Re-Inventing Minimalism with Counter Style

Despite the size of your bathroom, the look will be incomplete without a proper set of furniture that will put a breath of luxury & creativity. Bringing your bathroom from cold to cosy depends on adding more essentials with different textures, colours & objects. With a proper set of bathroom furniture, curation, and design that will do wonders for your small space.

It is a combination of more objects, textures & colour, where everything more in terms of furniture will make your everyday usage nothing less than spending your time in heaven.

You can spruce up your bathroom by browsing through these ideas that are sure to help you transform your little piece into a luxurious space.

1) Using Bathroom Space Wisely with Floor Standing Vanity Units:

Floor standing vanity units are perfect options for bathrooms that don’t have much space while you are looking not to spend extra for the storage. Although this bathroom vanity unit comes with a basin and cabinets, you can keep your restroom tidy without scattering your products all over the bathroom.

To display the vanity units that look even more exciting, you can choose from bathroom vanity units or cloakroom vanity units available at Royal Bathrooms UK. Without compromising on the style, bathroom vanity units are a smart decision for adding extra storage.

2) Creating Stunning Bathroom Space with Wall Hung Vanity Units:

If you are looking to find a creative but practical solution of your contemporary bathroom needs, then wall hung vanity units are the best bet for your money. You can give a showroom look with these wall hung vanity units that will keep your essentials hidden away from the view.

Installing this excellent piece of bathroom furniture can trick the eyes for a slightly bigger bathroom, free from clutter. This pure illusion will keep your eyes satisfied while making your bathroom style more appealing.

3) Add Breath of Style in Your Worktop Vanity Units:

Natural Oak Floor Standing vanity Unit

Your bathroom might be choking out of space, while worktop vanity units are the perfect choice for making that space useful & eccentric. Those piles of clothes and small accessories that have nowhere better to sit, worktop vanity units can save these for your days to come. Creating just the look you desire comes with a contrasting colour of your worktop vanity unit with other furniture items in your bathroom. Visit now Royal Bathrooms to check out their collection for worktop vanity units starting only from £130.

Making a stylish complement with your bathroom furniture comes with the vanity unit that doesn’t sacrifice style while bringing out the pleasant outlook of an entire restroom.

4) Aspire to Inspire:

If you aspire to give a classic touch to your bathroom, then traditional vanity units provide you with style and functionality that you can brag to your friends & family, if classic had an amazing alternate meaning, then these traditional vanity units are the best choice of this century, where classic is the new modern.

There is nothing better than classic furniture that complements the traditional style decor.