Pick the Perfect Countertop Basin for your Bathroom

Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide on choosing the best countertop basin for a bathroom.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your vanity unit or an interior designer drafting a layout plan for your bathroom, this guide lists everything you should know to buy the perfect countertop basin in the UK.

Considering the extensive range of countertop bathroom sinks available in the market, choosing the one that suits your bathroom’s theme can be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve got it covered!

The buying guide is set to provide you with a complete overview of eight different basin fittings offered on our website. We aim to make it easier for you to select the wash basin in the UK that matches your needs and style. So, without further ado, let’s help you find the most stylish and affordable bathroom countertop sink options in the UK that will make your dream bathroom a reality.

Key Considerations for Bathroom Countertop Basin

To choose the right bathroom furniture in the UK, consider your budget, bathroom size and layout, and personal style. We have created a list of key factors that can help you narrow down your options and create a stylish and functional space.

Sizes and Shapes

A countertop that is too big or too small for your space can look out of place. Therefore, consider the available space on the countertop on which it sits. Experts recommend leaving 100-150mm of space on either side and 300mm from the wall measured to its mid-point, leaving 50mm in front of the rim. Additionally, you should also take into account its intended use. A wash basin used for handwashing will have different size requirements compared to a utility sink.

 Similarly, the shape can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the bathroom. You have several shapes available to choose from, including round, oval, rectangular, and square. Oval and round basins are the most popular options due to the classic feel, while square basin shapes add a modern look. 

Material Matters

Today, bathroom countertop basins come in various types of materials, each offering better durability and aesthetic appeal than the others. You will need to make sure the particular material you are selecting is the right one for your needs. 

1. Marble

Carved from natural stone, marble countertops feature a grainy texture that enhances the visual appeal of the bathroom. Marble basins come unpolished and can only be polished after installation, bringing out their true elegance.

2. Concrete

If you want to add a minimal and industrial feel to your bathroom, a concrete bathroom sink might be the perfect fit. They are found in multiple shapes, styles, and textures that can suit any bathroom design. They are durable and scratch-resistant, which makes them long-lasting.

3. Ceramic

They are the most widely installed countertop material that looks sleek, contemporary, and timeless - an ideal option for any environment. Ceramic basins can also be custom-built according to the style or theme of your bathroom. They are smooth and non-porous, which allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. Granite

Like marble, granite wash basins are also carved from natural stone but have a distinct speckled outlook. They come in various colours, shapes, and patterns in polished and non-polished finishes. Besides being highly durable, granite countertop basins are also resilient to stains and scratches. 

5. Glass

Mainly designed for modern interiors, glass sinks come in a never-ending range of sizes, shapes, and finishings. Most common styles include white, black, clear, and frosted glass sinks. Glass sinks are scratch-proof and resilient to shocks, but make sure you install one that is at least 10 to 12mm thick. 

Faucet Compatibility

Generally, bathroom sinks for countertops can support any faucet you intend to install in your bathroom. If you want to install typical basin mixer taps, you can find countertop sinks with a single tap hole on top. You can also find fully built units without a tap hole to accommodate those unique high-rise mixer taps attached at the back.

Such countertop sinks can also go along wall-mounted basin taps that give a unique signature appearance. You should select a ceramic basin fitting with flat edges if you want to keep things minimal. Marble and glass sinks are more suited to designer bathrooms with more unique faucet designs. 

Style and Design

 When it comes to style and design features in countertop basins, there’s a never-ending range of options to look through. In case you are building a luxe bathroom interior with high-end fixtures and stunning accessories, you can find countertop sinks that can become the centerpiece of any bathroom.

If you are willing to spend some extra money, stylish brass finishes and a matt black countertop vanity unit will suit your taste. Besides their impressive outlook that complements any interior setting, these countertop sinks are heavily built to last for years. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Although you can find plenty of unique and eye-catching countertop designs in the market, it’s no guarantee they’ll keep looking the same over time. No one wants to buy a sink that looks stylish and lustrous in the beginning but fades away with time.

 When buying a countertop sink to fit on top of a vanity unit, ensure it is coated with a vitreous layer that protects it against scratches and stains while preserving its original shine. These fixtures are relatively easier to clean without using any cleaning agents or chemicals.

