Discover the Ultimate Reflection: The Latest Cutting-Edge Mirrors from Royal Bathrooms

Unveiling a collection that merges beauty and utility, the latest mirrors from Royal Bathrooms have set a new standard in the world of bathroom decor. 

Each mirror within the new collection exudes its own unique aura of excellence and enchantment.

In this blog, we will explore the key highlights that make Royal Bathrooms' newest mirrors a must-have addition to any modern bathroom.

Exploring The Bathroom Mirror Ranges at Royal Bathrooms.

1. Abacus Mirrors: Precision Redefined

The Abacus Mirror showcases a unique abacus-inspired frame, meticulously crafted to capture attention. With unparalleled clarity and accuracy, these mirrors offer you the perfect reflection every time.

2. Aspen Mirrors: Embrace Luxury and Exclusivity

Synonymous with luxury, winter sports, and mountain retreats, the name Aspen brings to mind images of snowy landscapes and cosy cabins. Embrace the sense of exclusivity and high-end quality with our Aspen Mirrors, elevating your bathroom to new heights of opulence.

3. Avalon Mirrors: Where Beauty Meets Legend

Step into a realm of beauty, magic, and legend with our Avalon Mirrors. Inspired by the mythical island, these mirrors reflect extraordinary qualities and allure, making your bathroom a space of captivating charm.

4. Capri Mirrors: Mediterranean Elegance

Indulge in the picturesque charm of the Italian island with our Capri Mirrors. Embodying elegance, beauty, and Mediterranean allure, these mirrors create a sense of sophistication and relaxation in your bathroom.

5. Celesta Mirrors: A Touch of Ethereal Beauty

Transport yourself to the celestial realm with our Celesta Mirrors. Conveying ethereal beauty, heavenly grace, and enchantment, these mirrors offer a captivating and luxurious experience.

6. Elite Mirrors: Exclusivity Redefined

Experience exclusivity and unmatched quality with our Elite Mirrors. Uncompromising in design and features, these mirrors perfectly complement your bathroom's exceptional ambience.

7. Enso Mirrors: Harmony in Every Detail

Derived from the Japanese word for "circle," our Enso Mirrors represent harmony, balance, and completeness. Immerse yourself in a seamless and holistic bathroom experience.

8. Kyoto Mirrors: Serenity and Tranquillity 

Find serenity and tranquillity in our Kyoto Mirrors, inspired by the serene and traditional city in Japan. These mirrors bring harmony and peace to your bathroom space.

9. Luna Mirrors: Embrace the Magical 

Under the captivating allure of our Luna Mirrors, experience a magical and enthralling bathroom experience, just like the celestial moon.

10. Milan Mirrors: Fashion Meets Function

Embrace the style and sophistication of the Italian fashion capital with our Milan Mirrors. A perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

11. Nova Mirrors: Redefining Modernity

Experience innovation and modernity with our Nova Mirrors. With cutting-edge features and design, these mirrors truly represent the new standard in bathroom luxury.

12. Oslo Mirrors: Sleek Simplicity 

Named after the capital of Norway, our Oslo Mirrors symbolize clean lines and sleek design. They are the perfect match for contemporary bathrooms.

13. Solara Mirrors: Bask in Radiance

Embrace the warmth and radiance of the sun with our Solara Mirrors. These mirrors offer a revitalizing and uplifting bathroom experience.

14. Tokyo Mirrors: Where Innovation Meets Style

Representing innovation, technology, and sleek design, our Tokyo Mirrors reflect a cutting-edge and modern approach to bathroom products.

Why Choose Mirror From Royal Bathrooms?

1. Aesthetically Stunning Designs

The new mirror collection by Royal Bathrooms showcases an array of shapes and styles to suit every bathroom's interior design. From the classic elegance of oval and rectangular mirrors to the modern allure of round and octagon mirrors, customers can choose the perfect fit for their spaces. 

2. Luxury Colours to Complement Your Style

The mirrors are available in three sophisticated colours – Gold, Chrome, and Black – allowing you to customise your bathrooms according to your personal style and preferences. The Gold finish exudes timeless elegance, the Chrome finish offers a sleek and modern look, while the Black finish radiates bold and chic vibes. These colours not only complement the mirrors' design but also blend harmoniously with various bathroom themes.

3. Advanced Anti-Fog Technology

No longer will you have to struggle with foggy mirrors after a steamy shower. Royal Bathrooms' newest mirrors come equipped with state-of-the-art anti-fog technology that ensures a clear reflection at all times. This feature not only saves time and effort but also adds an element of convenience to your daily bathroom routine.

4. Touchscreen LED Illumination

The integration of touchscreen LED illumination in these mirrors takes functionality to the next level. With a gentle tap on the mirror's surface, users can activate the LED lights, providing optimal brightness for grooming tasks or creating a relaxing ambience in the bathroom. The adjustable brightness settings cater to various lighting preferences, offering a truly personalised experience.

Caption: 700 X 500mm Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Front-Lit LED Illuminated - Anti Fog

5. Touch Sensor Functionality

Gone are the days of fumbling for a switch in the dark. The touch sensor feature on these mirrors allows users to control the LED illumination effortlessly. A simple touch is all it takes to turn the lights on or off, making it a user-friendly and intuitive addition to your bathroom.

6. Superior Build Quality

Royal Bathrooms' commitment to quality shines through in the construction of these mirrors. Crafted with precision and using premium materials, these mirrors not only ensure a crystal-clear reflection but also guarantee durability and longevity. The robust build ensures they can withstand the rigours of daily use, maintaining their allure for years to come.

7. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing these mirrors is hassle-free, and they come with all the necessary hardware for quick setup. Moreover, their smooth surfaces make maintenance a breeze. A simple wipe with a soft cloth will keep them looking as good as new, maintaining their lustre without any effort.


The captivating new mirror collection from Royal Bathrooms is poised to transform your bathroom experience like never before. Whether you're seeking a sleek modern design, a touch of timeless sophistication, or cutting-edge technology - Royal Bathrooms' latest mirrors have something extraordinary to offer. 

Embrace the future of bathroom design and elevate your home with these remarkable mirrors.