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Perfectly hygienic, clean, and fragrant bathroom interiors relieve the day-long fatigue and help you start fresh. But making your bathroom appear immaculate like the ones on your Pinterest board or a home décor blog is arduous at the least. Though you may manage to make your bathroom spotless with an all-out cleaning on the weekend, making it smell like a spa is a whole other deal.

You would need to step up your game with the chaotically spread bathroom essentials, ill-managed storage, and foul odour of bathroom cleaning formulas. If you want to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom, don’t underestimate the power of fragrance. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have much of an eye-catching appeal, a nicely scented bathroom would definitely appeal to your other senses.

How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Like a Spa?

We have gathered a few easy and effective ways to make your bathroom more fragrant than ever. Keep in mind that these tricks would only work after you have gone through the basic cleaning steps.

Use Baking Soda for Cleaning:

Baking soda is a one-stop solution for most in-house cleaning tasks. Being an all-natural cleaner, it is on the list of essentials for every DIY enthusiast. When it comes to fragrance, baking soda helps in two ways; clearing out the bad smell and replacing it with a better scent.

Use it alongside essential oil to make your baking soda act like a deodorizer. Place the formula on an empty dish or a mason jar, and don’t forget to replace it once every month.

In case you want even better results, mix a few cups of baking soda with a bit of touch essential oil. Place the mixture in an ice tray for up to 24 hours, and there you have it – your own version of the baking soda deodorizer bomb. 

Put Lemon Slices:

Bathroom or kitchen, citrus smell has been a popular choice for most homeowners to remove the staunching smell. They offer a cleaner and fresher odour, making any place more appealing.

While you can use lemon-scented bathroom supplies such as soaps and shampoos, if you want a stronger influence, lemon slices would be a better option. Use cut-out lemons slice on a flat dish or jar and place it on the towel rack or the shelf beside the shower area.

Freshly cut lemons will keep your bathroom nicely scented for more than a week. If cutting lemon slices is too much of a hassle, you can buy freeze-dried versions online – though they may have a lower shelf life.

Using a Toothpaste for Scent:

Instead of squelching the last bits of toothpaste from the tube, you can use it to deodorise your bathroom. As one of the cheapest bathroom scenting tricks, all you need to do is cut out an end of your half-filled toothpaste and submerge it in water.

Make sure to open the cut-out part so the water floats in and out. It will help diffuse the flavour and scent of your toothpaste to the entire bathroom. For a better and fresher scent, you can also buy fruity-flavoured pastes.

Everyday Essential Oils:

No matter how fruitful DIY tricks are, nothing could come close to the specialised scents essential oils bring into a bathroom. With their exciting and mesmerising range of fragrances, you could pick a flavour for each day of the week.

They instil a subtle yet effective aura of scent in the room that doesn’t feel overpowering. You could also use them with your reed diffusers and bath bombs. Or you could go DIY by rinsing cotton balls in the oil and placing them on an old candy dish.

The best part is, that a fine quality essential oil can last for more than a week, making your bathroom booming with fragrance. Moreover, you can pour a few drops of oil inside the carton of toilet paper. So, every time a roll spins open, it diffuses a more noticeable fragrance into the room.

Add Bathroom Plants and Flowers:

By adding plants to your bathroom, you will be able not only to make the room feel more spacious and open but also to improve its air quality. There are many different types that can blend into any decor seamlessly, such as ferns or palms - just ensure they have ample water every week so their roots don't dry out.

A home spa isn’t complete without flowers too; add them in pots on shelves near tubs or showers for an elegant look with simple care requirements (allowing some sunlight).

You may have noticed that we have not recommended air fresheners to make your bathroom smell better. It is because most of these products available in the market are made with harsh chemicals mixed with artificial fragrances. According to research published in science direct “According to research published in science direct “air freshener may come with unintended and perhap…”

  That means these are not good for your health. Therefore, we have discussed only the methods which are nontoxic and natural.

FAQs about Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Spa:

What Is the Best Scent for a Bathroom?

When it comes to choosing the best scent for your bathroom, you have various options available. But the best among them are lavender, citrus, and eucalyptus. Lavender is a good choice because it is relaxing and can help to mask any unpleasant odours. Citrus is another good option because it is refreshing and can help to boost your energy levels. Eucalyptus is also a good choice for the bathroom because it has antibacterial properties and can help to clear your sinuses. Ultimately, the best scent for your bathroom will depend on your personal preferences. However, these three scents are all good choices that can help to make your bathroom smell fresh and inviting.

How Do I Keep my Toilet Smelling Fresh?

Nobody likes a smelly toilet, but unfortunately, it can be tricky to keep clean. If you've noticed your toilet bowl starting to stink, there are a few tricks to make your toilet smell nice. First, make sure you're cleaning it regularly with a good toilet cleaner. Brush the bowl and under the rim thoroughly, paying special attention to any areas that seem to be collecting dirt or grime. In addition, you can use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the pipe that leads from the bowl to the sewer line. This will help to remove any buildup that could be causing odours. Finally, try this trick to make your toilet smell fresh. Use a toilet deodorizer or air freshener. In addition to that, you can place detergent powder/softener in the cistern. So, whenever the toilet is flushed, the scented water brings a touch of freshness to the surrounding air.

How Do I Make my Own Bathroom Air Freshener?

Air fresheners are helpful in feeling the air clean. However, many store-bought air fresheners contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your own air freshener that is both effective and safe. One option is to simmer spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and orange peel in a pot of water on the stove. The aromatic vapours will soon fill the room and help to mask any unpleasant odors. Another option is to blend together essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil. Simply add a few drops of the oil to a diffuser or humidifier, and let the refreshing scent fill the room. To get it ready, you can fill a water spray bottle with 1 cup and ¼ witch hazel plant. Now add 7 drops of essential oil like lemon and the same for lavender. Mix it up together, and it's ready. You should shake the bottle well before each use.

Can you put essential oils in a toilet?

Adding a few drops of essential oil in the water tank will make your toilet feel fresh but as soon as all the water scented due to oil goes down the drain, it will be all the same again. Therefore, it is not a sustainable way to make your toilet feel fresh. You should avoid putting too many oils inside the flush as it may contribute to clogging. So, you may do it sometimes but they make it smell better.

Which is better, diffuser or humidifier?

When it comes to dispersing moisture into the air, both diffusers and humidifiers have their pros and cons. For example, humidifiers tend to be more effective at adding moisture to the air, since they actually generate water vapour. Many people ask whether you can use a diffuser as a humidifier or not. While diffusers are not designed for the vapourize of water, they will be less effective at humidifying your room air. Therefore, if you properly want to moisturize your air, you will need to have a humidifier. So, whether you should prefer a diffuser or a humidifier depends on what you want to do. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs. If you're simply looking to add a bit of moisture to the air, a diffuser may be all you need. However, if you're looking to create a more humid environment, a humidifier may be a better option.