Quick Sneak Peek at our Bathroom Countertop Basin Options

Here we have compiled a chart for you to have a quick bird’s eye view of our countertop basins range:

# Basin Fittings Size Shape Materials
1 Art Round Countertop Basin Vessels 360 x 360 x 120 Round Ceramics
2 Art Square Countertop Basin Vessels  370 x 370 x 120 Square Ceramics
3 Icona Rectangular Countertop Basin Vessels 420 x 320 x 100 Rectangular Ceramics
4 Amaze Square Counter Top Basin Vessels 480 x 160 x 160 Square Ceramics
5 Cesar Round Counter Top Basin Vessels 460 x 460 x 230 Round Ceramics
6 Nui Square Counter Top Basin Vessels 460 x 470 x 160 Square Ceramics
7 Aqua Square Countertop Basin Vessels 335 x 295 x 115 Square Ceramics
8 Elena Soft Square Countertop Basin Vessels 365 x 365 x 120 Square Ceramics
9 Breeze Round Countertop Basin Sit on Worktop Vessels. 440 x 440 x 175 Round Ceramic
10 Cube Square Countertop Basin Vessels 365 x 365 x 120 Square Ceramic
11 Breeze Round Countertop Basin Sit on Worktop Vessels. 325 x 455 x 130 Rectangular Ceramic

Round vs. Square Basins - Which One is the Right Choice?

Round basins feature smooth, curved designs that give a simple yet stylish outlook to the bathroom. They come in various types of materials and sizes, some being extremely durable and shockproof.

Most models are layered with vitreous china coating, making them stain-resistant and easier to clean. Given their high durability and elegant design, many consider the round bathrooms countertop basins a value-for-money purchase.

On the other hand, square basins are more contemporary-looking and hot in demand these days. They have a minimal design structure with seamless proportions and precise corners explicitly made for luxury and modern bathrooms. 

Whether you mount them on vanity units or simple basin fitting stands, they will serve as an aesthetic centerpiece of your bathroom, catching the attention of anyone who enters. They are slightly bigger than round basins, so make sure you have enough countertop space to install them.

Different Types of Bathroom Countertop Basins

Discover our collection of 11 unique countertop basin fittings, available in round, square, and rectangular shapes, each with its own set of dimensions and features. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, you'll find the perfect fit for your bathroom and style preference.

Art Round Countertop Basin Vessels 370mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 370mm x 120mm 
Colour Available: Black
Features: 1 tap hole, round shape, classic design
Description: The art round countertop basin vessel is perfect for those who want a luxurious vibe in their bathrooms. Its round basin shape and smooth edges give it a contemporary look, while its high-quality finish adds a touch of elegance. Designed as a compact that will fit comfortably on most countertops, yet spacious enough for washing and other bathroom activities. 

Art Square Countertop Basin Vessels 360mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 360mm x 120mm 
Color Available: Black
Features: 1 tap hole, square basin shape, modern design 
Description: The Art Square Bathroom Countertop Basin Vessel is a definite style piece for your bathroom. Its sleek black finish will complement any decor, while its round shape gives it a modern look. Thanks to its compact size, it fits comfortably on most countertops, while the durable construction makes it a must-have for any bathroom.

Icona Rectangular Countertop Basin Vessels 450mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 450mm x 100mm 
Colour Available: White 
Features: 1 tap hole, rectangular shape, modern design 
Description: The Icona Rectangular Countertop Basin Vessel is the perfect blend of style and practicality, making it an ideal addition to any modern bathroom. Measuring 450mm in width, it is perfectly suited for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. This basin not only impresses with its sleek and stylish design but also offers ample washing space to meet all your needs.

Amaze Square Countertop Basin Vessels 480mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 480mm x 160mm
Color Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, square basin shape, modern design 
Description: The Amaze Countertop Basin Vessel boasts a stunning square shape with beautiful interior curves that create an aesthetically pleasing look in any bathroom. Featuring one tap hole, this basin fitting is designed to accommodate a mono-basin mixer of your choice. It is made of high-quality vitreous china, giving an elegant look and unparalleled durability that will last for years to come.

Cesar Round Countertop Basin Vessels 460mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 470mm x 160mm
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, round shape, contemporary design 
Description: The Cesar Countertop Basin Vessel has been designed with both style and functionality in mind. Its round basin bowl shape lends a sophisticated and luxurious look to any bathroom. With a width of 460mm, this wash basin is the perfect size for countertop installation, offering ample space for everyday washing needs.

Nui Square Countertop Basin Vessels 470mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 470mm x 160mm 
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, round shape, contemporary design 
Aqua Square Counter Top Basin Vessels 335mm 1 Tap Hole  Nui Square Basin Vessel is a beautifully designed, high-quality, and practical basin that is perfect for modern bathrooms. Its durable construction, elegant square design, and compatibility with any mono basin mixer make it a versatile and attractive choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom with a luxurious feel.

