Determine the best Toilets and Basins for suites

Have you heard the old saying "You get what you pay for". It is real, not just a dated pitch cliché, whether it applies to bathroom suites. Think once, about what you pay for! Do you know what most toilets & basins are used for? Here are some tips on what toilets and basins are the best for your bathroom suite.

Variety is Confusing Sometimes

Round Counter Top Basin - Royal Bathrooms

Toilet appearance and style play an important role in home value. In recent phenomena, the bathroom structure has been changing drastically in terms of space. People are shifting their lifestyles to the individualistic approach opting for living in a small apartment, which is  easier to handle. Accordingly, the makers are also designing bathroom products showcasing minimalism. Interior designers have designed toilets in back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets categories for small cloakrooms. These toilets come with advanced technology viz, rimless technology, which ensures a silent & powerful flush system. The design of modern contemporary toilets is a mainly short projection that is user-friendly while saving space.

Among basins, you can find an amazing design range for the contemporary bathroom structure. Pedestal, Semi-pedestal, wall-mounted, and countertop are the major categories for basins in the UK market. They have plain, elegant lines and a more modern style in general which are easy to clean and maintain. However, the basins can be customised regarding the deepness of the bowl.

Prioritise convenience on the top

Cloakroom Bathroom Suite - Wall Hung Basin & BTW Toilet Pan

You may want to consider easy cleaning while looking for your next suite. With the straight, tidy lines, wall hung toilets and basins are easy to maintain. This range gets fixed with the wall directly while keeping the floor empty. Dirt and dust are less likely to damage the flooring as well as the products. On the contrary, the floor-standing range can capture more space and go for the bathroom's traditional yet stylish look.

This is true that the 'luxury' features are not necessarily highly important but contribute to toilet efficiency. This may not add value to the monetary side but would fill up the cart of value and durability. You must also weigh up the time saved with the money that the toilet costs with buying the toilet.

Toilet Seats

Close Coupled Toilet - Royal Bathrooms

Nowadays, soft-close seats in toilets are extremely popular. These seats avoid crashing and grinding sounds. It also doesn't let the user forget to close the seat, as it seat goes down slowly with the slightest touch. The gradual descent helps to prevent jamming your fingers for those of you with small kids. A piece of advice for the soft close seat is to not pull the seat off. The hinges can be broken, and the 'secure' can no longer be active.

Sink of the Basin

Floor Standing Basin - Royal Bathrooms

The basin design ranges in huge categories the same as a toilet and could define the overall image of the bathroom. The shapes and curves are different in many styles in the market. A deeper, rectangular, circular, and most importantly, trendy basin is easily accessible. The slim seat will work with the contemporary basin, whereas the standard seat will suit the matching thick edged basins.

Plumbing and Maintenance Need to be on the Wish List

Back to Wall Toilet Pan - Royal Bathrooms

Wall hung toilets are generally more suitable for different plumbing options, especially if a P-Trap or S-Trap link is present. This could be useful when replacements for an old set, as most toilet sides with walls are twisted flexibly to fit the pipe into a variety of sizes and devices. Everyone wants to prevent setbacks of renovation, so we advise you to make sure you know the needs for plumbing.

The key tasks to be examined are whether the connection on the side surface is attached to the wall (P-Trap) or to the ground (S-Trap), which ensures whether a "top" or "bottom" inlet is needed. Speak to your plumber regarding these technical aspects if you are not sure.

When people plan their new bathroom suite, they choose toilet after the tub, sink, tiles, vanity, and cabinet. In fact, toilets and basins are more relevant because a bathroom's quality depends on it. Hence, be a little more conscious in making the final decision.