousness. Think about the luxurious shower experience, open lay out and seamless design creating moments of relaxation and rejuvenation for me,

Wet Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Majority of UK-based households face a limited bathroom space challenge!

But limited space should not stop you from creating a stunning and spa-inspired bathroom. We’ve gathered some trendy wet room ideas especially for homeowners with limited bathroom space. 

Here, discover the space hacks to maximise your small bathroom space while installing a wet room in it: 

Idea # 1: Embrace the Power of Wall-Mounted Fixtures

The very first wet room idea, that you must try, is to include a wall-mounted fixture within that area.

Gone are the days of bulky floor-standing fixtures! 

Embrace the wall hung toilets, basins, and showers. Their floating style surprisingly frees up valuable floor space, making the bathroom feel less cluttered and more open. 

Installing a wall-mounted fixture near your wet room area can surprisingly free up space and offer your bathroom an open feel, too.

Idea # 2: Strategic Use of Glass Shower Enclosures

While wet rooms are perfect for creating an open-ended feel, a shower enclosure can practically cramp the space. Interior design experts recommend opting for clear tempered glass to maintain the feel of airiness and spaciousness. 

Not only can you separate the shower area but this can also \create minimal visual obstruction giving your space a sleek and modern look. 

Idea # 3: The Illusion Game

Bathroom Mirrors are another smart addition when you’re looking for a smart wet room idea for your space! 

Place mirrors with use of gloss on the floor or walls and see the magic of creating the illusion of a larger space. A large bathroom mirror positioned opposite the shower entrance facing towards the window will reflect light and visually expand the space. 

On the other hand, tiles in high gloss finish bounce light around the room, making it feel brighter and more spacious.

Idea # 4: Illuminating the Way with Recessed Lighting

Speaking of smart wet room ideas, don’t forget to play with recessed lighting!

A bulky overhead light fixture can make the wet room feel occupied in a small space. Your choice of light should be according to the bathroom size. Opt for recessed lighting that seamlessly integrates into the ceiling while providing ample illumination without requiring precious space. 

Lighting strips along the floor area can also be used for extra light.

Idea # 5: The Power of Neutrals

Playing with different colours can add a popping effect to your wet room for sure! 

You should choose a calming and spacious colour pallet to create a sense of continuity and openness in a small bathroom. White, sky blue, beige, and light grey reflect light more readily making your bathroom feel larger and airier. Interior design experts recommend experimenting with the pope of colour while matching them to vanity units, towels, and shower heads

Idea # 6: Use Large Tiles in the Shower Area

While we’re discussing wet room ideas for small bathrooms, tiles offer a more creative approach to add a wow factor within the space. 

The size of the tiles in your shower area can significantly impact the overall space. Experts recommend larger size tiles to maximise the space. The reduced grout lines contribute to their expansive look. You may also opt for a simple square or rectangular title shape to create modern aesthetics. 

Idea # 7: Open Shelving for an Airy Feel

Small spaces need smart storage solutions especially when you’re seeking creative wet room ideas! 

Bulky bathroom cabinets can visually weigh down the small bathroom. So, replacing it with an open shelving can be a good idea. You should be particularly looking at glass or polished metal material. This allows you to store essential toiletries and towels while keeping the space feeling light and airy. 

Such open shelving goes perfectly well with all types of wet rooms especially if you own a small space. 

Idea # 8: Install a Folding/Sliding Shower Screen

Fixed glass panels are common and offer a clean look. However, you can opt for a folding or sliding shower screen to make your wet room look more appealing. These screens are flexible and allow you to keep them open for a more open-ended feel during showering and easily fold. 

Idea # 9: Make Use of Every Inch with Corner Sinks

In a small bathroom, every inch counts. While a wet room fits easily in the bathroom corner, you should not let any other corner be wasted too. You can utilise this space by installing a compact corner sink. This is a space-saving solution helping you to provide a functional hand washing and grooming area. 

Idea # 10: Incorporate Multi-Functional Fixtures

You can make various smart choices that will improve functionality in the bathroom. Dual functional fixtures offer space saving due to their clever design and multiple functionalities. For example, you can choose a shower head with a handheld option that allows users to enjoy both functionality as per need. Or a mirror cabinet can be your space for bathroom essentials as well as a mirror for grooming activities. All of such dual-functional fixtures are the perfect option for bathrooms with wet rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are wet rooms suitable for small bathrooms?


Wet rooms are a perfect option for small bathrooms. Unlike standard shower enclosures, wet rooms create a more open and airy feel. Why occupy extra space with bulky shower cubicles when you can have a wet room that allows you to maximise the available space? Wet rooms often feature walk-in showers that create a sense of spaciousness. The use of clear glass creates an uninterrupted visual plan, creating an illusion of more space in the bathroom. 

Q2: How do you waterproof a wet room?

Waterproofing is a crucial part of wet room installation. It helps prevent leaks and potential damage to walls and floors. 

  • Step 1. Apply the waterproof membrane to the shower area.
  • Step 2. Make sure corners and joints are properly sealed.
  • Step 3. Installer should ensure the drain is installed on the lower side of the floor allowing proper water flow without pooling. 

Q3: Do I need to add special ventilation in a wet room?

Moist control is a big concern for wet rooms as showers generate a lot of steam. Mould thrives in damp environments. Therefore, proper ventilation is required to excess the moisture from the air. Experts suggest installing an extractor fan to draw out the moist air and help with proper ventilation in the bathroom 

Q4: Are wet rooms easy to clean?

Yes, wet rooms are generally easy to maintain due to their design: They have fewer nooks and crannies than standard shower enclosures. So, there are no hard to reach areas where dirt and grime can accumulate. Many wet room screens come with easy to clean glass that repels water and requires less cleaning overall. 

Q5: Are wet rooms safe for elderly people?

Wet rooms can be a safer option for elderly people provided you make some modifications. First, you must install slip-resistant tiles on the floor for better traction when wet. It will minimise the risk of slip and fall. On top of that, strategically placed grab bars near the shower entrance and toilet area provide additional support and stability when entering and exiting the shower area.

Q6: How much does it cost to install a wet room?

A wet room may cost anywhere between 2500£ to 10000£ depending on several factors. The bigger the size of the wet room the bigger the cost is. Other factors that may increase the overall cost include quality of materials you choose, labour costs, and other additional features that you want to install ranging from slip resistant flooring to grab handles etc. 

Final Thoughts

And with this, you’re all set to update the small bathroom space using these amazing wet room ideas! 

Wet rooms are the perfect way to add luxury and comfort to your home. You can transform even a small bathroom into a luxurious and functional wet room by incorporating space-saving features, light and airy design elements, and prioritising strategically placed storage solutions. The minimalistic approach can work wonders. Follow the tips provided in this blog and turn your wet room dream into a reality. 

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