Aqua Square Counter Top Basin Vessels 335mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 335 mm x 115mm
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, square shape, contemporary design 
Description:  Aqua square countertop basin is an elegant addition to your bathroom. It is crafted with top-quality vitreous china, and this sink is built to last and elevate the look of any small bathroom or cloakroom. Its versatile design allows for easy installation and a seamless look on your vanity, making it the perfect choice for a contemporary space. 

Elena Soft Square Countertop Basin Vessels 365mm

Dimensions: 365 mm x 115mm 
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, soft square shape, modern design 
Description:  Elena’s soft square countertop basin vessel sits elegantly on any worktop, adding a touch of sophistication and style to your space. Crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, this basin vessel is both durable and easy to clean. Its soft square basin shape provides a unique and contemporary aesthetic that seamlessly complements any small bathroom decor. 

Breeze Round Countertop Basin Sit on Worktop Vessels 440mm

Dimensions: 440 mm x 175 mm 
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, round shape, classic design 
Description:  Breeze Round Countertop Basin is a classic sit-on worktop vessel that perfectly complements contemporary bathroom décor. Measuring 440mm in width, it offers a comfortable and luxurious handwashing experience. Whether you are updating your bathroom or building a new home, this round Countertop sink is the perfect choice for those seeking style, functionality, and quality.

Cube Square Countertop Basin Vessels 370mm 1 Tap Hole

Dimensions: 370 mm x 130 mm 
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, square shape, modern design 
Description:  A Cube countertop basin can be a perfect option for those seeking a stylish and quality worktop sink at an affordable price. It is made of high-quality ceramic and features a single tap hole to fit the sink faucets of your choice.  Measuring 370mm in width, this vessel basin can be a perfect choice to use with a small bathroom or a cloakroom vanity unit.

Abacus 455mm Sit-On Rectangular Countertop Basin

Dimensions: 455 mm x 130 mm 
Colour Available: White
Features: 1 tap hole, rectangular shape, contemporary design 
Description:  Abacus Rectangular Countertop Basin is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Its premium quality material has a smooth, non-porous surface that is resistant to stains and scratches, ensuring that your basin looks as good as new for years to come. Measuring 440mm in width, it is ideal for use on any worktop or vanity for handwashing and other bathroom activities.

How to Install and Maintain a Countertop Basin in your Bathroom

Installing a countertop basin fitting might seem a daunting task but, with the right tools and knowledge, you can fit one yourself. Here’s the step-by-step procedure for installing a sink

  1. Take the Right Measurements - Countertop sinks are ideally installed on flat worktops and vanity units about 29 to 36 inches from the floor. Mark two points at the appropriate height and drill holes.
  2. Turn off the Water Supply and Disconnect the Old Sink - Disconnect the water supply before removing the previous sink. Once you detach the supply and p-trap section, disconnect the basin by removing the large metal nut.
  3. Install the Tap of your Countertop - Before the basin fits in place, install the freestanding mixer tap first because it is mounted on the flat countertop.
  4. Mount the New Countertop - Unless your basin comes with a gasket alongside, apply a silicone layer or plumber putty on the countertop before placing the sink on top.
  5. Connect the Water Inlets and Drainpipe - Wait at least 24 hours for the putty to dry off before connecting the plumbing lines and P-trap section. Screw back the nuts using an adjustable wrench and channel lock pliers.
  6. Apply Caulking Sealant to the Basin and Drain - To ensure the newly installed basin doesn’t wobble or the drain causes any leakage in the future, use caulking sealant on all sides.
  7. Restore the Water Supply and Check for Leakage - That’s it; you have completed the countertop basin fittings. You can restore the water supply and check for leaks or dripping in the water inlet and drain connections.

No matter what bathroom sink you buy, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to enhance durability and refine the outlook. However, make sure you don’t use concentrated cleaning chemicals on the surface unless recommended. Use a damp white cloth for regular cleanups, but if stains start to form, apply vinegar or a soft anti-scale product to bring the lustrous shine back. 

