Top Reasons to Install Heated Towel Rails!

Heated towel rails were only found in luxury hotels in the past. However, their popularity in the UK has increased over time, and more households want it in their bathrooms. The heated towel rails in desired or correct size not only keep your bathroom and towels dry but also enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom not only heat your bathroom and towels efficiently but also look aesthetically pleasing.

Comfort and Luxury

Heated towel rails are the ideal option since they can change your bath experience. They will not only warm up your towel but will keep your bathroom heated as well. Towel radiators can be a luxurious addition to your everyday routine by making your bath or shower more comfortable.

Suitable for all Bathrooms Types

Heated towel rails come in a wide range of types and designs. You can find one to match with the shape or size of your bathroom. In case of having multiple towels, one can have more than one smaller rail to meet the drying needs

Traditional radiators can make a bathroom look outdated and lackluster. Nowadays, homeowners tend to favor modern bathroom designs, and a regular bathroom radiator may not contribute much to the overall aesthetic to give your bathroom a modern look, you can start with adding heated towel rails. They are available in different materials like chromium or stainless steel giving a sleek look to the overall design.

Better Heat and BTU output

Choosing an appropriate size for your next purchase of towel rail can impact its efficiency and your expectations from it. First thing that you need to consider while choosing the size of towel rail is whether you have a family bathroom or a cloakroom. A family bathroom needs a towel rail for multiple towels. After size of the rail, the next parameter one should consider is the heat output which is usually mentioned on the product specifications page. If the towel rail will be the only source of heating in the room then you must choose a bigger size. Most towel rails in the market don’t have a good BTU output which in poor heating performance. Heated towel rails from Royal Bathrooms have BTU output at T60C based on a mean water temperature of 70ºC on a room temperature of 20ºC which makes them a smart choice compared to the ones available in the market.

A Better Alternative to Radiator Convectors

Heated towel rails from Royal Bathrooms have BTU output at T60C based on a mean water temperature of 70ºC on a room temperature of 20ºC which makes them a smart choice compared to the ones available in the market. Convection radiators work in a way that hot air is blown out in the room. Thus, convector heaters cause the circulation of dust and other particles throughout the space.

You must be wondering what could be the best alternative to these conventional heaters, it will not be an exaggeration if we say that heat radiators that work through radiation process are the best choice of these days. The formation of common radiators enable them to be dust free, solving your dust allergy problems. Usually, these radiators are made of cast Iron or stone making them a smart choice for aesthetic point of view. there are different kinds of radiators which can meet your specific needs. We can categorise them as radiant heaters, electronic radiators, and glass mirror radiators. Among so many options to choose from, the most perfect choice for your bathrooms can be heated towel rails that serve the purpose of keeping your bathroom and towels dry along with giving a pleasant look to your bathroom.

An Accessory to Dry Your Clothes

When it comes to drying your washed clothes, it gets easy in summers than in winters unless you have tumble air dryers. It is not bad to have air dryers but we know how it increases electricity load and you definitely do not want that. What we can do is, choose the option which serves more than one purpose, therefore, heated towel rails can also be used for drying your clothes and you will save lots on electricity budget.

Heated Towel Rails - Your Next Smart Purchase

No modern and well-equipped bathroom is complete without heated towel rail, it's more like a necessity now. Choosing the correct size of heated rail is an important step to start with. Keep the dimensions of your bathroom in mind and then select the best suitable size from our online store at Royal Bathrooms. A dry towel is something you always want to see in your bathroom without going through the hustle of spreading it for drying. Choose a heated towel rail for your bathroom and stop worrying about wet towels every day.