Benefits of Water-Efficient Bathroom Taps for Countertop Basins

Water-efficient bathroom taps designed for countertop basins offer numerous advantages, such as reduced water consumption, decreased utility bills, and a smaller environmental footprint. If you can't seem to find any on the market, fitting taps with a flow regulator or limiter is an effective way to make them eco-friendly. These devices help manage the water flow, ensuring efficient use of water without compromising performance.
Ceramics used in countertop basins are eco-friendly as well. The glazed finish prevents water absorption, ensuring the basin remains hygienic and easy to clean.
Here's a comparison chart of eco-friendly taps suitable for countertop basins available at Royal Bathrooms, focusing on their water efficiency features:

Model Eco-friendly Material Shape & Design Dimensions 
(in mm)
Faucet Figuration
(No. of Taps)
Warranty Price
Art Round Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Round 370 x 370 x 120 0 5 Years £99.99
Art Square Countertop Basin Vessels  yes Ceramic Square 360 x 360 x 120 0 5 Years £99.99
Icona Rectangular Countertop Basin Vessels
yes Ceramic Rectangular 420 x 320 x 100 1 5 Years £60.99
Amaze Square Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Square  480 x 160 x 160 1 5 Years £72.99
Cesar Round Countertop Basin Vessels
yes Ceramic Round  460 x 460 x 230 1 5 Years £109.99
Nui Square Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Square 460 x 470 x 160 1 5 Years £141.99
Aqua Square Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Square 335 x 295 x 115 1 5 Years £118.99
Elena Soft Square Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Square 365 x 365 x 120 0 5 Years £66.99 
Breeze Round Countertop Basin Sit on Worktop Vessels. yes Ceramic Round 440 x 440 x 175 0 5 Years £53.99
Cube Square Countertop Basin Vessels yes Ceramic Square 370 x 480 x 130 1 5 Years £53.99 
Abacus Sit-On Rectangular Countertop Basin yes Ceramic Rectangular 325 x 455 x 130 0 5 Years £66.99

UK’s Top Bathroom Design Trends in Countertop Basins

As bathroom countertop basins grow popular, we are seeing an increasing bathroom design trend for bold designs for chic bathroom interiors. Similarly, if you want to create a serene atmosphere in your bathroom, you can also find classic and minimal countertop sinks with water efficiency in raw organic textures of concrete and marble. 
Round, slim-edged countertops coated in a matte-black finish can also be a perfect fit for minimal bathroom layouts that portray a traditional theme. To add a touch of luxury, brass-coated countertop sinks in a metallic finish are ideally suited for deluxe and lavish bathroom suites.

Types of Materials Used for Bathroom Countertop Basin

When selecting a countertop sink for a vanity unit, it is important to consider the different types of materials available to find the one that suits your needs best. While ceramic is the most popular and affordable choice, natural stone offers unparalleled beauty and durability. Glass wash basins provide a modern and elegant look but require regular cleaning to maintain their shine.

To make your decision-making easier, we have created a comprehensive comparison chart that showcases the benefits and drawbacks of 3 major countertop materials.

Materials Ceramic Glass Natural Stone
Ease of Cleaning
Scratch Resistance
Impact Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Style Options
Porous & Requires Sealing
Installation Requirements Easy to Install Requires Professional Installation Requires Professional Installation
Maintenance Requirements Low Maintenance Low Maintenance Requires Regular Cleaning and Sealing
Environmental Impact Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Recyclable but has a high carbon footprint Non-Renewable Resources with a high carbon footprint

Must Have Accessories to Pair with your Bathroom Countertop Basin

You can pair various accessories with a bathroom countertop basin to create a space that meets your needs.

  • Soap Dispenser 
    A stylish soap dispenser can enhance the overall look and functionality of the space.
  • Toothbrush Holder 
    An essential accessory that will keep your toothbrush organized and easily accessible all the time.
  • Hand Towel Holder 
    A holder to keep your hand towel easily accessible while adding a decorative touch pairing with a bathroom sink.
  • Mirror  
    A well-placed mirror not only adds functionality but also helps to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom. Royal Bathrooms also has a 500mm framed wall hung LED touch sensor mirror in black can be perfectly paired with both black and white countertop basins. Its high-end look creates a luxurious feel for your bathroom.


When buying a countertop basin in the UK, you should consider size, shape, type of material, and faucet compatibility. Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, and the level of maintenance required for the sink material you choose. Don't forget to also consider the accessories, such as a mirror and faucet that will pair well with your bathroom sink. With these things in mind, you can make an informed decision and create a dream bathroom space.

Expert Recommendations: Maintenance Tips for Countertop Basins

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your countertop sink:

  • Use a mild soap and water solution with soft cloths or microfiber towels.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, bleach, rough sponges or scrubbers, and harsh chemicals like ammonia or acidic cleaners to prevent damage and discoloration.
  • Immediately wipe away water stains and soap residue to prevent them from becoming more difficult to remove.
  • Regularly seal the surface of the wash basin to help prevent stains and water damage, especially if you have a natural stone countertop.